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Double Exp Scroll


“Hiss... ouch, ouch. Huh, its dawn already”

The next day, Liu Yuan, who had knocked his head against the pillar of his bed, looked at the window through which the morning sun shone in with a blank expression. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and the spiritual energy that had gathered between his hands instantly dissipated.

Liu Yuan looked at theFive Elements Spell, First Act on his knees. After thinking for a while, he stuffed it back into the blanket.

Although he wanted to find a safer place for it, in fact, it was impossible to stuff an entire book into his clothes like they do in TV shows. On the one hand, the material of the robe was very thin, and on the other hand, it was loose. It was really difficult to put a book with edges in without being discovered.

“Although most of the game systems mechanisms have disappeared, I can still feel the subtle hidden operations... Its quite strange. For example, the players meditate to gain experience and level up.”

Liu Yuan mumbled to himself as he stood up and looked down at his palm. He wondered if he was so lucky to be a one-in-a-million cultivation genius...

In less than half a nights time, he had successfully drawn in Qi and reached the first level of Qi Refinemnt stage from a mortal. According to his many years of experience from reading novels, this was simply a f*cking bug.

“But its still too slow!” Liu Yuan frowned.

He knew how urgent the next plot was. If he followed the normal cultivation speed of meditation, he would not be able to keep up with the players cultivation as they gain experience through the plot.

However, he could not kill monsters to level up like he did in the game... Killing chickens and ducks in someone elses villa for no reason was a crazy thing to do!

Unless he applied to be a chef...

Liu Yuan thought about his cooking skills and painfully gave up on this option.

He needed experience, he neededexp scrolls!

In the early stages, in order to give players a better experience, they could receive free double exp scrolls in the novice village. However, it could only be received three times, and it would be invalid if he were to receive more than that.

After that, he could only buy it with money, which showed the evil intentions of the game.

“Now that the System store has disappeared, there is no way to collect or buy. If it were someone else, they would not be able to do anything. But for me... This is an opportunity.”

In fact, the double exp scroll was just a common name among the players. In the System store in the novice village, it appeared in the form of various scrolls.

According to the items description, it wasThe work of recluse, Xie Qian. Its majestic, vigorous, and strange. Its artistic conception has reached its peak, and it has the power to capture ones soul. It seems to be able to unite ones body and mind, and empty ones sea of consciousness.

The effect was, of course, to increase the speed of cultivation.

Liu Yuan chuckled. The so-calledreclusive Xie Qian was an NPC that was extremely difficult to come into contact with in the novice village. When most people visited the Xie clans mansion, they would only get a sentence from the gatekeeper: Master has been out recently.

However, when you were a certain distance away, a conversation would be heard from the Xie clans residence.

“Go and get my zither.” It was a gentle and easy-going baritone.

“Yes, Master,” the servant replied.

The sound of a zither came from behind the high wall, and it was loud and powerful.

The player would usually be dumbfounded.

This guy was playing the zither at home, and yet he told everyone that hes not home

From this, it could be seen how unique this NPC was.

His painting was a double exp scroll, and his title wasRecluse. He was different from the usual looping NPCs as he had his own unique personality. He was a mysterious person in the novice village, and it was obvious that he was a hidden NPC. However, very few people could really come into contact with him.

With a thought, Liu Yuan summoned the illustrations virtual panel.

He flipped all the way to the end of the gray card, and sure enough, he still kept it...

[Character: Xie Qian]

[Gender: Male]

[Title: Recluse, forever willing to be lonely]

[Level: Mortal, no realm (sealed)]

[Status: Normal]

[Attribute interface (current status can not be viewed)]

[Card carry bonus: (can not be carried in the current state)]

Who was he, Liu Yuan He was a real conquering strategy-oriented demon!

He did not even let the men off!

... Fine, it was actually a character card from a card draw.

This game had a card drawing system, but the drop rate was not high. Otherwise, a large number of players would choose to draw cards directly. The character drawn was basically the same as the strategy or battle taming, but the favorability started at 0, and players would need to raise the favorability value by giving gifts.

Before transmigrating, Liu Yuan was a 100% pay-to-win player. Although his luck was only average, he would come here once every few days when he had nothing to do. He had obtained quite a number of impressive characters on the interface, as well as some interesting characters.

His biggest gain was this Xie Qians card. However, other than anonymously providing information to the big shots who wrote the analysis posts, he had never told anyone else.

Liu Yuan was not stupid. With this title and the seal, the value of this card was clear to all players. It would not be worth it to get into trouble for no reason. It was better to make a fortune quietly.

Therefore, he kept on giving gifts to Xie Qian to raise the favorability to the maximum...

“Ill come to get you after I finish the newbie event. If I dont scam at least 17 or 18 exp scrolls out of you, Ill have gifted you all those premium strange-smelling fish and eggs for nothing.” Liu Yuan chuckled and closed the illustrated handbook. He waved his sleeves and gathered a weak spiritual Qi, which formed a gust of wind, which opened the door.

The cool air blew in from the outside, dispelling some of the accumulated heat.

Just like what he had said before he transmigrated, his journey had just begun!

Liu Yuan took off his sword (although it was useless, it could be used as a form of face) and stepped out of the door. Outside was the garden of Chiyu Villa, and it was daytime. Compared to the night, it gave him a more familiar and safe feeling.

Early in the morning, there were a few pretty maidservants walking by with plates and bowls in their hands. They hurried to the rooms of the masters and guests to serve them.

Naturally, no one paid attention to guests at the fringe like Liu Yuan.

“Youre awake”

Liu Yuan was shocked. He immediately turned around and saw Fu Huans... Waist.

Liu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and grimaced in his heart.Do these martial arts experts like to appear and disappear like ghosts She just appears out of nowhere every time, it almost scared me to death.

But Fu Huan was indeed strong.

In the secular world, martial arts were divided into two realms, the acquired realm and the innate realm. The acquired realm was defined by the number of eight extraordinary meridians opened.

Meanwhile, the innate realm was based on the cultivation of the spirit. The innate realm was divided into three realms, namely the Supreme stage, the Spirit stage, and the Head-touch stage. Each stage had a certain level of magical power.

The Head-touch stage had the meaning ofThe Immortal touches my head to bless me with longevity. Further up was the path of True Martial Arts, but there were very few people who reached that level.

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Fu Huan was at the peak of the Spirit stage and was strong enough to fight against Foundation Establishment cultivators.

“Why are you in a daze”

Fu Huan waved her hand in front of Liu Yuan.

“Its nothing.” Liu Yuan forced himself to look up so that he did not seem so perverted. Although she had changed into a loose, neutral black robe, it could not cover her curves and long legs at all.

Liu Yuan changed the topic. “I just woke up. I was thinking of going out of the villa for some fresh air.”

Fu Huan moved closer to him with a bronze mask on her face. Liu Yuan was slightly stunned. He then remembered that the lady boss had a habit of only revealing her true appearance in front of acquaintances. At other times, she would cover herself up tightly.

Fu Huan crossed his arms and said, “Do you still need fresh air Didnt you get enough last night”

“... ” The corner of Liu Yuans mouth twitched. He wanted to say something, but he hesitated. Finally, he swallowed his words.

Forget it.

“Last night was for relaxation,” Liu Yuan explained.

Under the mask, Fu Huans gaze fell on Liu Yuans face. “I feel like youre different from last night.”

“Am I” Liu Yuan touched his face.

Fu Huan looked at him for a while, then waved her hand and said, “When I saw you last night, I thought I saw a stray dog. You walked in with a confused look and drew a lot of attention. Today, you look radiant. Maybe its an illusion.”

Liu Yuan was stunned. He looked at the indifferent woman in front of him and smiled.

“Thank you,” he said.

Seeing that smile, Fu Huans face under the mask suddenly turned red. She turned her head and snorted, “Whats there to thank me for”

Liu Yuan felt that the lady boss was more and more friendly and cute. He pretended to think for a while and said, “I suddenly remembered that I once buried a jar of good wine in Tigerfang Mountain. In a few days, Ill bring it out to share with you.”

Fu Huan had two hobbies. One was martial arts, and the other was drinking alcohol.

Tigerfang Mountain was a treasure-digging spot for the novice village. There was a chance to dig out a jar of hundred-year-old monkey wine. Of course, because of the games effect, it would look like a jar of wine when you dig it out, and not like the so-called wine that wild monkeys make as they stored a hundred fruits in a tree hole as winter food. The monkeys would then forget about the fruits, and the fruits would gradually ferment to naturally produce money wine.

Liu Yuan knew the location and technique of digging for treasure. For Fu Huans friendship, not for beauty, he had to get that jar of monkey wine that was worth 10 gold in the novice stage to thank her.

Fu Huans eyes lit up, but she said, “The wine buried in the mountains has probably rotted or been stolen a long time ago. Whats so rare about it Why dont you go to the restaurant outside the villa and buy a jar of wine instead itll save you a lot of trouble.”

Liu Yuan waved his hand and said, “But I dont have a single copper coin on me. Thats why I can only go deep into the mountains and forests to dig up the wine I buried. Arent you making things difficult for me”

“Fine, fine,” Fu Huan mumbled. “I forgot. Youd better be careful. Dont let the beast tear the clothes I gave you.”

These words... Shes worried that I would be injured, but she refuses to say it directly, Liu Yuan thought to himself.

He said, “I know.”

After bidding farewell to Fu Huan, Liu Yuan went to Gu Siyins room based on his memory. However, he did not go in and heard the servant maids Bi He and Shan Pu talking about how miss was called to the main hall of the villa to discuss the wedding date with thekind disciple Xue Yan, who was sent by the Water Moon Dock.

Liu Yuan knew that this was only part of the plot. The disciples of Water Moon Dock would not do anything now. However, when he thought of Gu Siyins tear-stained face and her soft hands that were tightly holding onto his clothes, he felt that he could not let her suffer even a little bit.

This was a 14-year-old little loli! The flowers of the motherland needed to be protected... It was definitely not because of lolicon or something!

Liu Yuan let out a long breath and decided to take a look outside the hall.


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