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Sky City

What was that

Yuchi pondered over what Slovin had said.

Just by looking at him, it did not seem that the Sky City was anything impressive.

“Now, Ill show you my true strength.”

“Experience true terror!”

Slovin raised his two fists into the sky.


A black ball of energy appeared in front of the flying ship in the sky.

It was infused with powerful Dao aura and could even destroy a smaller races city!

“Are these traveling merchants from Sky City”

“This is indeed a little interesting.”

Yu Shengyun, who was preparing the meal, also saw the flying ship through the window.

She knew about Sky City.

It was a place where only true traveling merchants were qualified to go.

Perhaps it was better to call them pirates instead.

It was not difficult to become a pirate, but only the powerful pirates were qualified to know where Sky City was and join them.

“I thought he was just some random pirate.

I didnt expect him to be related to Sky City.”

“This might be troublesome.”

She was not worried about Yuchi not being able to win, but rather the result of having a hostile relationship with Sky City.

Although Sky City was not as powerful as the Tiandu division in terms of overall strength, it was definitely stronger than a single branch of the Tiandu division.

Furthermore, they did not play by any rules.


“Are you feeling despair now”

“If I were you, I would be kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy!”

Right now, Slovin was on cloud nine.

Although he had only been able to join Sky City two years ago, he felt that his status had gone through an earth-shattering change.

He was no longer an ordinary pirate!

“Glory to Sky City!

Slovin shouted loudly.

His face was red and he was extremely excited.

The other pirates behind him shouted in unison, “Glory to Sky City!”

Yuchi frowned.

Were they crazy

Had they been brainwashed

Since that was the case…

Yuchis gaze turned to Slovin.

He suddenly asked, “How do I get to Sky City”

Slovin was stunned.


Everyone burst into laughter.

“You want to know where Sky City is”

“Are you worthy”

“Take a good look at yourself!”

“Even the clan leaders of some powerful races dont have the right to go to Sky City!”

The more Slovin spoke, the more agitated and angry he became.

When people heard that he was from Sky City, they were all very respectful to him.

No one dared to disregard him like this human.


It was better to just kill him.

“The flying ships cannon has already locked onto you!”

“If you move a single step, it will open fire.”

“Therefore, kneel down and beg for mercy, and Ill grant you a quick death.”

Before Slovin could continue, Yuchis body had already moved.

It was as if he had not heard Slovins threat.

His gaze was already fixed on the flying ship.

He wanted to take a look inside.

However, when he moved, the flying ship launched its attack!

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