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A few days after Mintz-san’s delivery, the three of us visited their home.


There, we found a wolf cub, slightly bigger than when it was born, sleeping comfortably in Mintz-san’s arms.


The baby, named Glanz, had no health problems and seemed to be a standard-sized wolf cub.


Douglas-san teased Glenn-san about becoming a father, and Glenn-san seemed to be saying a lot of things back to Douglas-san, but Douglas-san just brushed him off.


Gail-san was a bit nervous as he held Glanz, who was given to him by Mintz-san, but he had a soft expression on his face.


I was able to hold him in my arms, but he seemed to have a smirk on his face that people around me wondered what was wrong with him.


It was hard not to be happy to see such a small, fluffy, nose-twitching little animal, and I couldn’t help it.


But the atmosphere was so warm that I could feel that all three of them loved Glanz from the bottom of their hearts.


From the bottom of my heart, I wished I could create a family like this.


And finally, the day came.


Although my belly had swelled to the point where it was a little difficult for me to walk on my own, my magical power did not diminish, and the day of the labor arrived.


Mintz-san was very puzzled, but in the end, there was no answer.


I was laid on my back on the bed, with a pillow inserted behind my back.


In addition to Douglas-san, Gail-san, Hector-sama, and Mintz-san who were in the room, Theo-san, Alex-san, Paris-san, his grandfather Troth-san, Yohan-san, and Sebastian-san were also waiting in the next room.


I could understand that everyone up to Alex-san is my relative, but I could not quite understand why the others had come.


I heard that Hector-sama was the one who had called for the meeting.


When push comes to shove, there would be Troth-san, the chief magician who was one of the most powerful in the country, and Paris-san who was capable of handling healing magic.

There was Yohan-san too, who was concerned that my two [pairs] would be so preoccupied with me that I would be left defenseless.

Of course, Yohan-san was not the only one guarding.

The perimeters around the house were surrounded by a group of elites.


I’m supposed to be a civilian, but it’s starting to look like some VIP’s delivery…


About Sebastian-san, I don’t need to explain anymore.

He has more experience and knowledge of childbirth than any other healer around, even though he is an anima.


Apparently, Sebastian-san was the one who picked up Gail-san.


I asked Alex-san if he would be interested in witnessing the birth process, as I had done with Mintz-san since he’s also a human race.

But he declined, saying that it was my first delivery and he wanted me to concentrate on that.


Instead, he asked to watch me next time.


It’s been a while since Glanz-kun’s birth but he hasn’t calmed down yet.

I felt sorry for asking Mintz-san to come over.

However, he said that Glenn-san is watching over Glanz-kun.

He patted me on the head with his usual smile, while telling me not to worry about it.


Douglas-san and Gail-san are on both sides of the bed, staring at me with a worried look, but Hector-sama’s suspicious behavior is more noticeable than that.


The truth is that Douglas-san was adamantly refusing to allow Hector to be here, but he stubbornly refused to budge.

Since the atmosphere was getting tense, I finally asked Hector-sama to be present as well.


I decided that this would be safer than refusing him and having him run amok in a strange manner.


The figure of Hector-sama wandering restlessly above my head, mumbling something to the left and to the right, does not look like a “quiet and wise king”.


“Calm down, old man! Why are you who’s not even his partner acting so restless Isn’t that supposed to be my role!”


“What are you talking about! Chika-chan is… Chika-chan is going through the great task of giving birth with such a small body.

How can you, his spouse, be so calm! You cold-blooded bastard!”


“Ha! I’m worried to death about Chika too.

But you’re acting so much that I came to my senses!”


“Um, both of you, I’m really fine.

So please calm down a little…”


“Oh, Chika-chan, are you sure you’re okay! If you feel any pain or distress, you must tell us right away, okay This old man will do whatever it takes to help you.”


“What good is it going to do if he tells you, father Just sit and calm down, will you”


Mintz-san, who was in front of me, was giving a cold stare to the two of them as they continued such an exchange.


“Chika, are you sure you are okay If you need anything, don’t hold back and tell me right away, okay”


I nodded in agreement, but Gail-san’s grip on my hand was a little too strong and it hurts.


At that time, I could very well understand the sensation that Mintz-san was talking about when he said that a mass of heat was gathering.


I know that a mass of heat is gathering in the center of my stomach, but it’s terribly hot, and that heat is circulating throughout my body, not just my stomach.


To be honest, my body was so sore that I couldn’t even move my fingertips.


I did not know whether Mintz-san and the people of this world are more tolerant or that I am just weak.

But now that it has come this far, there is nothing else to do but to keep going.


The sensation of a rush of heat running through my body turned a little unpleasant.


“Mintz-san, the feeling of heat in my body has changed slightly…”


“I understand.

It’s about time to start making the way.

The two of you should slowly let your magic flow to Chika-kun.

Slowly, okay”


The two of them nodded widely, grabbed my hand firmly, and started to pour out their magic power.

A comfortable power flowed into my body.


Along with that, Douglas-san smelled sweet like ripe fruit, and Gail-san smelled fresh like the forest, which was far more intense than usual.


Perhaps it was my imagination, but my body seemed to be getting a little more comfortable.


“Chika-chan! Come on! Chika-chan! Hang in there! Fight, fight, Chika-chan!”


“Shut up, old man! I can’t concentrate!”


Still, the cheering from Hector-sama kept coming over my head.


“Don’t worry, everything is going well.

Your belly is getting smaller and smaller, and a passage should have been created to connect the insides of Chika-kun’s belly to the outside now.”


As Mintz-san said, my belly was gradually getting smaller, but the heat I felt in the center of my stomach was tremendous.


It felt so hot that I was afraid my insides would burn.


“Nnghh… Mintz-san… My stomach is burning like crazy.

Do you think everything will be okay as it is”


“What is it, Chika Are you in pain Hey, Mintz! Chika is doing well, right How is it”


“Mintz, please, check on Chica as soon as possible.

Aah, Chika….

how I wish I could take your place…”


“Quiet, both of you! Chika-kun, is it just hot How about pain or anything”


The two men who were yelled at by Mintz-san were drooping their ears dejectedly.


Seeing the two of them, who were completely different from their usual dignified appearances, made me smile a little despite my condition.


“Yes, I don’t feel any pain, but it feels like there are many lumps of heat and it’s really hot.”


“I see.

That may be… no, it’s just speculation.

Chika-kun, there is nothing wrong with you, but please let me know as soon as you feel any pain.”


I nodded deeply and re-focused my attention on the changes in my body.


The heat in my body was so intense that my sweat was pouring down like a waterfall.

But Hector-sama, who was still cheering above me, noticed this and gently wiped it away.


I compared the worried look on his face with that of Douglas-san.

Now I realized after all this time that they are very much alike.


While I was thinking about unnecessary things, another big change came over my body.


The heat that had been staying in my stomach began to gradually move downwards.


“Ah, Mintz-san, I think… it’s time.”


“Chika-kun, please slowly and gradually apply pressure to your lower abdomen.

Notice that the mass of heat moves downwards.”


As I applied force little by little as I was told, I did indeed feel the mass of heat moving down.


However, a strange feeling of discomfort lingers a little in the center of my stomach.


And the expressions of the two people who continued to pour magic into me were desperate as if they were praying for something.


The mass of heat was slowly moving, and soon it would be on its way out.


“Haa… Mintz-san…”


“Yes, it’s all right.

Please continue pushing harder.”


From between my slightly raised knees, I could see the light just like when Mintz-san gave birth.


When I thought that my child was in the place where that light was, I felt joy run through my whole body.


As I pushed harder, the heat suddenly disappeared from my body.


“The baby is coming, Douglas-san.

Please come this way.”


He let go of my hand and went to my feet.

Then, he picked up the big lump of light and held it in his hand.


From the slowly fading light, a cat-like figure with pitch-black fur appeared.


“It’s a child of the lion tribe like Douglas-san, isn’t it… I am very happy.”


“Yeah… Thank you, Chika.

But why is my son so small”


Douglas-san’s eyes were drooping further as he stared at the child.


At that moment, the uncomfortable feeling that remained in my body suddenly grew stronger.


The same heat as before reappeared in my stomach.




“What’s wrong, Chika”


Gail-san, who had been gently gazing at Douglas-san and the newborn lion cub, strongly squeezed my hand back and called out to me.


“I’m sorry… Somehow, I’m feeling kind of hot again in my stomach.”


“I knew it.

Please calm down.

There is no problem.

He just has another child in his belly.

Now, Douglas-san, please leave the child to Hector-sama and give your magic power to Chika-kun again.”


“What Another child”


“Douglas, quit looking so dumbfounded! Give that boy to me and help Chika right now!”


“O-oh, yeah! I got it.”


Douglas-san had an expression of not understanding what was going on, but as soon as Hector-sama yelled at him, he immediately took my hand and gave me his magic power.


The lion cub was being carefully held by Hector-sama.


I myself was surprised, but first, I had to concentrate on my other child who was still in my belly.


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