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Hemoptysis and Coma

Chang An advised, “Young Master, you should eat more. Youve traveled a long way and must be tired. You have to eat and drink well to replenish your energy.”

Zhou Linghuai glanced at him coldly. “You talk too much!”

Chang An shut his mouth and did not dare to say anything else. However, he felt that his young masters words were due to the incident from before. After holding back for a while, he still felt indignant said eventually said, “Young Master, I just heard from a few maidservants in the courtyard that when Eldest Miss Yu left The Green House in the morning, she had lost her temper and ordered someone to tie up two old maids. They received 30 strokes of the paddle and were dragged away immediately. Tsk, shes so arrogant at such a young age.”

So, you should stay away from her in the future, to avoid being harmed by her.

Zhou Linghuais throat was itchy. He held up his light blue handkerchief and coughed, then removed the handkerchief and glanced at it casually. The bright red color on it was shocking—he had coughed up blood. However, he put away the handkerchief without even informing Chang An, then asked hoarsely, “But did you find out why those two old maids were beaten”

Chang An thought to himself, “Since when did you become so meticulous about someone elses matters” However, out loud he only said, “I heard they had loose tongues.”

She had them beaten so severely over just a few words. For someone her young age, she sure was vicious. From this incident, Young Master should realize her true colors.

However, Zhou Linghuai had a faint guess and understanding, as he thought back to how the old maids from the kitchen, who had come to ask about his food preferences not long ago, had been much too solicitous.

Looking at the few light dishes in front of him, Zhou Linghuai suddenly had an appetite. He lifted his chopsticks again and picked up a bowl of clear soup.

There were pieces of emerald cabbage in the white bone soup. It looked light and refreshing. The meatballs were also juicy and bouncy, with perfect seasoning. They were delicious.

Chang Ans eyes widened with surprise as he watched his young master, who usually had a small appetite, eat the big meatball and finish the remaining dishes one by one. He even drank a whole bowl of soup.

At this moment, Old Maid Wang, who had just been assigned to The Green Room yesterday, led Chun Xiao in.

Holding a wooden tray, Chun Xiao bowed respectfully to Zhou Linghuai. “Young Mistress said that Young Master must be tired from having traveled all the way here. She has ordered me to send this box of premium birds nest here to nourish Young Master.”

Zhou Linghuais lips curled upwards. “Thank Cousin for her concern.”

Chang An stepped forward unhappily and received the wooden tray. He lifted the blue-and-white porcelain cutlery off the tray and placed them on the table.

Chun Xiao lowered her head, saying, “I wont disturb Young Masters meal. Ill take my leave.”

Old Maid Wang led Chun Xiao out. Chang An glanced at the scarce leftovers on the table, then looked down at the porcelain bowl in front of him. He wondered if Young Master could still eat

As it turned out, he had really underestimated his young master.

Indeed, Zhou Linghuai could still eat.

The birds nest with rock sugar melted in his mouth. It was neither too sweet nor too heavy, and there was a faint lotus fragrance that refreshed his palate and soul.

After finishing a whole bowl of it, Zhou Linghuai suddenly felt as if there was a stone in his chest. It was heavy, suffocating, and uncomfortable. He couldnt help but cover his mouth with his handkerchief and coughed continuously.

“Young Master, whats wrong” Chang An was shocked. He quickly poured a cup of hot tea.

“Cough, cough, cough… cough…” Zhou Linghuai coughed until his lungs hurt, until it almost seemed like he would even cough out his internal organs. He coughed without stopping, and couldnt even get a drink of water.

Chang An panicked. “Young Master, I-Ill get Uncle Sun immediately…”

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Ever since the young master broke his leg, his body had completely collapsed. While he did manage to recover a little after recuperating for three years, this journey to the capital had been a long and arduous one, taking a toll on his body. Naturally, he fell ill along the way. After entering the capital, he took a few days to heal. When he felt better, he sent someone to deliver a greeting card to the Yu Residence.

After all this, the young masters already poor health took another hit and weakened even further.

As soon as they entered the capital, Uncle Sun told them that Young Master had emptied his pockets along the way. If he fell sick again, it would be disastrous and potentially fatal.

Zhou Linghuai coughed a few more times. Suddenly, he felt a foul stench rush into his mouth from his chest. He couldnt help but choke and spit out a mouthful of black blood onto the handkerchief.

Seeing that the young master had coughed up blood, Chang An, who was about to call Uncle Sun, retreated a few steps and exclaimed, “Young Master!”

Zhou Linghuai fell limp against the back of his wheelchair. Chang An called out to him a few more times, but did not manage to wake him up. He ran out in panic, shouting as he ran, “Uncle Sun, Uncle Sun…”

Uncle Sun, who lived next door, heard the commotion and rushed over. He almost bumped right into Chang An at the door.

“Uncle Sun.” When Chang An saw Uncle Sun, it was as if he had seen his savior. He was so agitated that he was about to cry. “Uncle Sun, Young Master coughed up blood. Hurry come take a look. Young Master, he, he…”

“What He coughed up blood” Uncle Suns expression changed drastically when he heard that, as it meant that Young Master was on the brink of death. Stumbling over himself, he immediately rushed into the house without even waiting for Chang An to finish speaking.

Chang An followed close behind, looking completely panicked.

Uncle Sun first picked up the blue handkerchief that had fallen to the ground. He immediately saw the smear of bright blood. His heart sank, and he flipped the handkerchief over. When he saw the large ball of thick, black, and putrid blood on it, he frowned and began to check Zhou Linghuais body before taking his pulse.

Chang An couldnt help but ask, “Uncle Sun, what happened to Young Master He was fine before, so why did he suddenly cough up blood”

Uncle Sun glanced at him. Chang An immediately quietened and did not dare to make another sound, out of fear of disturbing Uncle Sun.

After a long while, Uncle Sun asked, “Was there anything unusual about Young Master today”

Chang An thought about it carefully and explained in detail about everything that had happened throughout the day. Then, he emphasized, “Other than Eldest Miss Yu almost causing Young Master to fall from his wheelchair earlier today, there was nothing unusual.” At this point, he paused and suddenly said, “By the way, Young Master also ate the premium birds nest that Eldest Miss Yu had sent over. He seemed to like it very much and finished it clean.”

Uncle Sun immediately noticed the porcelain bowl on the table. He reached out for it and lowered his head to smell it. After pondering for a while, he took another few deep sniffs and did not speak for a long time.

Seeing Uncle Suns serious expression, Chang Ans face gradually turned even paler. He looked ashamed, anxious, and resentful. After holding it in for a while, he couldnt help but ask angrily, “Uncle Sun, how is Young Master Is there a problem with the birds nest that Eldest Miss Yu gave to him”

By now, his face had turned red with anger. “I knew that Yu Youyao had ill intentions. Previously, she almost caused Young Master to fall from his wheelchair. Now, she has harmed Young Master…”

Seeing that his young master had such a pale face and was leaning against the wheelchair weakly, Chang An felt dejected and ashamed. “Its all my fault. Its Young Masters first time in the Yu Residence. I should have been more cautious. I shouldnt have let him eat anything that was questionable or suspicious. I harmed the young master…”


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