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Nanny Xu, Not a Simple Person

Chun Xiaos mind lit up, and she immediately came to an understanding.

“As for why Gui Zi had instigated Fourth Sister” Yu Youyaos lips curved, and there was a hint of delight in her voice.

Dong Mei lifted the incense burner and added some calming incense. Casually, she added, “Concubine He brought Gui Zi to the main courtyard.”

Old Madam had assigned her to Yu Youyao because she wanted her to provide good advice and prevent Yu Youyao from getting fooled or played by others.

Yu Youyao chuckled. Ever since she had the dream, she had been carefully observing everyones every move, and had come to a realization that there was nothing special about their little underhanded tactics.

Just then, Nanny Xu walked in with a copper basin.

Yu Youyao was wearing only her pink embroidered inner-wear. Her long black hair draped over her shoulders and she was sitting on the bed. “Nanny, if I had agreed to let Yu Qingning learn from you with me in the future, would you have been upset”

Nanny Xu dipped her hand into the copper basin. When she heard this, she couldnt help but pause. “Before entering the residence, Old Madam only told me to take care of you.”

The subtext was clearly understood.

She entered the Yu Residence to tend to Yu Youyao because she wanted to be treated respectfully and settle down in the Yu Residence . She had also asked around and found out that Old Madam Yu was an understanding and generous person, who rewarded and punished accordingly and clearly. The Yu Residence had formed two houses, and the main house had only a small number of people. It was a good family.

It was her duty to take care of Yu Youyao wholeheartedly, but if Yu Youyao brought along her sisters as well and she had to be ordered around by all of them, what would she be reduced to then

In that case, wouldnt she simply become a servant at their beck and call

She had been serving the nobles in the palace for decades. It was not easy for her to obtain their grace and leave the palace in glory. She only wanted to find a place to stay and not to suffer.

Yu Youyao climbed into bed and cooed, “Everyone thinks that Im young and only know how to eat and drink, so they try to scheme against me.”

Even if this were in the past and she were still ignorant about such scheming tactics, she also wouldnt have agreed to Yu Qingning. She would never allow others to order her nanny around.

Nanny Xu looked at the little girls snow-white skin and saw that it was flawless. She couldnt help but marvel secretly. “Ive been in the palace since I was young and Ive seen all kinds of smart people, but those who are always scheming and trying to outsmart others usually dont have a good ending. People like you, who know how to be smart or oblivious at the right times, choosing to live comfortably without stirring trouble, are much better. The ancestors used to say that one shouldnt take life too seriously. Precisely, those who think too much ultimately bring suffering upon themselves.”

She had only been with Yu Youyao for two days, but was already treated warmly and without any barriers between them. Yu Youyao treated her just as she treated Nanny Liu—like family. She appeared to be unfeeling and heartless, but she actually had her own considerations and understanding, and was a person with a good future ahead.

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Yu Youyao pursed her lips. “The worst thing for a person is to tire themselves out, so Its not good to think too much. Thats why people who are too arrogant or too smart often have weak bodies. They either cough and pant or have headaches and fever. Only when the heart is relaxed, blood can be circulated well and aid recuperation, which then helps to fight any illnesses.”

“Eldest Miss, you understand it well.” Nanny Xus smile widened. She took a bottle of golden flower dew and poured a few drops on her palm. Then, she slowly rubbed it evenly on Yu Youyaos butterfly bones, with a unique method of massage.

Not long after, Yu Youyao felt her bones burning. She felt rather uncomfortable and pouted. “Nanny, you didnt tell me that bone molding would hurt so much. No no, I dont want to mold my bones anymore.”

Seeing that the little girl was sulking and groaning as she lay motionlessly on the bed, Nanny Xu said, “Eldest Miss, your bones havent developed fully, and they arent too tender either. Its best to shape your bones at this age. Once the bones grow out, you will have a set of beautiful bones in the future. A slender neck, shapely shoulders, a straight back, a thin waist, and long, lean legs. It can also correct your hunched and crooked back.”

There were no girls who didnt want to be beautiful. The moment she heard that bone molding could make her beautiful, Yu Youyao bit the pillow and whimpered, with her face scrunched up.

Having endured the pain of being stabbed in the heart in her dream, Yu Youyou felt that she could do this!

“After I finish shaping the bones, Ill teach you a few more moves. In the future, practice those before you go to sleep. If you do that, not only will you have a good figure in the future, but itll also be good for your body.”

After bone molding, a womans body would be delicate and soft. In the future, regardless of whether it was for serving her husband or for giving birth, it would be extremely beneficial. Others wouldnt be able to learn it even if they wanted to.

However, Yu Youyao was still young, so of course, Nanny Xu didnt elaborate much about such matters.

Yu Youyao cried and wailed, “Nanny, why dont I just focus on learning etiquette from you Lets forget about this bone molding and body softening training!”

After molding her bones, she even had to sculpt her body too

Wasnt it better to eat and drink happily every day Why would she choose to suffer instead

Nanny Xu said, “Madam asked me to take good care of you and raise you, so its my duty. Ill definitely spare no effort in all things that are for your benefit.”

Who wouldnt agree to anything that was for her own good But Yu Youyaos face was full of both sorrow and anger. She cried, “Nanny, tell me, other than this, what else do I have to learn So that I can be mentally prepared.”

“Thats a great mindset, Eldest Miss.” Nanny Xu gave her an approving look, but Yu Youyao was lying on her stomach and could not see it. “You have to learn the basic etiquette, appearance, posture, and rules. You…”

“Wait.” Yu Youyaos eyes widened in shock. For a moment, she didnt care to be polite and interrupted Nanny Xu. “Theres a nanny in the Yu Residence who specializes in teaching the basic rules and etiquette to all the young mistresses in the residence. Ive already learned all this when I was five. Why should I learn it again”

Important families valued rules and upbringing, and the Yu Residence was no exception. No matter how much her grandmother doted on her, she had still been required to learn the basic rules.

However, Nanny Xu also had her own reasoning. “You grew up beside Old Madam Yu and are the eldest daughter of the first wife in the residence. You should be more outstanding than all the others in the residence in terms of how you carry yourself.”

Nanny Xu was indeed someone from the palace. She had only interacted with Yu Youyao for a day, but already had a good grasp on her personality. She knew that this little girl looked unreasonable, but was actually an understanding person.

Even though Yu Youyao was used to being undisciplined, she could not help but clench her fists in determination when she heard this. “Nanny, youre right. If I lose to the other sisters in the family, wouldnt it tarnish Grandmothers reputation”

Her grandmother doted on her, so she also wanted to make her grandmother proud.

Nanny Xu continued, “Apart from that, you have to be familiar with the most basic situations in the capital city. You dont have to be proficient in needlework, perfumery, brewing tea, and so on, but you have to know a little.”

Yu Youyao felt uninterested and yawned.

But Nanny Xu continued on, “In two years, youll have to start moving around the capital and interacting with the young mistresses of the various families. If you cant even recognize them and dont have a bearing on your connections, youll not only lose face, but itll be even worse if they feel offended. Moreover, when you interact with them, youll have to engage in conversation and small talk. If you dont know anything, you wont be able to chime in and will only be standing around awkwardly. Then, wouldnt you feel embarrassed, and wouldnt that invite condescension”


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