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This is the entrance and exit of the Huacheng border National Highway..

After the army left with a large number of people, there were still some pedestrians that were sporadically walking on the road to flee the city. 

The place had obviously just been through a fierce battle.

The shops on both sides were blackened by artillery fire.

Cars were pushed haphazardly to the side of the road.

And mangled bodies, both human and monster, were crumpled on the bloodstained ground.

Basically, few people dare to walk alone in this environment.

People stepped through the smell of gunpowder in groups of three or five, and carefully followed the road.

“Brother, look at that girl.” A young man with a flat haircut spoke to his companion.

The men in the group turned their heads to look over.

A young woman who appears to be a student, is walking alone with a bag on her back.

She is slim, fair-skinned, with clean features, and has a touch of unworldly innocence.

Several men whistled together.

The woman’s gaze turned towards them, slipped around them and moved away.

Neither showing them a disdainful expression like those scholars nor a flirtatious smile like the women they usually come in contact with. 

“What a nice girl.

I’ll give it a try.” The little flat head rolled up his sleeves.

“Don’t go.” A man in his thirties with a gold chain pulled him back, “That’s not something you can mess with.”

He even stopped all his companions and deliberately slowed down his pace to distance himself from the woman.

“Take a good look at what she’s holding.” The man explained in a low voice to his little brother, “It’s a pistol.

That’s not the ordinary kind from the police, but the high grade stuff.

That knife on her waist had seen blood.

I don’t know if it was a human or a monster she cut.

But the fluids staining her clothes are from a monster.

This is definitely not a simple woman.

Do not give brother trouble.”

The little flathead shrank his shoulders and did not dare to speak again.

Chu Qianxun slowly walked on the road.

This was the area where the battle was most intense.

There were traces of another Blunt Walker that had wreaked havoc, leaving behind a large number of dead bodies belonging to the soldiers..

But she did not find the conspicuous corpse of the Blunt Walker..

Apparently, only the military had the power to transport the entire monster’s corpse together at this time.

They would have organized scientific researchers to fully dissect this particular creature and perhaps, be the first to discover the secrets of the demon seed in this regard.

No wonder that in later times, most of the initially powerful saints appeared in the military.

After the disintegration of the major governments around the globe, large and small camps began to emerge everywhere.

And former military forces gradually evolved into various power groups.

Initially, large scale refugee camps were controlled by these military groups with weapons of destruction and large numbers of saints.

It was not until the rise of the civilian research organization “Shen’ai” and the emergence of some powerful individual mercenary groups that this pattern was broken.

Had it not been for the fearsome “Great Demon” Ye Peitian, who appeared and overwhelmed the countless strongholds of the Shen’ai Group with his despairing yellow sand, then even before Chu Qianxun’s rebirth, the Shen’ai Group, with the slogan of working for the welfare of all mankind, might have already covered the entire Central Region with its own power.

Even now, thinking of that murderous “Great Demon”, Chu Qianxun still can’t help but shudder a little.

It’s okay.

Ye Peitian, that Demon King’s sphere of influence is in the north.

So I just need to go around him, Chu Qianxun thought in her heart.

She came to an inconspicuous warehouse.

After confirming that no one had broken the lock at the entrance, Chu Qianxun pulled up the roll-up door and darted inside.

There was a high-performance Hummer parked in the small warehouse.

With a trunk loaded with practical materials.

Chu Qianxun turned on the flashlight, confirmed the safety of the warehouse, locked the roll-up door, and sat in the back seat of the car.

She sat quietly in the darkness and waited.

In her previous life, at around this time, she discovered that she could wonderfully control the airflow around her palms.

At the same time, when she got very tired, her legs and arms became full of strength, her eyes were able to see farther, and her ears could hear very clearly.

At that time, she was close to desperation and was surprised and delighted.

As time passed by, Chu Qianxun once again experienced the feeling of her body repairing itself for a short period of time.

Her sore arms and legs regained strength, the whole body was full of energy, and all her body functions improved significantly.

But she didn’t have the same fever she had in the previous life, nor could she control anything.

She didn’t notice any difference in herself at all.

Normal people, when they first develop supernatural abilities, will more or less have pathological reactions such as fever, vomiting, dizziness and other phenomena.

The more powerful the ability, the greater the pathological reaction is.

Yesterday, at 12:00 noon, the batch of demon seeds that fell from the sky, regardless of whether they landed on human bodies, plants, animals or land, would immediately blend in and could never be separated again.

At that time, many people took the initiative to avoid it because they were afraid.

However, there is a saying in later times that the people who got these initial demon seeds have the most special and powerful abilities.

In order to get better supernatural powers, Chu Qianxun took the initiative to reach out and catch the first batch of demon seeds that came from the alien planet when they descended from the sky.

But apparently she didn’t get what she wanted, and her powers were so weak that they didn’t even show up yet.

Chu Qianxun was a little disappointed.

She hesitated for a moment before unzipping her pocket.

Then she took out the two jujube-sized crystals, and washed it clean with mineral water through the light of the flashlight.

The translucent crystal faintly glowed with green light, as if it was a precious gemstone.

No one could have imagined it was the root of all disasters.

The demon seed is a fatal temptation that is both loved and hated by all saints with extraordinary abilities in later times.

They rely on the seed to improve their abilities, but are afraid that it will turn them into demons.

The Saints can only consume a demon seed with the same level as their own.

If they forcefully take the higher-ranking seeds, then they are left with only one fate — to lose their consciousness and turn into hideous and horrible monsters.

The strength of an ability is divided into various levels.

And when the strength of an ability is saturated at a certain stage, if the level limit is not broken, then the ability level will stop at that and will never improve.

The higher the level, the more difficult it will be to break through.

At the “critical” time, taking the next level of demon seed has a high probability of success to advance to high level saints.

For this reason, there are many people who cannot resist the temptation of consuming the next level of demon seed after hitting a bottleneck in their abilities.

Due to this, a customary practice was developed so that when saints take the seed to advance, they must ask their family and friends to “guard” them.

This “guarding” is not the ordinary sense of protection.

But if the taker does not succeed in advancing and appears to be demonized, the guardian must cut off their heads before they are completely turned into monsters.

Even so, the fall of the saints to the devil when they advance in the ranks still happens from time to time, and people call them the “fallen”.

The lower-ranking “fallen” will be destroyed by their own camp companions who had spent time with them.

While the high level “fallen” with their powerful powers, will become a great threat to what’s left of mankind.

The one in Chu Qianxun’s hand was a first-order demon seed, one that she could safely take.

She decided to take one to further stimulate her powers and see what abilities her unlucky self got.

Chu Qianxun closed her eyes and swallowed a small green crystal into her abdomen.

After a few moments, she began to feel some chills around her body, a normal reaction that occurs after taking the demon seed.

She covered herself with a blanket, curled up in the dark and laid down on the back seat of the SUV.

She gradually fell into a deep sleep as her body temperature changed between hot and cold.

In the darkness, she saw a little glowing green light in a trance.

She kept falling down with that little light, and finally landed lightly on soft green grass.

“Qianxun, Qianxun…” A familiar and kind voice was calling her name.

The light gradually returned in front of her eyes.

Chu Qianxun’s eyes suddenly became wet.

She saw her parents whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Dad, Mom, where have you all been Why does it seem like I haven’t seen you guys for so long So long that it feels like a lifetime has passed.

Chu Qianxun said in her heart.

“Silly child, mommy and daddy will always be with you, here with you.”

The mother’s voice sounded both far away and close to her ears.

The father smiled gently as usual, holding Chu Qianxun’s hand along with her mother, and the three of them walked slowly on the soft grass.

In front of them, a gate glowing in a dazzling yellow light appeared.

Chu Qianxun stopped, instinctively feeling some fear.

“Don’t be afraid, my child, you can do it.

This time, you will be able to find what you want in your heart.

Dad is here to watch over you.”

The father gently pushed Chu Qianxuan’s shoulder.

“Yes, I can do it, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Chu Qianxun lifted her head and took a step into the bright yellow circle of light.


Chu Qianxun woke up in the darkness.

She touched her face and it was full of tears.

Since she had lost hope in life, she had not had such dreams for many years.

Her parents, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, were still as gentle and encouraging as they had been when she was alive.

Mom and Dad are watching over me, Chu Qianxun said to herself, no matter what supernatural power I got, this time I would live my life well.

She opened her hand and a hazy yellow circle of light surrounded her palm.

Pray …… prayers

Chu Qianxun froze.

She never thought that she would get such a tasteless ability.


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