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When Ye Peitian brought dinner to Chu Qianxun, his face was still red.

He squatted far away beside Chu Qianxun, and stretched out his arm to pass the bowl.

His eyes avoided, and he didn’t even dare to look at Chu Qianxun.

Why was this man so cute 

Chu Qianxun was not a particularly active type in relationships, but with Ye Peitian’s shy appearance with red ears was really sultry, she couldn’t help but want to tease him.

“My hand hurts,” Chu Qianxun raised her bandaged arm.

Ye Peitian turned his face, looked around in a flustered manner, and finally moved to Chu Qianxun’s side.

His slender fingers held the small bowl in bewilderment, wanting to take care of her the same way that she did of him before, but he was inexplicably nervous.

“Okay, okay, I’m joking with you.

I’ll do it myself.”

Chu Qianxun took the bowl from him and decided not to bully him excessively.

Ye Peitian didn’t react.

When the bowl in his hand was gone, he opened his mouth, but he felt speechless, and lowered his head in an annoyed manner.

Although the man didn’t talk much, his mind was reflected clearly on his face.

Why didn’t she see it before

Chu Qianxun looked at his interesting and fresh troubled look.

She was a person who was alive at the moment and was not sure if there was tomorrow.

What she valued ​​was everything at present.

Now that she understood her own heart, she had to act.

But she also respected Ye Peitian’s solemn and cherished feelings, and was willing to accompany him slowly all the way.

“You two are really in a good relationship.” Feng Chengyu walked over and put a big cloth bag in front of Chu Qianxun, “All the parts that can be used on the demon’s body are here.

Please check them.”

“I think you are accustomed to using double blades.

Its left and right hands are one red and one black.

It has two pieces of hard armor, which can be used as two long blades.

The rest can be processed into some daggers and armor.

There is a forging ability holder in our team, I will ask him to make a set of equipment for you when we go back.”

Feng Chengyu had bandages all over his body, but in order to reassure Chu Qianxun, he personally delivered the packed materials to her

“Thank you,” Chu Qianxun smiled and nodded to him. 

“About the previous incident, we were wrong, I apologize to you,” Feng Chengyu reached out to Chu Qianxun.

She generously reached out and shook his hand.

“Xiao Ye,” Feng Chengyu also reached out to Ye Peitian.

Ye Peitian didn’t speak, only shook his hand.

A member of Feng Chengyu’s team ran over, “Boss, the vice captain’s situation is not good.”

Feng Chengyu frowned and walked back hurriedly.

The crowd on the other side of the camp gathered together and loud noises rang out.

Xin Ziming was lying on the ground.

His abdomen was penetrated by the demon’s arm, tearing open a huge hole.

At that time, he got treated by the healing ability holder in the team and was properly bandaged.

But the bare skin of his chest was crisscrossed with ferocious green veins, and the blood vessel-like veins were climbing all the way up toward his neck and face.

It was a sign of demonization.

“What’s wrong with Xin Ziming!” Feng Chengyu was anxious.

Xin Ziming opened his eyes, staring at the sky blankly.

“Why did this happen suddenly He didn’t consume a crystal core, right” Feng Chengyu asked people around him anxiously.

The ability holders looked at each other, as anxious as he was.

“He had reached a critical state before, was seriously injured and broke through on his own.” Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian came to the side.

Without the assistance of a crystal core, it was rare to suddenly upgrade to the next level.

It only appeared in a few geniuses, and it may also happen in some emotionally agitated or severely injured states on the verge of death.

Some scholars believed that after humans broke through, various physical abilities would be greatly improved in an all-round way.

Therefore, when the body was on the verge of death or extreme abnormality, it was a spontaneous survival mechanism for the ability holders to break through by themselves.

But because of the instability of the physical and mental state, most people would end up demonized.

Xin Ziming’s hair suddenly turned dazzling platinum in an instant, and strange limbs began to grow everywhere in his body, and those pale limbs slowly emerged from his shoulders and back with viscous liquid.

“Xin Ziming, hold on! Be sober!” Feng Chengyu grabbed Xin Ziming’s shoulder and shook him desperately.

Xin Ziming’s blank eyes suddenly recovered for a moment, “Lao Feng.” He laid on the ground, looked at Feng Chengyu, and said calmly as usual, “If I become a demon, you kill me yourself.”

“Impossible, impossible!” Feng Chengyu let go, took a step back, and shook his head, “You forgot what you said when we formed the team Now half way, you want to retreat first “

“You and I were actually prepared, and we knew we might have such a day.” Xin Ziming said calmly, “It’s not easy to be a captain, my brothers are depending on you, this time you need to work harder.”


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