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At the same time, several sharp pieces of ice rushed toward the demon with the cold wind.

Two young girls of similar age stood behind the metal girl one on the left and the other on the right, raised their arms and used their abilities.

In a teaching building in the distance, the figures of two men were hidden in the dark, observing the battle there.

“Is it the rose group that only accepts women” One of them asked.

“Hmph, a group of ladies are fooling around, not staying obediently in the base to serve men, but forming a group to fight.

Look, they are doing nothing more than giving more food to the demon, it’s a second-order demon.”

“It happens to be the first battle for us two brothers.

When they are almost dead, we will go down to kill the demon, it will be easier by then.”

“It’s best if they don’t die, hehe.”

The golden lines that sealed the window flashed a few times in succession, and broke apart.

A huge spider crawled out along the window, with a colorful body and eight sharp long legs, entrenched on the red roof and walking fast, with a long purplish neck bearing the head of a schoolgirl.

“Ah, there are so many people here today, I can have a good meal,” it said beamingly.

“What should I do I can’t seal it,” the girl who cast the golden thread said nervously.

“We may not be its opponents, let’s leave now!” The ice ability holder used her ability to make several ice ridges condensed in the air, and rushed them toward the demon again.

Ice ridges hit the roof and shattered countless red tiles on it.

Amidst the smoke and dust, the figure of the demon disappeared, and instantly appeared in front of the girl with the ice ability.

Before the girl had time to react, a hard worm foot had pierced her abdomen and pinned her to the ground.

“Ah Juan!” The metal girl rushed forward.

She staggered her arms and used her silver-white arms and shoulders to hold the huge black insect feet, barely lifting the sickle-like insect feet a little bit.

The interlocking sound of sharp metal sounded in the air.

Cracks began to appear in her metallic silver-white skin.

“I…I can’t support it.

Xiao Yan, take Ah Juan away first.”

The girl named Xiao Yan shed tears and desperately dragged her severely injured companion out of the demon’s feet.

Two huge and terrifying black sickles were raised high in the air and slashed toward her.

No, women still couldn’t work.

They were not opponents of demons at all.

Xiao Yan closed her eyes and thought sadly in her heart, ‘We will all die here, eaten by this demon.’

A long red blade appeared in front of her eyes, and it made a melodious metal crashing sound, firmly holding the sharp and huge black spider legs.

A woman who was close to them held a long red blade in front of her.

“After searching for a long time, I finally found one,” the girl complained, kicked her feet and jumped into the air.

The red blade dragged the bloody afterimage, like a long rainbow, and plunged into the demon’s body.

Everyone hadn’t even reacted from the horror.

The young woman had jumped off the demon body that crashed to the ground.

She held a blade in one hand and a piece of emerald-green crystal core in the other, and looked in front of her.

“Only second-order,” she wiped the crystal core and put it in her pocket.

She walked to Ah Juan and stretched out her hand, “How are you, are you okay”

“Oh… Senior.” Ah Juan almost forgot the pain in her abdomen, and held the palm in front of her with her hands, “Which corps do you belong to”

“We are from ‘Heart of Winter Mercenary Corps’.

Ah, you are seriously injured, let me see, okay” A beautiful, gentle woman walked out from the rear, and covered the pierced wound in Ah Juan’s abdomen with her hands that were glowing white.

That terrifying piercing wound stopped bleeding at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“It’s just a temporary treatment, and you have to get a good treatment when you go back.” The smile of this high-level healing ability holder brought warmth like the light in her hands.

The three were almost stunned.

“That’s a second-order demon! That woman can kill it with a single strike” The man hiding in the dark said in disbelief.

“Who… who said that women are not good These two are masters of masters.”

“Heart of Winter Where did it come from, have you heard of it”

Two bullets flew past their ears with a brush, circled in the air, turned around, and hovered in front of the two of them.

The two raised their hands together.

They only saw that on the rooftop not far across from them, a tall beauty with sunglasses and a gun was looking at them coldly, “When Heart of Winter works, idlers should avoid it.”


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