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Walking outside the house, Chen Wei who was staying in the yard jumped out of the car.

He did not show any embarrassment for leaving Ye Peitian to escape alone.

He held Ye Peitian’s hand with extreme enthusiasm, “Brother Peitian, no, Brother Ye.

This time, thanks to Brother Ye, my brother Ah Wei was saved.”

He waved to the inside of the car, “Come on, thanks Brother Ye.”

Ah Wei’s face was exposed from the back window.

He had one arm missing, but he was still alive.

He bowed to Ye Peitian.

Chu Qianxun came by car.

She opened the car door and stuffed Ye Peitian into the passenger seat.

The engine started, and the window was knocked.

The girl who just showed fear in front of Ye Peitian stood by the car window.

She twisted the corner of her clothes and bit her lip, “Well, that, I was just scared just now, and I didn’t mean anything else.

I want to thank you, thank you for saving us.”

The car started and drove along the way home.

Chu Qianxun looked at the person in the vice seat.

The man’s hair hung on his face.

She was still unable to see his eyes.

But those thin lips were not as tight as before.

“Are you happy to be thanked by someone” Chu Qianxun said, took out the two crystal cores in her pocket, and threw them to Ye Peitian, “Take them.

You no longer need them, but you can sell them and get some supplies and weapons.

In the future, don’t care about other people and don’t do this kind of desperate deal.

After I leave, I’m afraid you will be sold by these people.”

The corners of Ye Peitian’s mouth tightened instantly.

Not happy again Chu Qianxun thought in her heart: His temper is really unpredictable.

When they got back to the base, the sky was approaching dusk.

The car drove all the way for more than two hours, so Ye Peitian’s body and ability basically returned to normal.

He jumped out of the car and one could not see any obvious trauma.

The two entered the gate of the base and saw Peng Haoyu and Gan Xiaodan talking face to face outside the rescue station.

When Gan Xiaodan saw Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian coming, her face turned red, she turned and went back to the rescue station.

On the contrary, Peng Haoyu was very happy and put on a familiar appearance to say hello.

“How can a girl like Xiaodan do the dirty work of pouring poop and pee” Peng Haoyu put his hands in his pockets, and leaned over with a smile, “No, I let someone arrange a better job for her.”

“This is a nurse’s job.

Every nurse here is a girl, and there is nothing we can’t do,” Chu Qianxun replied indifferently.

Peng Haoyu’s face was a bit ugly.

At this moment, a harsh alarm sounded over the base.

Countless people in the base raised their heads blankly, wondering what happened.

They came! Chu Qianxun thought that she would not let go of the second-order crystal core.

“Attention to all personnel, please note to all personnel, a large number of demons are found approaching our base from the northwest at the forward outpost.

Please gather all combat saints at the base gate! All auxiliary saints gather at the rescue station!”

“Repeating the notice again! Please cooperate with all personnel and assemble quickly! Assemble quickly! United we will overcome the crisis, and under the blessing of God, the demons will surely be eliminated.”

There were rapid announcements from all over the base.

Everyone stopped the business at hand and listened to the broadcast.

If they lose this sanctuary, they would be forced to flee into the wilderness and face the demons that may appear at any time by themselves.

People in the base ran around.

At this time, the gap between factions and groups was weakened to a minimum.

Almost all people obeyed the unified command.

Many people wearing wing signs knelt on the ground and prayed for God’s blessings.

When the only place of shelter may fall at any time, even those who did not believe in the Holy Angels would inevitably be infected by the atmosphere and begin to silently pray for peace in their hearts.

A group of heavily armed men walked out of the rescue station.

All of them walked lightly, had a vigorous posture, and wore a holy angel logo on their shoulders.

Most of these people wore armor made of hard shells of demons, carried the blades of the demon’s limbs, and walked out with a confident momentum.

Obviously they were not ordinary people, but a fighting force composed of saints.

Among them was a beautiful nurse.

She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

Her long curly hair was tied into a braid and hung on her chest, which seemed a little out of place.

She looked toward Chu Qianxun and the others, “Peng Haoyu, keep up, get together.”

The sound was sweet and beautiful, and anyone who heard it would not be offended.

Peng Haoyu hurriedly responded.

He turned around and greeted Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian, “You two are ability holders, right If the base is destroyed, everyone will have nowhere to go.”

Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian exchanged glances. 

“Can you do it”

Ye Peitian nodded.

The two followed Peng Haoyu and walked toward the gate of the base.

“Who are these two” The beauty in nurse clothes asked with a smile.

Peng Haoyu put away the usual smugness in front of her, and said with some kindness, “Let me introduce them, these two saints are new to our base.

This beauty is a power type like me, this brother’s ability is…sand control”

Chu Qianxun snorted.

Peng Haoyu had indeed deliberately inquired about their news and knew everything about them.

The nurse stepped forward and stretched out her tender and white palm, “Great, thank you for coming to help.

My name is Fu Yingyu, a member of the Holy Angel Relief Society.”

Chu Qianxun shook her hand, “Chu Qianxun.”

Fu Yingyu smiled sweetly and spoke softly.

Her palms holding Chu Qianxun were smooth and tender.


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