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But for some reason, Chu Qianxun felt a sense of discomfort.

Did she see this person before Chu Qianxun searched for the name in her mind, but didn’t think of any special memories.

The gates of the base were originally two fence-shaped iron gates.

Although they were reinforced with various iron plates and deep trenches were dug in front of the gates, they were obviously not enough to withstand the impact of a large number of demons.

At this moment, people were hurriedly moving various obstacles, preparing to block this wide gate as much as possible.

Ye Peitian walked to the door, “Let me try it.”

He knelt on one knee, pressed his palms on the ground in front of him, and slightly raised his eyebrows.

The ground shook slightly, and a muffled roar sounded from the ground.

A solid earth wall slowly rose under Ye Peitian’s feet continuously at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The wide and thick soil wall not only blocked the entire gate tightly, but also strengthened the surrounding walls.

Under everyone’s stunned look, the inner side of the earth wall gradually protruded stairs to facilitate climbing up the wall.

Ye Peitian let go, took a breath, and stood up on the wall.

“D*mn, that was awesome, how did he do that”

“Are you an earth-type ability holder I also have friends who are earth-type ability holders.

At most, they can only build a thin low wall and be exhausted.

You are too powerful.”

“This has been a great help.”

A group of people gathered around the wall and raised their heads in praise.

Ye Peitian turned his head and looked at Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun took the lead and applauded, “Great, great.”

The second-level Ye Peitian had already shown the demeanor of Yellow Sand Emperor.

Jiang Chengzhu arrived in a hurry and was startled by the sight in front of him, “Wow, when did Brother Peitian become so powerful”

“You came just at the right time.

Come with me,” Chu Qianxun borrowed a fire hose from Fu Yingyu that was pumping water, and took Jiang Chengzhu to the top of the city.

She poured water on the outer surface of the newly built earth wall and said to Jiang Chengzhu, “Try it.”

“Okay, look at me!” Jiang Chengzhu chuckled, “Freeze!”

With Jiang Chengzhu’s feet as the center, a large area of ​​ice stretched out, and the outer surface of the entire soil wall slowly formed a layer of smooth ice.

Jiang Chengzhu’s hands fell in exhausting, then he said while panting sharply, “That’s it, that’s all I can do, Sister Qianxun.”

“Excellent! Very well done, Chengzhu!” Chu Qianxun praised him without hesitation.

The crowd applauded.

With such a strong and difficult ice wall, everyone’s confidence in resisting demons had greatly increased.

Some people who were unsure about waiting and watching had also begun to figure out how to participate in the battle so as to take the opportunity to obtain crystal cores.

Behind the crowd, a man with a bald head and a gloomy look approached Fu Yingyu, “Yingyu, who are they”

Fu Yingyu put away her sweet smile and shook her head, “New arrival, I don’t know yet.”

The sun was sinking, and the sunset glowed red to the horizon like a fire.

Countless birds and beasts appeared in the distant forest.

A group of dark and crushing figures emerged from the edge of the forest, approaching the base at an extraordinary speed.

The walls of the base had saints with various abilities.

They were holding weapons and nervously preparing for the first wave of attacks by the demons.

“Chengzhu, go down and rest,” Chu Qianxun said to Jiang Chengzhu beside her.

Jiang Chengzhu was exhausted, so he nodded and left .

“You go down too,” Chu Qianxun also said to Ye Peitian.

“I won’t,” Ye Peitian didn’t look at her.

Chu Qianxun was stunned for a moment.

Although she knew that he would be a great boss in the future, Ye Peitian was very soft and easy to get along with in the past few days.

He hardly refuted any of Chu Qianxun’s suggestions, so she became somewhat casual to him.

This was the first time she was rejected.

Chu Qianxun hurriedly reflected on her incorrect attitude.

After experiencing so many things in a day, he was truly a genius, and Chu Qianxun secretly admired him.

The number of demons was about thirty or forty.

Chu Qianxun saw that most of the demons were first-order and ordinary demons, and there were two second-order demons mixed in.

Running at the forefront was a second-order Wanderer.

Among the demons was a tall Dull Walker.

Its skin no longer showed a swollen flesh-colored state, but was covered with gray lumps.

This was its second-order form, the stone armor Blunt Walker.

But Chu Qianxun’s attention was placed at the end of the group of demons, where there was a petite, not very eye-catching demon.

This was the demon she had been waiting for, the third-order demon, Egersis. 

This Egersis maintained the appearance of its human form.

If one only looked at its head, it was a woman who was no different from ordinary people.

Its appearance had a strange beauty, its skin was crystal clear and bright, and the long hair was beautiful.

There was a frown between the eyebrows and eyes, as if the dead who didn’t want to sleep were wandering in the world.

The body was extraordinarily long and slender, covered with weird stripes of alternating black and yellow, and two pairs of wings thin like cicada’s wings were on the back, flapping constantly.

“It’s great, it’s Egersis.

Heaven is helping me,” Chu Qianxun’s eyes lit up.

Egersis was the one with the weakest attack and defense power among third-order demons.

Its ability was to control demons below it to launch mass attacks on humans.

As its level increased, this ability would increasingly pose a huge threat to humans.

But at the moment, when there were so many companions around, Egersis, who was the third-order demon, was the easiest to deal with.


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