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Yan Xue strode forward without stopping.

It was the man behind her who looked back at Gao Yan and Chu Qianxun, and showed a smile that was gentle and handsome.

“Who is this man” Chu Qianxun asked.

“That’s Yan Xue’s boyfriend, Sir Jiang’s son, Jiang Hongcai.

Don’t pay attention to him, I don’t think he is a good person,” Gao Yan said disdainfully.

When Ye Peitian knocked on the door, Chu Qianxun was doing one-arm pull-ups in her room.

“I did not lock the door, come in,” Chu Qianxun held her breath and finished the last bit of planned exercise.

Ye Peitian entered the room and saw her hung on the ceiling with her hands grabbing several small holes in the ceiling.

She tightened her slender legs, and did pull-ups.

After Chu Qianxun finished the last few strokes, she jumped to the ground.

She was wearing a military-green sports vest, her neckline was wet with sweat, and beads of sweat on her head flowed down her neck.

Ye Peitian blushed, and turned his head away from sight.

“What’s the matter” Chu Qianxun took a towel and wiped the sweat on her face.

“There is a mission to search for supplies.

It is said that there may be a lot of demons.

I will leave in the afternoon.” Ye Peitian remembered his intention, “I have signed up, um, yes, Chengzhu will also go..


He looked at Chu Qianxun with a little uncertainty.

Before, at the Goose City base, Chu Qianxun had always taken Jiang Chengzhu to act alone.

“You work too hard.” Chu Qianxun said with a smile, “We just arrived at the base.

Why don’t you take time to adjust You are just so anxious to participate in the hunting.”

She put down the towel, put a coat on, and grabbed the double-edge blades on the table, “Okay, I will come with you.”

There were two or three cars parked on the playground, and twenty or so saints were the entire lineup ready to set off this time.

The destination of this operation was a small supermarket ten kilometers away.

There may be a lot of supplies stored there.

However, according to the intelligence obtained by the dispatched advance team, a large number of demons were also stranded in the neighborhood.

“You all know the rules, right I don’t need to repeat them.” Tang Juan looked listless, standing in front of the crowd and preaching, “You are not allowed to take the materials but turn them in uniformly.

Afterwards, they will be distributed according to each person’s effort with tickets.

As for the crystal core, whoever kills the demon will have it.

If a team killed them together, it would be sold at the market price, and each team would allocate it to their members by themselves.”

“I’ll emphasize it again.” Tang Juan raised a finger with a metal ring and glanced at the crowd, “As everyone has learned about the role of the crystal cores, don’t let me see anyone stealing, or don’t blame me for turning my face and denying you.”

The people in the crowd glanced at each other and lowered their heads.

Gasoline was a rare item, it was naturally impossible to sit comfortably in the car as usual.

Except for the off-road vehicle where Tang Juan and the core staff were sitting, most of the others squeezed into the back compartment of the two pickup trucks.

Although Jiang Chengzhu was still a child, he had strong offensive power, rich experience in hunting demons, and very fierce combat.

Therefore, although he only stayed for a few days, most of the saints in the base knew this young ice-type ability holder.

Many of the saints sitting in the same car were close to him.

Some called him Xiao Jiang, some called him Chengzhu, and some were cheeky to call him Brother Jie.

Jiang Chengzhu’s temperament was a little proud in front of Chu Qianxun, “Sister Qianxun, during the time you left, I participated in several demon hunts, and my ability has improved a lot.” He lowered his voice next to Chu Qianxun, “I feel that my ability has arrived at the critical point and is about to break through.”

“Really So fast That’s amazing,” Chu Qianxun was a little surprised.

In the entire Nanxi base, the only people who had broken through to the second stage were Tang Juan and Yan Xue.

With Jiang Chengzhu’s young age, he was able to reach the last stage of the first-order, and was already regarded as the best in the crowd.

“I also practiced a new move, and I will show it to you when I have a chance.”

“Oh You got another move, do you have a name for it”

“Yes, I call it icestorm!” Jiang Chengzhu raised his chest proudly, “Isn’t it cool”

Chu Qianxun opened her mouth in surprise.

She certainly wasn’t surprised by Jiang Chengzhu’s naming.

But she was surprised because this name was exactly the same as the move of the famous Frost Prince in the post-apocalyptic period.

Of course, this name was used by people to flatter him on face, secretly, people called him the little beast who used ice, or the little b*st*rd who made ice.

Chu Qianxun looked at Jiang Chengzhu’s face.

This immature face overlapped with a young face that often appeared in newspapers in the post-apocalypse.

At that time, Jiang Chengzhu was in his early twenties and was the captain of a famous mercenary team.

Their entire team was composed of teenagers and children of similar age.

Maybe it was because he was too young, and in a cruel environment, he got a powerful ability that didn’t match his mind.

These children who survived the apocalypse days were more cruel and indifferent than adults.

They had no idea of ​​right and wrong, and acted recklessly based on their own preferences.

He often did everything for money, and his reputation was very bad.

It turned out that this was what Frost Prince looked like ten years ago.


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