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Chu Qianxun looked at the little boy with a silly smile in front of her who was waiting for her praise.

She reached out her hand and touched his messy hair and inevitably sighed in her heart.

“Chengzhu, who is this beauty I haven’t seen her before, is she your sister Why don’t you introduce her to your brother” A man sitting across from them asked with a smile.

Jiang Chengzhu glanced at him and ignored him.

“Hello, I am Chu Qianxun.

I just came to the base, so I need more advice,” Chu Qianxun introduced herself.

“Hello, hello, my surname is Shi, Shi Mingde, and I am an earth ability holder.” The man chatted enthusiastically, “It’s really rare for a beautiful girl like you to come out to hunt demons.”

“This time, Brother Tien and Sister Gao will lead the team personally.

It won’t be a big deal.

Qianxun, you stay on the outside, and you can get two red tickets when we go back.

Don’t be afraid, brother will protect you,” Shi Mingde said.

“Okay, then please take care of me, Brother Ming,” Chu Qianxun answered with a smile.

Jiang Chengzhu snorted, and put one hand on Ye Peitian’s shoulder beside him, “Old Shi, don’t brag.

Your little earth ability couldn’t even match Brother Peitian and you want to take care of Sister Qianxun “

“Oh, this brother is also an earth saint Then we should get close to each other,” Shi Mingde had a good temper.

Jiang Chengzhu was rebellious and didn’t give him much face, but he was not angry.

But he was the only earth saint in the base.

His ability had reached the middle and late stages of the first-order.

He was also a close friend of Tang Juan and was often touted by the people in the base that made him a little conceited.

Hearing that Ye Peitian, who was beautiful and taciturn, had the same ability as his, it was inevitable that he would make a little comparison.

At this moment, he was grinning, but in his heart he was thinking silently about how to show his glory in the battle.

It would also let the beauty, Chu Qianxun, look at him with admiration.

The driving car suddenly stopped with a squeak, and a tall demon turned out from the corner of the street.

The demon had pale skin and an expressionless face.

The wriggling tentacles hung everywhere on the body.

It was dragging a light box of traffic lights, slowly walking across the empty zebra crossing in front of everyone.

Shi Mingde hadn’t reacted yet, and the two sitting in front of him had already disappeared.

The shackles made of yellow sand tied the demon’s messy limbs, pulled down its huge body, and locked it firmly on the road.

A slender figure flashed on the back of the demon at the same time.

They saw silver light flashing along the demon’s cervical spine.

Before everyone even reacted, Chu Qianxun had already stood up from the demon, and a piece of emerald-green crystal core was in her bright white fingers.

She smiled and asked, “Whoever kills the demon, its crystal core belongs to them, right”

Shi Mingde and the people in the car opened their mouths in surprise and were speechless.

“Brother Tang, look at that woman.”

Tang Juan was in the off-road carriage, and everyone was watching that scene through the window.

“Not bad, she can fight better than Yan Xue,” Tang Juan raised his brows.

“How can it be so, my Cher is the best,” Jiang Hong, who was sitting on the side, kept defending his girlfriend all the time.

Yan Xue’s gaze flashed from behind the light blue goggles.

She wiped the gun in her hand without speaking.

“Brother Tang, the situation in the base got a bit wrong recently.

Since everyone knows the effectiveness of the crystal core, they have been thinking about looting.

Should we re-determine how the crystal cores will be distributed” Tang Juan’s confidant, Le He, spoke.

He and Shi Mingde, who was sitting in the other car, followed Tang Juan from the beginning, and they were Tang Juan’s most trusted men.

“Huh A group of ignorant people.

They haven’t killed a few demons but they started fighting internally on how to distribute This thing is so lacking but everyone wants it.

Of course, whoever contributes more will get more.” Tang Juan said disdainfully, “Some people are stunned when hunting demons, but they want to share for nothing.

They want to act shameless.

With me in the base, I will not allow this kind of mess.”

The neighborhood where the supermarket was located was once a densely populated area.

As the vehicle got near the place, more demons wandered nearby.

The saints of Nanxi base were divided into several teams that cooperated, and went forward little by little into the supermarket.

Jiang Chengzhu stood on top of a street lamp, and the cones of ice were shot down continuously from the air, as if a snow storm had fallen in a small area.

Under the continuous blow of the cone of ice, a demon raised its neck, screamed and struggled.

As soon as the ice cone stopped, Chu Qianxun’s figure flashed past, the two blades intertwined, and a huge cross was instantly opened in the abdomen of the demon.

The demon’s crystal core was picked out with a single blade.

Located one or two buildings away from them, five pillars of fire rose into the sky, almost half a block of red.

That was Tang Juan’s ability.


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