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Standing on its tall demon body, Chu Qianxun raised her head in surprise.

Red Lotus Purgatory

It shouldn’t be, she thought.

She had never heard of a saint who could use such a powerful fire ability trick so early.

The memory of Chu Qianxun of ten years ago was a little vague.

She remembered that at that time, it was probably a little bit at this time that she had passed by the place.

Not only did she not see Tang Juan, but she also didn’t even hear about this Nanxi base.

The battle did not last long, and the demons inside and outside the supermarket were wiped out by everyone.

It was less than two months after the arrival of the demons.

The interior of this small supermarket was messy, and after several waves of looting by nearby residents, a large amount of usable materials and food were still there.

The back of the two pickup trucks that came were filled.

As a result, everyone except the wounded could only walk with the car.

After returning with a full load, the teammates were beaming, but didn’t feel tired at all.

Chu Qianxun put her hands in her pockets and ran with Ye Peitian and Jiang Chengzhu.

The three of them were very fast.

They followed the car, keeping a step behind, but in a relaxed manner, while occasionally chatting with each other in a low voice.

At this moment, everyone’s gazes on Chu Qianxun changed.

No one dared to call her sister or even beauty.

The off-road vehicle drove by their side, the window of the car was lowered, and Yan Xue’s cold face appeared.

At this time, all the wounded were sitting in the car, and even Tang Juan himself was jogging behind the car.

Yan Xue reached out and knocked outside the car window, “Do you want to come in” She said to Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun politely declined her kindness.

She harvested a bag of crystal cores.

So presumably after returning to the base, all kinds of good intentions and malice would follow.

It was almost time to leave this place, Chu Qianxun thought to herself.

Back at the Nanxi base, Chu Qianxun received the red ticket and went to the base’s trading market to stroll around.

The Nanxi base was not large, and the trading market was set up on the floor at the bottom of a teaching building.

In addition to exchanging goods, one could also purchase things with tickets issued by the base.

Many people set up stalls to sell their own goods.

Some of them were saints.

Most of them sold the materials they found when they went out hunting demons alone, or the hard parts of the demons that could be used.

Some were ordinary people living in the base, and the things they sold may be a little strange.

They may have a few green vegetable leaves that they grew, or some practical items such as watches, flashlights, lighters, weapons, etc., hoping to get a half-ticket.

There were also very expensive jewelry and other luxury goods before the apocalypse, of course, most of these were not cared for.

The largest fixed booths were surrounded by rows of desks.

They were all kinds of materials obtained during each large-scale search operation organized by the sales base.

They could be regarded as “official booths”.

Due to the frequent organization of search operations in the base, the “official booths” accumulated a large variety of materials, which stabilized the prices in the base to a certain extent.

As long as they work hard and strive for work points, even the ordinary humans living in the base, could accumulate a small amount of tickets to exchange for not too expensive quilts, dishes, buckets and other daily necessities.

The market was also patrolled to maintain public order at any time, expressly stipulating that it was not allowed to rob or sell goods.

Although the entire market was not big, it was much more lively and stable than the Goose City base.

Chu Qianxun stood on the edge of a booth selling weapons and looked around.

Her blades were worn out, and she wanted to find out if she could replace them.

Jiang Chengzhu squatted beside her, turning over the weapons that were simply processed from the limbs of demons.

“There is nothing good here, Sister Qianxun.” He said, “The good weapons and materials were taken away by the leaders.

If you want a weapon, I will help you ask Sir Jiang about them.

He has good materials.”

“In the hunting, although the demon crystal can belong to us, the body of the demon and the materials found must be handed in.” Ye Peitian stood beside Chu Qianxun and said, “We can go out and kill a high-level demon to make a weapon for you.”

“If you have a crystal core, you don’t know what to do It’s simply not good or bad.

The organization demon hunting would provide you with intelligence, vehicles, and powerful teammates.

Do you think you can go to a place where you can kill so many demons if it wasn’t for the organization” A man’s cynic voice sounded.

Chu Qianxun and others turned around.

Tang Juan led a team of people and stood not far behind them.

The one who just spoke was a man with yellow hair behind Tang Juan, named Le He.

The chubby Shi Mingde squeezed up from behind to help pacify, “Ah Le, don’t talk like that.

They are all people who have taken refuge in the base.

Sister Qianxun and Brother Peitian had just arrived at our base and took part in the collective action.

Our base doesn’t have rules to restrict the squad from independent activities, haha, we understand each other, right”

Le He snorted, “Lao Shi, you are a good person.

This man robbed your limelight yesterday, don’t you know”

Tang Juan put on a coat and raised his hand to stop the people around him from talking.

He touched his chin, and looked at Chu Qianxun for a long while, “You killed a second-order demon, right”

Chu Qianxun did not speak, but nodded.

She was waiting for Tang Juan to continue speaking.

She wanted to see what kind of character the leader of this base had.


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