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She climaxed several times with only his tongue and fingers.

Despite the significant reaction, Lanceil was still stroking her sensitive cl*toris with his fingers, and just rubbing it gently gave her a strong sense of pleasure.

Her shoulders trembled.


Exhausted, Jiwoo mustered her strength and opened her arms toward Lance.

She couldn’t push him away because what he’s doing was making her feel good.

Fortunately, this move was more effective than telling him to stop.

Lanciel’s long ears pricked up as he smiled and looked back.

“To hold you”

Immediately, Jiwoo was snuggled into his embrace as he pressed her close, his broad shoulders cradling her.

While stroking Jiwoo’s disheveled hair with his big hand, Lanceil kissed Jiwoo’s face here and there.

He lightly kissed her cheek and forehead, then bit and sucked on Jiwoo’s earlobe.

Aside from the stimulating sounds pouring into her ears, her face reddened with a strange sense of recognition.

If just touching the ears meant a strong attempt at seduction, how much more affection was being conveyed when he was licking and nibbling her ear with his mouth like that

“Akarna, would you like more”

The voice that spoke as if panting in her ear seemed to be filled with joy.

Lanceil rubbed his erect manhood without hiding his excitement, but still, he didn’t try to insert it dryly.

It just seemed like just grinding it together in itself was enjoyable.

Jiwoo shook her head and encircled her legs around his waist, pulling him close.

“Ah, so good…”

Lanceil caressed her forehead and kissed her lips.

And he started fumbling for her entrance.

Oddly enough, he said he wasn’t confident in doing this act, but the pleasure he gave her with his lips and his hands was actually quite good.

Then, when he was about to insert it, Jiwoo burst into laughter because she saw again that he truly was clumsy at this.


“…Don’t laugh.”

Lanceil grabbed her hand and pulled her in, biting the back of her hand.

There was also a little bit of sarcasm in his voice.

“It’s my first time… I can’t help being clumsy.

You must understand.”

It was strange.

This time, her body trembled even though it wasn’t a stimulus to give her pleasure.


When the blunt tip of his member finally fit into the entrance, Jiwoo gasped and tensed up.

She could now feel the magnitude of his size slipping in.

Because of the foreplay that he had done for a long time, her secret place was soaking wet and slippery with her already luscious fluids.

Even though only the tip of his member was placed over her folds, her secret place made a lewd, wet sound.

As he began to push in with a little more force, her inner walls slowly opened.




This time, a rather difficult moan came out.

However, the clear feeling of pleasure naturally made her waist feel tingly.

“Ugh… It’s tight.”

Lanceil held back an overwhelmed groan, and he entered her so slowly, but even that speed was a cause for worry.

In fact, Jiwoo’s inside was too narrow and small to take him in.

No matter how much he had loosened it, it’s a naturally unavoidable dilemma because he was just too big.

“Ah-ugh, uhhnngg…”

Jiwoo clung onto Lanceil’s neck and closed her eyes tightly.

His large member filled her inner walls completely as he entered.

At first, the feeling of fullness felt so good.

But there was one thing she thought of.

No matter how slowly he entered just to make it easier for her to adapt to his size, it seemed as if there was no end to it—he just entered her more and more and more.

Jiwoo bit her lip, holding it in, until she finally pushed his shoulder.

“La, Lanceil…”

Lanceil hastily rubbed her back.

“Why What else did I do wrong”

“No, wait, nngh— too deep…”


Asking that, Lanceil pushed his waist even more.

Jiwoo tilted her head in pleasure that was perhaps close to pain.


As she let out a scream, the corners of Jiwoo’s eyes welled with tears.

Her body convulsed on its own from the unbearable pleasure.

The inner walls contracted, clenching over Lanceil’s flesh even tightly.


Lanceil licked Jiwoo’s tears that trickled down, but that didn’t mean Jiwoo could look at the situation any further.

“No— Mmmh! No…! Stop.”

“…This far”



Only that far… Uh-huk…”

Jiwoo desperately nodded her head.

But Lanceil was flustered.

Because his manhood was only halfway in right now.

A drop of sweat ran down his forehead and cheek as he basked in pleasure.

“This is a problem… It’s not like I can cut it until here.”

Eventually, without being able to insert himself fully, Lanceil slowly began to move his waist.

However, due to his size, even the slightest movement sent her waves upon waves of pleasure.

“Aahh, aaaahh, ah…!”

Although his movements were extremely restrained, Jiwoo began to writhe with pleasure.

She wrapped her arms around his body, and dug her nails into his back that was tightly woven with muscles.

“Huuh, ah…!”

The manhood that had entered deeply was barely touching the limit.

His movements were so slow that her inner walls tightly clamped down onto the pillar and moved together.

The c*m that had soaked her inside leaked out every time he moved in and out.

At the place where they were joined, their mixed fluids overflowed, causing the wet sounds of their union to echo constantly.

“Nnngh, hu, ahng…!”

Lanceil supported Jiwoo with one arm to bring their lower bodies closer together, and he moved his waist while his other hand caressed her sensitive body.

As she let out a moan after letting go of her rationality, he realized that saliva was dripping from her mouth, which she couldn’t close.

Lanceil swallowed her lips, licking it cleanly as if it was a waste to let go of even a single drop.

“Mmmh, ah, hnnnngh!”


In the end, unable to overcome the stimulus, Jiwoo’s body stiffened as she reached her climax once again.

Even Lanceil, who had only inserted himself halfway, moaned like a beast as her inner walls clenched so tightly over him that he came inside her.

“Haa, Akarna.”

“Ngh! Mmngh!”

Lanceil, unable to overcome the pleasure, without realizing it, shoved himself deeper than Jiwoo had told him to.

“Haa, kugh… Ah, so good…”

He moved a few more times to empty himself, then slowly pulled out.

Thick s*men leaked out and flowed over Jiwoo’s smooth thighs.

She could feel his hot fluids running down her skin.

The path that it passed burned hot.

No, it wasn’t just an illusion that came after satisfying sex.

Her body was really hot.

“Lan, ceil, uh-ugh…”

“Sorry, did I go too deep”

“N-No, strange.

There’s a strange… feeling…”


Lanceil pressed his thick fingers against her cl*toris.

As he gently moved his fingers in a circular motion, she felt a tingling sensation.

“Ack, hu-ugh…”

It was tingly and hot.

In any case, it was certain that it was not a pleasure that normally happened only through arousal.

“Haa, haa… my body is hot, uht, huuhk…”

“What’s wrong Does it hurt”

“No, it doesn’t hurt, haa…!”

Because of the breath that Lanceil had huffed near her ear while speaking, Jiwoo also stiffened her shoulders.

“Lanceil, something, ngh, is too hot…”

Her eyes grew cloudy.

It wasn’t that she was drowning in pleasure, but she couldn’t focus at all.

“Not… so good”


Every time Lanceil stroked Jiwoo, Jiwoo tilted her head and gave a loud response to each of his touches.

“Ahh, ahh, hnnngh…!”

Lanceil was sweating profusely, thoroughly examining Jiwoo’s reaction.

And found out the cause.

The freshly poured s*men was still leaking out of the opening, and the spot where the fluids passed was red.

“…I think my bodily fluids give a different reaction to humans.”

Lanceil placed a finger over where the fluids trickled.

Then, he applied it to Jiwoo’s sensitive nub.

“Is this better”

“Haa, aht…!”

It was right.

It was also wrong.

As the stimulated cl*t grew hot, she began to crave greater pleasure.

Jiwoo lost her reason and moved her waist.

“A little, a little more.”



Though he had already let out a load, his manhood was erect once more, and so he entered her.

The opening, which had already been widened to his size, swallowed it as if to suck him in.

And Lanceil didn’t make the same mistake he had just made.

He made sure to go only until the depth that Jiwoo had set.

But this time Jiwoo was more antsy.

“Ha-ugh, Lanceil, more, uhng, inside…”

She thought it was too much, but her pleasure-drenched body wanted him to go deeper.

As Lanceil didn’t seem to understand, Jiwoo wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in.

“Kugh… Is it okay to go deeper now”


Jiwoo didn’t answer.

As Lanceil pushed in deeper as he was told, only a breathtaking moan escaped her lips.

In pursuit of pleasure, the squelching walls swallowed him and answered instead.

Jiwoo moved her waist as if she was in heat.

Her rationality had already flown away, and her body was chasing after the pleasure in front of her.

His thrusts were still slow.

The large manhood that seemed to impale her body filled her lower abdomen entirely.

But the feeling wasn’t as heavy as before.

She wanted him to reach deeper and deeper inside.

In the end, Lanceil inserted himself all the way to the hilt, and he groaned in a much more languid voice than before.

“Kuuh, ha.


Lanceil caressed the bulge that was apparent on her belly, taking the shape of his member.

“Can you feel it I’m all inside.”


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