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Still in that state, Helkainis kissed her on the cheek.

This action gave her the impression that, rather than a kiss that was from one person to another, it felt more like he didn’t know how to express his affection.


Smooch. He lightly kissed Jiwoo’s face here and there, rubbing her cheeks and forehead for a long time.

It was obviously an act driven by his self-interest, but strangely, there didn’t seem to be any insidious intention in it at all.


Helka, who was burying his face in the nape of her neck, raised his head.

Eyes curved like a crescent moon.

Beautiful smile.

White teeth exposed between the slightly parted lips.

Contrary to what he was doing, his face seemed to embody the literal word of bliss.

Staring at that smile, Jiwoo felt the tension that had been filling her body—as this was an unfamiliar environment—dissipating into thin air.


Helka continued his ministrations even when Jiwoo went quiet.

This time, he kissed the back of her neck and chest, not her face.

“Ah, uh…”

With the tickling feeling that ran through her whole body wherever his lips touched, Jiwoo clenched and stretched her free fingers or toes.

If it had been a tool like a rope or string, the flesh would have been pulled taut and sore.

However, the magic circle that restrained Jiwoo’s wrist was faithful to only its two purposes.

The first is to constrain movement.

So she couldn’t move.

And the second was the reason why Jiwoo couldn’t get out of this state with all her might.

‘It’s so comfortable that it’s strange…’

Obviously, both her hands were still bound in the air, but curiously enough, she didn’t feel any of the discomfort that she should have felt the awkwardness of the posture she was holding—as if the magic circle had ensured this.

Her arms, floating in the air, felt as if they were placed on soft cotton-like clouds.

It felt like she was wading through lukewarm water.

In a word, it seemed like she was just lying comfortably.

Still, it was mentally uncomfortable to show off her defenseless naked body.

Besides, she couldn’t figure out what Helkainis’ state was.

He could be like a gentle pet, but at the same time, he could be like a wild beast in heat.

She didn’t know what side of him he was showing this time.

His expression was strange It was like a curious deer approaching people for the first time.


Helkainis’ movements became more relaxed as Jiwoo became calm.

The long, fine fingers swept from her shoulder to her waist, like handling a delicate instrument.

It wasn’t a tickle, it was a touch that stimulated sensitivity.


His hands stroking her waist felt like they were clinging to her even though there was no moisture there.

“Uhng… Ah.”

Her face turned red when he slid his tongue along her neckline and reached straight to her chest.

When his lips, which looked particularly red compared to his white face, bit her nipples, she couldn’t help but look away.

She couldn’t bear to watch this.

He was frantically obsessed with her soft, warm flesh.

The tongue that sucked her chest was soft, but too tenacious.

The saliva was slittered and slipped with every tongue movement, making her heart flutter.

“Uht, aahh…”

Even if this pleasure wasn’t wild, a savage orgasm started from her lower body and made her tremble all at once all the way to her head.

The pleasure that grew each time he clenched his lips and played his tongue was like the sunlight that melts ice, gnawing at Jiwoo’s brain.

In the end, Jiwoo felt numbness in her hips and crossed her legs.

“Uhng, stop, Heeel…”

Helkainis stroked Jiwoo’s waist, then gently rubbed the other chest, not the chest he was biting and sucking.

The movement caressing her chest grew stronger and stronger.

Helka, much more excited than before, began to chew her nipple with his teeth.

The tongue swam round and stroked around the pert nipple.

Jiwoo’s breathing, which had been shaky, was getting shorter and shorter.

“Haa, haa…”

The heat that started from where his hands and lips touched spread all over her body.

She closed her eyes tightly and her whole body trembled.

She wanted to bite her lip, but her jaw felt loose.

“Hu-uht…hu, haaaa”

Jiwoo looked up at him with dazed eyes.

Helkainis, for a man who coldly dismissed God’s existence, was like a devout priest or ascetic monk when he kept his mouth shut.

He even looked so cold that it was overbearing to say a word when he had no expression on his face.

Yet right now, he was lustfully sucking her breasts with a face full of euphoria.

It felt immoral.

“Ah, ah, aht…!”

Besides, is there anyone out there whose top and bottom did not match like this

His face was like that, but his lower body felt so wildly erect that it looked painful.

And Helka rubbed it promiscuously between Jiwoo’s legs like a horned male.




His low moan, expressing his eagerness to feel pleasure, also added to this disconnect.

Helkainis felt euphoric as the pain was relieved whenever his body touched Jiwoo’s body.

He was anxious to push himself into a deeper, wetter place.

“Uht, nngh…”

While Jiwoo was naked, Helka was wearing a thin coat.

However, the area where he rubbed his flesh between Jiwoo’s legs was damp.

The liquid that soaked the front part was Jiwoo’s c*m, and it was also the liquid that leaked from his manhood.


Helkainis now seemed unable to bear the thin cloth that stood between him and the damp entrance he wanted to enter.

He ripped his clothes off with relentless force and pulled out his flesh, which stood taut.

“Uh, ah!”

Forgetting that she was tied by those magic circles, Jiwoo jumped and tried to run away.

Of course, since her limbs were restrained, the feeble rebellion ended with the body shaking in place.

The end of the disharmony that Jiwoo had been feeling with the person called Helkainis was finally revealed.

“Uah! No, that, for real…”

Jiwoo looked at his face and manhood several times in disbelief.

Jiwoo had slept with Lanceil, a child of Elandos.

She mistook them for having pink, sculptural pillars.

Because they were such a beautiful and fragrant race.

But Helkainis’ pillar was different.

It was also large in size, but its shape was comparable to that of a beast.

It didn’t look like a human’s at all, but something from another animal.

The elongated column, no, it was strange to even call it a column in the first place.

In particular, the body part was much thicker than the root or glans.

She didn’t seem to be able to hold it by hand.

And there were blue veins standing around it.

The overall color did more than that.

The color of his flesh looked particularly dark because he had white skin that contrasted with his black hair.

And the terrifying thing began to rub between her most secret place.

“Ah, no…! Huuh…!”

Contrary to the thought of accepting it, the shock given by the appearance of that genital was considerable that she uttered rejection immediately.

As Jiwoo bent her knees and tried to push him, the magic circle that wrapped around her ankles vibrated and moved in the air.

And it spread Jiwoos legs a little more.

She couldn’t move her limbs.

“Ah, aahh…!”

Every time his p*nis rubbed against her cl*toris, she let out a high-pitched moan.

His genitals were drenched with just a few rubs on her wet valley.

The scent of the children of Elandos spread between her legs.

Whatever their body fluids were, the denser they were, the stronger the scent.

The ones from the genitals were especially stronger.

It seemed that this was because it was to seduce others.

But it was surprising to see that seductive scent that seemed to be gathered from all the flowers of the earth emitted from such a terrifying-looking penis.

The dense scent that was no different from when a bottle of perfume was poured out made her dizzy.


Schlick, schlick.

The lewd, wet sound of their genitals rubbing together in a mess sounded awkward to her, but she looked at it blankly, like drunk on a drug.

Was it because of the scent The way he moves his waist, frowning to the limit, looks too beautiful to be a beast’s movement.

The long jet-black hair touched her body every time his body moved.

The sensitively heated body accepted it as a tickling caress.

His genitals, which had been rubbed in such a mess for a long time, stopped moving at some point.

The glans is stuck at the entrance.


Jiwoo looked up at him anxiously.

Even though he hadn’t come in yet, Helkainis looked like he was blinded by pleasure.

“Haa… ugh!”

The clenched flesh began to open, swallowing him in.


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