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Chapter 29: Chapter 29 Lu Yu, First Place, Night Spirit Horse

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Chapter 29 Lu Yu, First Place, Night Spirit Horse

Students from both classes came over, livening up the place.

Lu Yu turned to face Chen Chao and said, “The rules of the exam require me to agree to the first two matches. If I win, I have the option to decline the next match.”

“At the same time, I have the right to choose who I want to fight.”

Chen Chao asked, frowning, “Do you mean youre rejecting my challenge You are a coward!”

Lu Yu took a look behind Chen Chao at the black horse. Lu Yu was able to see the horses characteristics thanks to the Eye of Truth.

[ Night Spirit Horse ]

[ Attack: 40 ]

[ Speed: 700 ]

[ Health: 930 ]

[ Mana: 100 ]

[ Defense: 200 ]

As a mount, its speed and health were pretty good. His future travels would be much easier and more convenient if he could take this horse as his own.


Although there were cars in this world, they were far less valuable than these rare mounts.

Lu Yu thought it would be wonderful if he could get this horse.

“Chen Chao, if you want to fight me, you must place a bet.”

“I get your horse if I win!”

Chen Chao clenched his teeth. This horse was his prized possession. How could he let go so easily

But, on second thought, wouldnt he have an easy time beating this F-level talent Even if he agreed, it appears that there were no actual consequences.

“No problem, but what if you lose”

Lu Yu chuckled, “If I lose, you wont hold back anyway. Right”

“Youre right, I cant wait for you to become a cripple when you lose!” sneered Chen Chao as he looked at the injured Chen Ying.

He turned around and mounted his horse after saying that.

Everyone became excited when they saw that the two of them were about to start fighting.

“Lets go! A duel between the strong! What a treat!”

“We better watch and learn. These are all valuable experiences!”

“I believe Chen Chao is the stronger one. Didnt Lu Yu awaken the weakest talent” A person from Class Three asked, puzzled.

“Are you a moron What do you think happened to Chen Ying”

“What! He really managed to get stronger This guy is sure of something else!”

The crowd formed a circle around them, giving them room to fight.

Sitting on the back of his horse, Chen Chao pulled out a long sword from his waist and pointed it at Lu Yu.

“Youre going to lose for sure!”

Then he yanked hard on the horses reins and charged toward Lu Yu.

The horse trotted, and it appeared before Lu Yu in the blink of an eye.

Chen Chao swung his long sword and slashed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu remained calm throughout. He used his strength to propel himself into the air!

He followed the first jump with a double jump to get closer to Chen Chao.

When Chen Chao saw how agile Lu Yu was in mid-air, he panicked. He retracted his sword quickly and stabbed Lu Yu.

Lu Yu used Grappling, and Chen Chaos weaknesses appeared before him.

Lu Yu then reached out his right claw and grabbed Chen Chaos left arm!

His sharp claws tore through the armor on Chen Chaos arm!

Chen Chao thrust his sword forward again, but Lu Yu used his left claw to block and activate Strong Wall.


Following the sound of metal colliding, sparks flew.

Lu Yu easily blocked Chen Chaos full-power attack.

Everyone was taken aback. They had not anticipated Chen Chaos attack being ineffective against Lu Yu!

Lu Yu quickly activated his Uppercut skill after blocking Chen Chaos attack.

His two claws swiped upwards and sent Chen Chao flying from his saddle.

Chen Chao was completely flustered at the time. He wouldnt be able to move as quickly now that hed been separated from his steed.

Furthermore, he was helpless in mid-air, unable to do anything!

Lu Yu did not give him the opportunity to land!

He used his first Armor Penetration right away, resulting in a 30% armour reduction!

Chen Chao only had 180 defense points. The first Armor Penetration had deducted 54 defense points from his stats!

Lu Yu then used two more Armor Penetration attacks, leaving Chen Chao with only 18 defense points.

Chen Chao felt despair as he looked at his shattered armor.

The defense that he was so proud of had been broken this quickly...

Lu Yus attack speed was incredible. After breaking through Chen Chaos armor three times, he continued attacking with his razor-sharp claws.

Lu Yus attack was 260, while Chen Chaos total health was only 290!

Lu Yus ordinary attack directly gauged several wounds on Chen Chaos body after he had lost his defense, causing blood to spurt out instantly!

Chen Chaos health quickly deteriorated, and his life was hanging by a thread.

He crashed onto the ground and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Lu Yus short combo instantly crippled Chen Chao!

This brief exchange determined the outcome, and Lu Yus crushing victory stunned everyone.

Chen Chao, lying on the ground covered in blood, no longer had the arrogance and haughtiness from before.

Su Qing, who was standing to the side, widened her eyes and stared at Lu Yu, perplexed.

Chen Chao, like her, possessed A-level talent!

She had originally thought that someone with an A-level talent would be the strongest in their school.

But it was clear that Lu Yu had defeated someone with A-level talent with his F-level talent. This was a little surreal for her.

Lu Yu was shrouded in mystery in her eyes.

At that moment, Lu Yu approached Chen Chao and said, “With you losing the fight, Ill accept this fine horse of yours.”

Chen Chao was too weak to say anything else and could only obediently nod his head.

Lu Yu approached the Night Spirit Horse and extended his hand to stroke it.

[ Congratulations on obtaining Night Spirit Horse ]

[ Night Spirit Horses Skill: Charge, Enemy Tracking ]

[ Charge: Perform a short sprint, a dash skill ]

[ Enemy Tracking: Can track a targeted enemy ]

Lu Yu nodded his head in satisfaction. The effects of these two skills were not bad.

The people around Lu Yu were staring at him. They were taken aback and envious.

They did not expect Lu Yu to win, and even less so that he would obtain this horse.

At that moment, Wan Guliu walked out of the array.

“Students, the first stage of the college entrance exam is over!”

“The points you earn from battles are recorded as a result of the arrays effect.”

“Those who defeat those with high talent will gain more points.”

“Next, I will announce the ranking of points!”

Wan Guliu then began reading the top 50 rankings, beginning with number 50.

Everyone paid close attention as Wan Guliu read out the names. They were hoping that their name would be among those on the list.

“Please have my name on it...”

“To get on this list, you can basically pick any university you want!”

“Didnt he say that lower ranks would get more points if they beat a higher rank Wouldnt it be Lu Yu...”

“Damn, thats right! Lu Yus points must be crazy high!”

“I never dreamed that Lu Yu would be this years dark horse.”

Even the homeroom teacher was still in a daze.

Soon, Wan Guliu began to announce the top three.

“Third place, ...”

“Second place, ...”

“First place, Lu Yu!”


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