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Chapter 30: Chapter 30 Renowned Universities, Attracting Him

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Chapter 30 Renowned Universities, Attracting Him

When Wan Guliu announced that Lu Yu had gotten first place, the entire room fell silent.

They thought they had heard the results incorrectly, but after recalling Lu Yus performance, they realized they shouldnt have been surprised.

All the students in Class Two started to cheer collectively.

“Lu Yu is awesome!”

“Lu Yu is the pride of us F-level talent!”

“Awesome, hes number one in the entire state. Lu Yu created a miracle!”

One after the other, the group of people exclaimed happily!

The students in the other classes noticed this and were filled with mixed emotions. The fact that the top student in the entire state was from someone elses class did not make them feel good.

“We will now begin the halftime break to prepare for the second stage of the exam!” Wan Guliu said after announcing the rankings.

After he finished speaking, the array mages stopped their array formations and began resting.

While waiting for the second stage of the examination, the students returned to their respective classrooms to rest.

Lu Yu also returned to his class and began to rest.


Many people approached Lu Yu on the way back and inquired about his strength improvement.

“Lu Yu, tell us, how did you get so strong”

“Thats right, I cant believe an F-level talent can actually improve so quickly. Do you have any tricks for us”

“I understand that Lu Yu comes from a low-income family, so he shouldnt be able to afford good equipment and potions. He is truly extraordinary to have improved his strength so quickly under such difficult circumstances.”

“Im only a C-level, yet my strength is inferior to an F-level. This is sure a weird world we are in.”

Lu Yu did not answer their question. Instead, he replied casually, “If you work hard by entering more dungeons and accepting more quests, you can quickly increase your strength.”

He sat back down in his seat as he said this.

The people around him were speechless when they heard this. They would have entered dungeons if they had the guts to do so.

“Sigh, looks like were still being timid. If we took the risk and entered dungeons, we might be able to increase our strength by quite a bit...”

Everyone sighed and began to rest quietly, preparing for their next exam.

At that moment, someone realized that the homeroom teacher had not returned.

“Where did the teacher go”

“I dont know, maybe hes busy...”

However, just as they finished speculating, the homeroom teacher walked in hurriedly.

“Lu Yu, come with me.”

He waved at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu didnt ask any questions. He got up and followed the teacher out.

“Teacher, where are you taking me”

“Waiting area of the VIP room. Someone is waiting for you!”

The homeroom teacher strode quickly.

Soon, they arrived at a luxuriously decorated VIP room.

There were a total of four middle-aged men and women sitting in the room. They all seemed like scholars.

When the four saw Lu Yu enter, they all stood up and walked toward Lu Yu.

“Hes Lu Yu, right” One of them asked.

The homeroom teacher nodded repeatedly. “Thats right, so enjoy your chat with him.”

He turned and sat on the sofa in the corner as he said this.

Lu Yu looked at the middle-aged man and asked, “Youre looking for me”

The man pushed his glasses up and smiled sheepishly as he asked, “Lu Yu, do you know anything about the five renowned universities in the country”

Lu Yu nodded slightly. “Of course I do. Does it have anything to do with you guys”

“Of course, were the admissions officers for those universities.”

“If youre all from those five prestigious universities, why are there only four people here” Lu Yu inquired.

That person gave an awkward smile. “Clanorth University is the countrys number one university. They do not, according to tradition, arrange for admissions officers to travel to other states and cities to recruit students.”

“Hello, my name is Yan Cheng. I work as an admissions officer at the countrys second-ranked university.”

“Have you made up your mind about which university you want to attend, student Lu Yu”

Lu Yu shrugged. “I havent finished my exams yet. Isnt it too early to ask this now At least wait until I finish my exams in the second half before asking”

“Not early, not at all. Just scoring first place in the first half alone is enough for us to make an exception for you!”

The other officers followed suit.

“Thats correct. Your score is significantly higher than that of second place. Were willing to make an exception for you.”

“Join our university. Youll be treated very well in all aspects!”

Yan Cheng became ecstatic right away. “Come to our university, student Lu Yu.” Well give you 500,000 dollars right away to cover your daily expenses as you prepare for our admissions day. What do you think”

“That money is nothing. Student Lu Yu, come to our university and I will waive all of your school fees. Be it accommodation, meals, or necessities for cultivation, everything will be free!”

“Thats so low. How can you recruit new students like this Thats so embarrassing!”

“Come to our school and we will give you two skill stone tablets. After that, we will provide you with any other equipment you need to ensure that you will quickly improve your strength!”

“Come to our Southern Awakeners University. Well offer all the same things they offer ! We will spare no expense in nurturing you!”

Lu Yu turned his gaze to the people arguing in front of him. He stroked his chin and went into deep thought, looking around at the people eagerly offering him freebies. These things, however, were unnecessary for Lu Yu.

Lu Yu could clear dungeons and complete quests to obtain skill tablets, equipment, or money.

Why would he need to take those from them

That would be ridiculous if it were just to save him some time. Going to university was more than just for the resources.

At that time, one of the admission officers said confidently, “Student Lu Yu, come to our Holy Light Awakeners University. Well also give you everything they offer!”

“Apart from that, well also give you a spirit animal. What do you think of that”

After hearing that, Lu Yu became intrigued. Spirit animals were extremely rare.

Yan Cheng was unhappy when he heard this. “Good fellow, do you always need to hog all the talents just because you have more resources in your academy”

That person was also disgruntled. “Didnt you also nab our talents just like this in the beginning You all were even worse than us, taking our talents away with just a little money!”

“You really are a piece of work. Is your teaching environment even better than ours”

“Heh, our university has the best location and the richest resources around. Lu Yu coming to our university is the best choice!”

The few people in charge of the universitys admissions began arguing immediately, creating a lively scene.

When the homeroom teacher noticed this, he rushed over.

“Lu Yu, hurry up and make your decision. Just say which school you want to attend!”

The few people in charge calmed down and looked at Lu Yu in unison.

“I thank all of you who have travelled all the way here and offered me so many tempting conditions,” Lu Yu said calmly.

“Thank you for your good intentions, but I want to try to enter Clanorth University, the first ranked university!”

Everyone fell silent after these words were spoken.

Lu Yu had deliberated for some time before settling on this goal.

Why shouldnt he try to get into the best school in the country, given his talent and strength

The other admissions officers were all flustered and quickly tried to dissuade him.

“Do you want to reconsider”

“Clanorth University didnt even send anyone to personally invite you. Theres no sincerity from them.”

“Thats right, thats right...”

Regardless of what they said, Lu Yu had already made up his mind.


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