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Chapter 15

Translated by EunEun

Edited by Slowday


[Master, with this, I write to you an auspicious letter.


Are you doing well


Things are the same here, but I’d like to deliver you some good news….]



Reading the letter, he felt as if he had seen the honorific title somewhere else.

The letter was full of high-expression phrases, yet unexpectedly written in round handwriting.


He could grasp the grainy textured, suppressed writing trace on the back of the paper.




The corner of the Duke’s mouth rose slightly.


The embossed-like writing trace under his finger was made by the pen pressure during the writing process.

It made him imagine the person who had sent and written it.


While the Duke was intently reading every single word of the letter, the officer responsible for supplies was busy answering the soldiers’ inquiries.


“This is the right cart of this time’s army supplies.”


“But isn’t this a poisonous herb No matter how hungry we are, how could we eat a poisonous herb that only gives us a stomachache”


“There is a way to neutralize the poison.

If we follow the consumption-filtering method with the instructions here…”


“It’s as simple as that”


People who couldn’t hide the anxiety on their faces whispered among themselves.


“Do you really think the detoxification effect from the stem would work properly”


“What if the method goes wrong Of course, I’d probably die by the enemy’s sword.

But I don’t want to die from a nasty diarrhea disease….”


“Ack, saying diarrhea as the cause of death!”


“You really said the death wo—”


“Now, be quiet! Be quiet!”


The supply officer yelled out.


“This is a great discovery our Young Lady of Aslan has told us! Everyone calm down—”


The supply officer continually spread the Tuberosum eating method to calm down the commotion, but the tension was not easily cooled off.


“The Young Lady of Aslan… I have never seen her though….”


“You don’t know Well, she’s been in the capital since she was a child because of her weak constitution.

I think she’s eight years old now”


“What Eight years old Can we even trust a child’s words”


The whispers grew louder.


Near the carts, the soldiers’ buzz apparently wasn’t going to stop.






The whispering soldiers promptly made way for him.

The new recruits had yet to adapt to the intense pressure of the lion shapeshifter he naturally gave off, so they instinctively trembled even from a distance away.




Passing the scattered soldiers and arriving in front of the cart, the Duke reached out and grabbed a Tuberosum.


‘This is what my baby sent me.’


For a moment, the Duke’s gaze was directed to the direction of the Duke castle in the distance.


In the next moment.




People were surprised and had their mouths opened wide.


It was because the Duke put the Tuberosum in his mouth without any hesitation.


Just like that, the consumption method they previously doubted.

The soldiers were moved when the mighty Duke took the initiative and set an example in front of everyone.


‘Just to get rid of our anxiety…!’


They didn’t simply bow down to the Duke because of his overwhelming energy.

As the Lord truly cared for the soldiers, they were apt to offer their firm loyalty.


The soldiers who had been reluctant in the end reached the cart loaded with Tuberosum and took the spud without hesitation.


The Duke’s subordinates were watching the scene from a short distance away and spoke.


“As expected…! He calmed down so many soldiers in an instant.”


“Indeed our Lord!”


One of his subordinates, who looked at the Duke in admiration and a proud face, suddenly threw a new topic.


“But why out of all places, the fire flared up in the warehouse Did it come from another side”


“I don’t know….”


Most of the people who had no idea about the cause of the event tilted their heads.


‘There’s no clear evidence, but considering the treatment the Lord received from the upper place, perhaps…’


The minority had vaguely guessed the perpetrator, but they remained silent since the identity could not be brought out hastily.


“Anyway, I don’t know who did it, but it’s really distressing.”


“We’re already running out of food, and since the warehouse burned down, if we can’t get any support…”


“It would become a huge crisis.”


“Then we have to helplessly retreat.”


Everyone was horrified by the affirmation.




“Even by just imagining it, it’s already horrendous.”



We just need to push a little bit more, but if we’re retreating because we don’t have enough food…”


“Why are you thinking so extremely Retreat Our army is an undefeated and victorious one!”


“That’s right.

We are led by the Golden Lion Duke, so our army won’t be like that!”


“Long live the valor of the Lion!”


“Long live!”


Clank! Clank!


The members of the Golden Lion Knights, who soon fired up, gathered their swords in unison.


They had different personalities, but thanks to the optimistic people, the previous solemn atmosphere was shattered.




At that time, the youngest knight among the Knights shuddered and said.


“Whatever, I don’t want to experience things like this again.”


Hunger was a memory he didn’t want to repeat, not even once.


At the crisis of running out of troops, the Aslan Army, not only the soldiers but also its commander-in-chief, had joined forces to share the crisis.


In other words. 


‘One day, one meal.

That can’t happen again!’


Reduction of Meals Batch.


The past week had been a difficult time for knights who relied on their physical strength.



The “one meal a day” was very painful for the big-sized knights, as the basic amount of metabolism required to gain such physique was enormous already.


“It’s a strategy I don’t want to think about, but thankfully it was solved.”




The knights sighed in relief and opened their mouths with a bright expression.


“It’s all thanks to our Young Miss who was able to come up with this plan, right”


“Ah! Do you mean the eight-year-old Young Miss who came back because she rebelled and ran away”


“Discovering this kind of thing when she is only eight…”


Isn’t this what you call a genius


The knights looked mesmerized, and each of them chattered noisily.


“Maybe she could become an amazing scholar in the future.”


“It’s a rare talent in the North!”



After all, the North is stuffed with brawny guys whose body, even the brain, was also made of muscle.”


“Woah, you’re talking like you’re not.”


When they saw the knights starting to bicker, the aides opened their mouths one by one.


“Anyway, it is undoubtedly a great discovery.

Achieving this incredible result at such a young age….”


“A genius Young Miss… Really, what kind of person is she”


‘Maybe she’ll bring a new breeze to our North in the future….’


And like that, the subordinates repeatedly talked in admiration.


A favorable curiosity about ‘Our Young Miss’ sprang up in their minds from this point on.






Inside the largest barracks in the camp.


The Duke sat at his desk reading the letter again silently.


He repeatedly went back to the only content on a page.



[…Therefore, it is concluded that there is no harm to the body if the food is consumed according to the instructions attached.


I hope this letter will help Your Excellency, who is in charge of defending the Kingdom.


Please take care of yourself.


With respect, as huge as Aslan’s tremendous achievements and as high as the Northern range mountain peak.]



Especially in the last part, his gaze stayed there the longest.


[From Beatty]



The name that was written in round handwriting.






That last part.




The Duke’s thick fingers brushed over it as he caressed the word.






Turning back time a bit.


Just as the time where the letter in the Duke’s hand was written.


“It said ‘try to compare respect with anything that looks big and high’”


Beatty peered at the books brought by the butler, Johanna.



[How to Write a Historical and Traditional Letter]


[Noble Letter, This Is All You Need to Know!]


[A Collection of Magical Phrases that Keep Enemies from Being Humiliated, Even When They Have to Send Surrender Letters.]





Those books were written to be easily comprehended, yet she was browsing through the thickest books on the side.


‘High things… the Northern range mountain peak is the highest, right’





‘Great achievements Because it’s a good thing, I’ll use and attach it next to the family name….’





She worked hard to find the most difficult words to understand and looked decent.


Thanks to it, the letter became increasingly respectful, well-mannered, antique, and esoteric.


“… With respect … From, Beatty.

All done!”


Beatty worked hard to complete a letter she thought adults would like, finally reached the end of the letters, and raised her arms.


“You’ve worked hard, Young Miss.”


Wondering whether it was difficult to stay still, Johanna looked at Beatty who was twisting her small arms, and collected the letters on a tray.


As she glanced out at the setting sun, Beatty spoke.


“You said the others went out to forage, right”



Earlier, I roughly defined the division in charge.”


Somehow, feeling something gently rising up inside, Beatty bit her lips.


‘After accepting the solution I suggested… so many people followed my plan…’


Her heart pounded at the first achievement she made.


“Me too!”




“I’ll go and help!”


The excited Beatty firmly clenched her fists and tried to leave.



“Where are you going.”




She was stopped by her older brother, who blocked her forehead with only one finger.




Feeling it was unfair, Beatty looked up at him and at her gaze, the boy smirked and said.


“Now is the time for Tiny Kid to sleep.”


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