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Song Jinxi: “Then, I will pretend that I am the last spirit before the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

After all, he saved me in his ‘previous life’, and I have only come to repay the kindness in this life.

I had already become a spirit in my previous life and I will become an immortal after I’ve repaid the kindness in this life.

System: “That’s enough, don’t indulge yourself in wild fantasy anymore.

You just help him block the knife first, and then come out after you are done to see his blackening degree.

Then we can think of a way.

If it really doesn’t work, let’s just give you to him and see if we can stop his blackening.

This is the last thing I will do for this world.”

Song Jinxi: “Hmm…” Give her to him

“If I still can’t stop his blackening, I can only let the world be destroyed.” The system said.

“Will the destruction of a world have any effect on you” Song Jinxi was a little curious.

System: “There is a little impact, but the impact is not large, I can bear it.”

After confirming that Shen Liuchen was fine, Song Jinxi followed the system back to the place where she was smashed to death.

Taking advantage of everyone’s inattention, quietly takes back the fake corpse and cleans up the white cloth covering the corpse and the blood around it.

When listening to the people in the surrounding of the residential building discuss this issue, the content of their discussion has changed.

They were still saying in their last sentence, “The girl who was smashed to death, I wondered whose family she belonged to.

She is really so unfortunate.

How could she just go there and happened to be smashed to death by him”

And it becomes: “I wondered what happened for a good child to jump off the building.

Fortunately, nothing happened.”

“Nothing even happened to him after he jumped down from the fifth floor.

It shows that this child is a blessed one.

If he survives the catastrophe, he will be blessed.

And I heard that he is very smart and has always been the first in Jinjiting High School.

I also heard my child talk about him.”

“Is he that smart Well, we don’t live in the same building.

We go out early and go back late from work every day, so we don’t see him very much at ordinary times.

We only see him once in a while downstairs.

Because he is handsome, we have a little impression of him.

“I am really curious about what happened to him.

Did something happen in his family for him to suddenly jump off the building”

“That’s right.

After he jumped off the building, although he is fine, his family didn’t seem to show up.

His mother runs around all day with heavy makeup, and his father was not here.

Do you think it’s… “

How did they diverge their thinking next, Song Jinxi did not listen to them any more, but was sent back to the real world by the system.

In fact, she can’t explain what’s going on with herself too.

She doesn’t know whether it was her soul that was out of the body or her consciousness that was out of the body.

Before each crossing, the system will let her lie on the bed and close her eyes.

When she opens her eyes again, she has already entered the novel world.

But the feeling of coming back this time is different from that of the last time.

The last time she came back from the task, it was like she was waking up after a night of sleep, without any discomfort on her body.

This time, she feels as if her body was a little weak, and she can’t even exert any strength when she wakes up.

She picked up the phone, clicked on a dark square app in the phone and put on the earphones.

This is one of the ways she communicates with the system in the real world.

In the real world, the system is stored on various networks.

As long as she can connect to the Internet, she can contact the system and make a voice chat with the system.

“System, why do I seem a little tired this time, and I feel so soft and weak, without any strength on my body”


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