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“Then may I ask——Has you guys, the system been trained before you start”

“Did you pass the training exam”

“Do you really have a system license”

Song Jinxi sat in front of the computer desk, opened the book ‘The Domineering President’s Hundred Billion Little Wive’, and sent out three polite questions to the system.

At present, the novel has been locked by the system, even the original author can’t see the content of the novel, and only she can read it at present.

In the previous two missions, after she finished the mission and took a break, she went in immediately again afterwards.

So, she didn’t have time to read the change of plot yet.

Looking closely now, she found that all the plots have been tampered with.

Even the heroine’s description seems to become abnormal.

There is quite a suspicion that the writing collapsed.

She took her hand off the mouse, closed her eyes and stopped looking at the web page.

Covering her head, her whole person fell back and leaned on the gaming chair.

“If so, what can I do too” The system voice was full of innocence.

“According to the development of the previous plot, he was indeed retaliated by Zhang Defa at this time.

Who knows that when you die, he has become more abnormal.

It was not enough to only torture Zhang Meigui.

He even wanted to take revenge on Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie together…” It did not expect the plot to be completely reversed.

“Then, can’t you first take a look at the development of the plot before you let me in Choose the right time again for me to enter ” Song Jinxi asked.

“You know it yourself that once I went in——” Song Jinxi sat up excitedly, “and found that it was not Zhang Defa who was holding the knife to kill the male god, but instead, it was the male god who was sliding the knife on Zhang Defa’s body.

How awkward was it for me at that time”

The system was silent.

“Do you know how awkward I was at that time” Song Jinxi asked again.

“I don’t know how awkward you were at that time,” The system said.

“I only know that at the moment when I say ‘wait a minute’, everything is already too late.”

Song Jinxi: “…Have you ever heard of a sentence”

“What sentence” The system asked.

Song Jinxi: “Not afraid of opponents like gods, but afraid of teammates like pigs.

Yours, understand “

System: “…Just give up.

Don’t go in anymore.

It’s better to just let him die.”

“No, no, no.

Wait a minute!” Song Jinxi repeatedly disapproved of it and changed her words, “I was wrong.

I’m sorry.

It’s my fault.

I won’t criticize you anymore.

So now, let’s discuss how we should save him”

System: “This is your business.

I have already decided to give up on him.

If you want to try again, I can give you another chance to cross inside.

It’s up to you how to do it.

I won’t give you any advice.”

Song Jinxi sighed, “Because there’s nothing you can do too.”

The system is silent.

Song Jinxi thought for a moment, and then said: “I think the script of ‘The President’s Substitute Little Wife’ is quite good.

I am going to replace the former me and become his new white moonlight, and influence him with love!”

The system hesitated a little: “From the perspective of his current personality, I can no longer detect what his heart felt, but through his many behaviors, I can judge that he is very abnormal now.

His outer appearance looks brilliant, very good-looking, and his personality is just a little bit cold and ruthless.

He’s just not interested in anything.”

Song Jinxi: “…That’s how he was in the original book.”

On the computer screen, the system used some unknown method to simulate a cartoon hand, shook it towards song Jinxi, and continued: “But in fact, he sleeps lightly, is irascible, has a dark heart, and has intermittent irritability and paranoia, a high degree of cleanliness, cruel hearted, cold-blooded, ruthless, and leave no room for things…”

Song Jinxi: “…”

“Later, he even invested in the kind of mad scientists.

Under his command, two contemporary genius abnormal scientists studied biochemical weapons for him.

He wanted all mankind to go to hell with him and turn the whole earth into a zombie world.

Can you understand this”


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