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There is really no need to maintain this family affection.

She has no nostalgia at all.

After buying several green vegetables and returning home, Song Jinxi cooked the noodles while she used the system as a trash can to make it listen to her many complaints.

“I have no family anymore, no one I like, and no close friends…”

“I’ve lived too long on my own.”

“From graduation to the present, I have lived every day for the sake of living only.

There is no expectation from anyone, no pressure from life, and no aging parents waiting for me to earn money to support them and make them happy.

The only grandmother who loves me has already died a long time ago.”

“There’s no one who can move my heart and make me want to start a family with him, have children for him… Now, I’m making money and spending money every day, eating, sleeping, working… These monotonous lives have nothing worth remembering.”

“I’m too lonely by myself.”

After she finished speaking, she sighed deeply.

“Those dead straight men have a clear purpose for finding me every day, either for me to check for bugs, or to ask me questions about the framework.

Nine out of ten sentences they say to me every day are: ‘Jinxi, this program can’t run and I can’t find the problem.

Can you help me have a look at it’, or just ‘Worker Song, how to extract this piece of data’ there is also ‘Our two pages have similar functional requirements.

Please let me copy your code’… And so on.”

“Every day is just coding and coding.

We went out for lunch and they talked about coding.

Once in a while, we go out to a group outing but what they talked about was also how to solve the bug.

When we were on the group outing and went to the supermarket to buy things and checked out, the first thing they paid attention to was that the purchasing system of the supermarket was too backward.

Shouldn’t it be updated…”

The more she talked, the more excited she got, and on her forehead, there were almost three black question marks appearing there in a straight line.

“This kind of dead straight man, it’s impossible for them to find a girlfriend in their lives anymore.”

“And each and every one of them are all technical nerds, and their souls are extremely boring.

After knowing that I have strong technical ability, everyone will only regard me as a big brother.

They don’t know that in fact, I also have a pink girlish heart…”

“All the things I buy now are pink in color, which is the least liked color in my adolescence.

At that time, I wanted to roll my eyes when I saw pink, and I thought pink was too naive.

But now, seeing pink, I just can’t help but want to buy… “

“In fact, I am also a… cute little girl…”

“There is no one that wants to date me at all.

My heart is almost turning barren and moldy.

In fact, I really want to be coquettish with the person I like.

I want to be kissed, hugged and be held high…”

“I’m already twenty-five years old but still haven’t broken it.

If the female virginity membrane has annual rings like a tree trunk, I already have twenty-five circles now.”

“Life is really so lonely like the snow…”

“… only the male god, he likes me.”

“He is also so outstanding and so good to me…”

“I also want to have vigorous love.”

The system inadvertently faced the complaints of the coding girl and the old maiden.

Although it doesn’t know much about human feelings, it still detects the melancholy smell that comes from Song Jinxi’s body.

“Forget it.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Let’s just go in after I finish eating the noodles.”

The system then says.

“Go to your male god’s side and tell him that.

Let him cherish you.”

The author has something to say:

In fact, what I want to portray most in this chapter is Xixi’s mentality that she has no nostalgia of the real world at all.

If the description of her parents is just a sentence, I can’t write the feeling about how hard it was for her to calm herself down.

It is clear that she once enjoyed the love of her parents, but now she has become like this.

Because of the lack of warmth at home, she will very paranoidly love the person who also loves her, and is desperate for him.


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