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“Wait, wait, wait a minute…” Song Jinxi was surprised and couldn’t believe her ears.

She pulled out her ears, “What did you say Can you say it again “

“Shen Liuchen’s current badness is not purely bad for a person or a certain group only, but he wants to pull the whole world into the water.

It’s not simply world-weariness, but has been put into action.” The system said.

System: “The previous three crossings, the time you appeared was in the ’past’, which changed his life trajectory before he became an adult.

However, after his two consecutive blackenings, he is now completely out of my control, and I can no longer cast you into the ‘past’ anymore.

I can only let you appear in the present time of the plot.

Song Jinxi blinked her eyes and truthfully replied, “I don’t quite understand.”

As if to explain the situation clearly, while the system was talking, a black box popped up on the computer screen, and what the system had said appeared word by word in the box.

“Take the timeline of his growth as a reference.

Now he is 27 years old, which is the ‘present time’ in the novel world.

Before you go in and change the plot, I can control him a little bit, put you in his past and let you change the plot.

However, after you helped avoided the disaster for him three times, his blackening become more serious, completely out of my control ¥%&#……##¥%2¥……¥¥Y& %$^@$!#$!——”

Halfway through, the sound stopped abruptly.

Song Jinxi watched a long period of garbled characters appear on the screen.

She thought that this garbage system was probably stunned by its own explanation too.

Song Jinxi was slandering in her heart, but she still continued to listen carefully to its explanation.

The cursor flickered in place for a while, and the system seemed to finally find the wording.

The system said: “Now, if you still want to go in again, you can no longer appear in the ‘past’ anymore.

You can only go through it according to the ‘present’ timeline, cross into the year when he is already 27 years old.”

Song Jinxi frowned and thought for a long time, “What you mean is that the previous three times changed his past, but it accidentally made him blackened more seriously.

So that now I can no longer go back to the past and can only cross inside according to the progress of the present novel Now, in the novel, it is written that he is 27 years old, and it is the time he began to deal with the male lead and female lead.

I can only cross into this period of time”

System: “It can be said so.” Song Jinxi seems to be able to hear a trace of relief in its cold and heartless tone.

“He is 27 years old now.” The system said, “When you die in front of him for the third time, he held the idea that you might come back again.

He doesn’t immediately show anti-human tendencies, but he suppresses all kinds of negative emotions by himself.

He has been waiting for you in the novel world for nearly ten years, but you never appear again.”

Song Jinxi’s breath stagnated.

How miserable was it to wait for someone with such a faint hope for nearly ten years

She has had this experience before.

When her parents just divorced, she lived in her grandmother’s house, and she used to be whimsical.

The most common thing she does every day is to hold the rag doll her mother bought for her, look out of the window, expecting that her parents will come back suddenly, and tell her that they will not divorce.

That they will continue to raise and take care of her.

Knowing that the probability is almost zero, but still can’t help it, can’t help but look forward to…

It was just that she had been looking forward to it for three years, and it was not until the end of her college entrance examination that she fully understood that they would not come back.

They each have their own homes, and for them, she… is completely unimportant to them anymore.

Then she thought about Shen Liuchen again.

His waiting is not the same as hers.

She is only looking forward to the reunion of her parents, but what he is looking forward to is the resurrection of a person…

One is separation in life, and the other separated by death.

It turned out that he was looking forward to it just like that, waiting for her, and this wait lasted for ten years.


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