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After a long time, she detected that her brain waves gradually fell into a steady state, and the system’s cold voice sounded from the computer speaker.

“Do you still want to try” The system asked.

Song Jinxi had calmed down.

She took a deep breath and said calmly: “Of course I must try again.

I can’t just watch him die without doing anything.”

She got up and walked to the refrigerator, took out a popsicle, tore it open and took a bite.

She felt the sensation of the ice slowly melting in her mouth, and calmed herself down completely.

“If I didn’t enter the novel world in the first place, and he was just a paper person in the two dimensional world for me, then I might not have such a deep feeling for him.

But after entering the novel world, I have a deeper understanding of him.

I think the original author is simply sick when such a good person is tortured by those garbage plots.”

Song Jinxi expressed her contempt for the original author once again.

She paused for a moment and said from the bottom of her heart, “I can’t see him in despair by himself.

I want to be with him.”

“There is a dimensional wall between the two of you.” The system’s voice sounded a little cold.

Song Jinxi smiled indifferently, “So what If I can, I even hope to spend my life with him in the novel world.”

“You don’t want everything in the real world anymore” The system asked back.

“In the real world, I have nothing too, right” Song Jinxi smiled coldly, with a hint of irony at the corners of her mouth.

“But one thing you need to know is that the longer your consciousness stays in the novel world, the more likely you will be a vegetative when you come back.

This is the risk you have to take after you cross in this time.

Are you still willing to go”

Song Jinxi wiped her face.

“I have to try again.

This time even if I stay inside forever and die in it, I will accompany him.” She took out the spirit of breaking the boat.

“One more thing,” The system said, “The risk of going in this time is much greater than your previous three times, because we are still not sure if what Shen Liuchen said before you died last time was serious…If it was Shen Liuchen who killed you this time, I will not be able to bring you back.

At that time, you, no matter the one in the novel world or the one in the real world, will directly die and cannot be resurrected again.

Song Jinxi: “…I’m not afraid.”

System: “You really are not afraid of death.”

“After all, there is nothing worth worrying about in this world anymore.

Instead of living a life indifferently, it is better to go in and have a vigorous love with the male god.” She said, pausing for a moment, “Even if my luck is bad and dies in his hand, at that time, if you can save me, then save me.

If you can’t save me, then I will just wait for the next life.”

“I hope that in my next life, I won’t meet such awful parents again.

Even if the family is a little poorer, I only hope that our family can be together well.

Instead of starting to mess around outside once they have money, and giving birth to a daughter then putting her aside, just looking after themselves…”

Halfway through her talk, she stopped complaining.

Suddenly, she remembered that when she went through the resignation procedure at her last company last week, her parents called her, as if they both had discussed it in advance, and asked her to visit them if she had nothing to do.

It’s just that she was busy going through the resignation procedures and going to the new company to discuss remuneration.

She just casually said that she would drop by in a few days.

“Since you have decided… Then, I will send you in now” The system asked.

Song Jinxi: “No…”

System: “Regretted it so soon already”

“No,” she shook her head.

“I’m going to see them.

My parents, and a company that I had negotiated with before.

I have to tell the manager that I can’t go there anymore.

It will take a day to get the last things done.”

System: “Are you really prepared to not come back anymore”


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