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Song Jinxi smiled, “Always prepare for the worst.”

In fact, if it wasn’t for special things or for being forced by the two of them, she wouldn’t want to go to their home.

Every time she went to their present homes and saw their happy family, she stood on one side like an outsider, always out of tune with them.

But having said that, they have each formed a family, and the family is already complete.

There was no place for her, an outsider, between them anymore.

She was originally the unnecessary one.

If it wasn’t for this time that she might not be able to come back after she crossed in, she would not have taken the initiative to find them, but would have waited for them to contact her again.

But… Even if they didn’t take care of her anymore later and left her to emerge or perish alone, after all, they had once raised her.

If she really couldn’t come back this time, she would at least go to say goodbye to them.

As for the company she had negotiated earlier, she could only regretfully call the manager and say that she had something and had to cancel the appointment.

She made a phone call to each of her parents and arranged to go to her mother’s house in the morning and her father’s house in the afternoon, so as to finish all the ‘funeral affairs’ in one day.

Then he called the manager of the new company and apologized.

When she was discussing the salary, the manager probably knew about her family situation, so he asked her with concern whether something happened to her at home.

If she has something to do for the time being, the time for her to go to work can be postponed.

The manager frankly said that he took a fancy to her technical ability and doesn’t want to let her go just like that.

Song Jinxi said that because of personal matters, she may have to leave for at least a week, and several months at the longest, so she can’t give the manager a guarantee.

The manager had no choice but to say that the door of their company was always open for her.

Whenever she wanted to come, she could talk to him again.

After hanging up the phone, Song Jinxi can’t help sighing.

Thanks to her excellent technical ability, she has never worried about finding a job, and her monthly income is considerable, enough for her to lead a good quality of life.

If her personal ability is not strong enough to earn enough money to support herself, she will still be doing whatever errands for her father till now.

Thinking of going to face her parents’ platitudes tomorrow, her head faintly aches.

But in the twinkling of an eye, she thought again.

If this is the last time she sees them, then she will endure it for the last time.

Early the next morning, she packed up and went out.

She has to go to the house of her mother, Su Guihong, in the morning first.

Ten years ago, after her parents divorced, her father Song Lizhao soon married Chen Miaomiao, his mistress who had given birth to Song Jinnan.

Her mother Su Guihong married her junior high school classmate Lin Liankuan six months later.

She heard that Lin Liankuan has always liked her mother.

Her mother is Lin Liankuan’s first love.

Song Jinxi was living at his grandmother’s house at the time.

She didn’t know what happened to her mother.

Anyway, her mother also got married quickly and gave birth to Lin Liankuan’s son, Lin Gewen, three years later.

She has a half-brother who is fourteen years younger than her.

After giving birth to Lin Gewen, Su Guihong has been in poor health and was unable to go out to work.

Their family, including Lin Liankuan’s mother, could only live on the money Lin Liankuan made by driving a taxi every day.

Song Jinxi rarely went to Su Guihong’s house, because Lin Liankuan’s mother was a very bitter and mean person.

The old woman didn’t like her son marrying a woman whom someone didn’t want anymore.

If it wasn’t for Su Guihong who later gave birth to a son for Lin Liankuan, she heard that the old woman wanted to force Lin Liankuan and Su Guihong to divorce.

These are what Su Guihong told Song Jinxi after she became an adult.

Later, Lin Gewen was born, and Su Guihong’s life was better.

It’s only that, under the influence of the old woman, Lin Gewen hated Song Jinxi very much.

Therefore, Song Jinxi was very resistant to going to Su Guihong’s house.


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