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She hesitated and took another step down the stairs.

She stood on the same step with Shen Liuchen and raised her head to look at him.

She was not sure what he meant.

But Shen Liuchen stretched out his hand on the railing of the stair and trapped her between him and the railing.

“In your mind, what does a stand-in mean” He asked.

Song Jinxi: “…”

“If you can’t even have s*x with me, what qualifications do you have to say that you are a good stand-in”

“Have, have, have s*x…” Song Jinxi stammered and felt that her three views[1] seemed to collapse a bit.

After Shen Liuchen finished saying that, he didn’t say anything more and just released his hand and turned away.

Song Jinxi hurriedly followed up and asked: “Can just any stand-in sleep with you”

She can’t believe that the male god is such an unscrupulous person who likes to mess around.

If this were the case, his image in her heart would be greatly reduced.

Shen LIUCHEN avoided her question and said something unclear instead:

“Not everyone looks like her.”

Song Jinxi thought for a while and couldn’t help but say: “Even a stand-in also has feelings.

I like you, so I am willing to be a stand-in.

Now that we are married, can I ask you to be loyal to this marriage in the future …Unless she comes back.”

Shen Liuchen did not speak.

“You say I look like her the most…” She paused.

“Can’t I even mention this kind of small request”

Shen Liuchen finally stopped again and turned to look at her.

“What request” The deep voice gives people a very casual feeling.

It’s as if he doesn’t care about loyalty at all.

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Song Jinxi looked into his eyes: “You can’t go out to find other women and you also can’t fool around with other women.”

Shen Liuchen looked at her and his eyes seemed to have profound meaning, but it’s a pity that Song Jinxi couldn’t understand it.

After a long time, she heard him say: “It depends on your performance.” After finished speaking, he continued downstairs.


What performance

Song Jinxi felt as if she had become a little crooked, but she couldn’t help but think in that direction.

The male god means… if she performs badly, he will mess around outside

This can’t be done!

Absolutely can’t.

She caught up with him again and said: “Every girl wants herself to be the only one for the person she likes.

By finding a stand-in, you have already done the wrong things towards the girl named Song Jinxi.

Now, you still want to mess around with other women.

If she knows, she will definitely not like you anymore.”

Seeing Shen Liuchen’s footsteps paused slightly, she was sure that he still cared about what ‘Song Jinxi’ thought of, and then worked hard in this direction: “It’s good if she doesn’t come back and it won’t matter how you mess around, but… If she comes back one day and knows that you have many women out there, she may not like you anymore.”

Shen Liuchen finally stopped.

“You mean, she doesn’t want me to find a stand-in”

Song Jinxi’s heart thumped.

She felt that this direction was not quite right.

She seemed to have done it too hard, so she hurriedly said again: “Of course it does not mean that you can’t look for a stand-in, it’s just that, don’t look for one so casually.

Don’t mess around outside.

Men should learn to be clean.”

“What about her then”

“She…” Song Jinxi hesitated, not sure if she had guessed what Shen Liuchen meant correctly.

‘She’ means ‘Song Jinxi’, right

She thought for a while and said: “If she likes you too, she should also protect her body like a jade for you, right”

Song Jinxi seemed to hear Shen Liuchen sneer and said, “I hope so.”

The conversation this time ended up a little unhappily.

[1]Three Views: correct outlook on the world, life and values.

Simply, righteousness.


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