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Shen Liuchen looked at her for a while, and when Song Jinxi wanted to compromise and go to rinse her mouth, he suddenly said: “Come here.”

“What” Song Jinxi was puzzled.

After looking at him for a while, seeing that he didn’t mean to repeat it, she got up and walked slowly to him according to her own understanding.

“Wha——” Before she finished the sentence, Shen Liuchen already pulled her into his arms.

She was forced to sit on his lap.

Song Jinxi: “!!!”

Before she had time to react, Shen Liuchen held her chin again, forcing her to raise her head and look at her face carefully.

“This is more like it.” His voice was low, as if he were whispering.

Song Jinxi still wanted to emphasize that she was really having chronic pharyngitis, but she heard him say again: “This is very good.”

She opened her mouth, not knowing what to say, and chose to remain silent in the end.

“My Xixi doesn’t like eating viscera, and you’re not allowed to like it in the future.” He said.

Song Jinxi: “…”

So… So excellent!!

That is great!

She forcibly suppressed her expression, tried not to show any joy and remained calm, but in fact, she had long been happy at the bottom of her heart and wanted to stand up and cheer.

The joyful mood made her recover her previous state, and the nausea brought by the pork liver gradually disappeared.

Originally, she wondered whether Shen Liuchen would often test her and made nauseous with pork liver in the future because he suspected that she was ‘Song Jinxi’.

Now she has completely lost this doubt.

He seems to fully believe that she is just a stand-in now.

… It’s just that, her current posture makes her a little uncomfortable.

Growing up until now, this is the first time she was so intimate with the opposite sex.

She even sat on the lap of the male god!

Shen Liuchen wrapped one of his hands around her waist, held her lower jaw, and gently twisted his thumb around the corner of her mouth.

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The warm touch was fleeting.

Then she saw he just casually put his hand with slender fingers and distinct joints on the edge of the dining table, and saw his thumb that had just touched the corner of her mouth… Song Jinxi’s heart is a little bit disordered.

“Um——” she said.

“Will the smell of pork liver aggravate the chronic pharyngitis” Shen Liuchen asked.

The two spoke at the same time, and she shut her mouth in time.

After listening to Shen Liuchen’s question, she followed his meaning and said: “Yes… the taste of pork liver is a bit heavy.

I had a bad appetite because of chronic pharyngitis.

After smelling the smell of pork liver, I felt even more nauseous.”

“Do you still feel nauseous now” Shen Liuchen asked again.

Song Jinxi nodded hesitantly and then turned to look at the dining table.

She really doesn’t have any appetite to eat right now.

Although the pork liver has been removed, the dishes on the table are still all kinds of viscera, which she can’t eat.

It’s better to use the excuse that she has no appetite anymore so she doesn’t want to eat at all.

It’s just skipping a meal, it won’t starve her to death.

The taste of pork liver is really heavier than other viscera.

She can’t get used to eating pork liver and she can use the nausea as an excuse, but if she doesn’t like other viscera too, she will have too much similarity in preferences with ‘Song Jinxi’.

Regardless of whether the male god will have doubts about it, it is better for her not to be too obvious.

She can only blame herself for talking too much and telling him everything.

After thinking about this, she will have to eat less Japanese food in the future too.

Even if she wants to secretly eat it, she will have to eat it behind his back too.

Otherwise, she will hit the preference of ‘Song Jinxi’ again.

The color in Shen Liuchen’s eyes shifted as he asked in a deep voice: “I have a way to make the nausea disappear.

Do you want to try it” The voice was somewhat different from the usual hoarse and low voice, making her feel that the roots of her ears were a little soft.

“What” Song Jinxi turned her head over and her lips suddenly pressed with a soft object.

Cool and soft.

She widened her eyes and looked at the face of the male god who was close at hand——

She could see his eyelashes, one by one, long and curly.


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