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She was originally Song Jinxi, the real white moonlight in the male god’s heart.

It was just to avoid her origin being investigated and to avoid a series of risks afterwards if the male god found out about her identity, that she had to pretend to be a ‘stand-in’ to approach him.

No matter what the male god thinks, she is Song Jinxi herself.

She really likes him so much that she is willing to marry him and stay in the novel world forever for him.

Then why should she mind about herself and don’t want to be with the male god under the identity of a ‘stand-in’

The male god is already twenty-seven this year and hasn’t started to eat meat yet.

If she doesn’t let herself indulge in the identity of a ‘stand-in’, the thought that she should have first should actually be sorry for him.

She likes him too, and wants him too…

Why must she resist and not let herself enjoy it

What insignificant problem that she had actually drilled on before to make herself so tangled

Now that she is going to play the role of ‘Song Jinxi’, she might as well play the role as her true self and show her side in front of the male god, so that the male god will fall in love with her again.

Being able to be with such a handsome guy, in which it was still both of the two’s first time, shouldn’t this feeling of ending her first time with the male god be very beautiful and very exciting

It is simply something earned.

Moreover, she can also blow the pillow breeze and let the male god give up the idea of destroying the world…

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this line of thought was right.

She even recalled how she felt when she was deep kissed by Shen Liuchen at noon.

Lying on the bed, she touched the corners of her lips and couldn’t help giggling.

She suddenly feel that she was very stupid!

It turned out that she was taking the unnecessary pains to study an insignificant problem, and also pushed the male god away because of it.

Next, she must perform well.

Even if she still ‘can’t get his heart’ now, she must get his body first.

Moreover, it seems that a child is needed to deal with Father Su and Mother Su.

She has to work harder now.

While she was thinking about it, she slowly fell into a deep sleep.


Shen Liuchen didn’t know yet that Song Jinxi had already done her ideological work in just a short ten minutes.

She even planned to actually hook him onto the bed.

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After handling the matter, he returned home.

The aunt said that Song Jinxi was still taking a nap upstairs.

He went upstairs, lightened his steps and slowly walked into the bedroom.

Half of the girl’s face was buried in the quilt and she was sleeping so soundly.

The small face also flushed, and the breathing sound was so soft too.

It looks really cute.

This was what he had been looking forward to for many years, a scene he had only seen in his dreams.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be true today and it made him somewhat afraid to step forward for a while, for fear that the person in front of him would become an illusion only.

He stood in front of the bed for a long time, looking at the time and thinking that the custom-made clothes should be coming soon.

He walked over and sat by the edge of the bed.

His eyes were suddenly attracted by the bedside table which was slightly opened.

He opened the bedside table.

The books and pens in it were placed according to his habit.

It’s just that he had the feeling that there seemed to be something wrong, so he picked up his notebook and looked through it slowly.

Except for some records he had written, the remaining pages were blank and without handwriting on it.

Just when he was about to put the notebook back, he suddenly saw a small piece of torn paper at the end.

He put the book up, and sure enough, he vaguely saw traces of some words on it.

He put down his notebook and his eyes fell on the trash can not far away.

He walked over.

There are very few things in the trash can, almost nothing, because the aunt will clean up all the trash twice a day.

There was a white and clean tissue inside, which was crumpled then spread out and thrown into the trash can.

It looked a little too obvious.

He pinched up that tissue, and sure enough, he saw a ball of white paper under the tissue.

Then he picked up the white paper, opened it and found some small pieces of paper inside.

The pieces of paper were not torn into very tiny pieces, but it was also not an easy task to put them together again.

It took Shen Liuchen nearly five minutes to restore the original appearance of the paper.

Then he saw the words written by Song Jinxi.

After looking at those words for a while, Shen Liuchen seemed to be deep in thought.

She only wrote two routes and didn’t write any further, so he doesn’t know what decision she made in the end.

He carefully put away the paper pieces and went out with the trash can.

Then he put the paper pieces into the cabinet in the study room and locked it.

He asked the aunt to change it with a clean trash bag, and then returned to the room with the trash can.

He began to harass Song Jinxi who was sleeping.


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