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She always has the feeling that she was despised by the male god because of being poor.

Even if it is just going out together, she has to change her clothes.

Although she knew that Shen Liuchen had done nothing wrong, as Mrs.

Shen now, she really had to pay attention to her own image, because she represented his face.

He is a president worth hundreds of billions.

When he takes his wife out, if his wife is too shabby, he will definitely be talked about behind his back.

She sighed and glanced at the clothes on the wall.

When this one glance, she couldn’t move her eyes away anymore.

Hanging clothes on the wall is more perceiveable than holding them in the hand.

When she saw this dress in the magazine before, she was deeply attracted by the color matching of the dress.

The dressis in the style of the A-line group, with a pure white bottom and ink-like patterns all over it.

When the model wears it, it looks like a beauty coming out of a landscape painting.

It is very beautiful.

Even without a blur filter, it looks very immortal.

Her figure is not very plump, but she also has a very good figure.

Her waistline is especially beautiful.

She is often teased by male colleagues in the company that her future husband will be very happy.

Because of her thin waist, it will be easy to arouse men’s desire to protect her.

She just wanted to roll her eyes when she heard it.

Since it can arouse men’s desire to protect her, why do they just want to copy her code every day and don’t want to understand her as a person

It’s just that she happened to be not interested in those stinky men, so she didn’t ask this question and let them say what they wanted.

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Because of her beautiful waistline and her thin body shape, this dress should fit her very well.

She stood up and looked down at the shirt she had loved for two years——

Then sighed again.

Cub, it’s not that mother doesn’t love you anymore, but there are better looking clothes…

Which woman in the world isn’t tired of the old and fascinated by the new Like, loving new clothes

The resentment and loss just now that she felt towards Shen Liuchen disappeared without a trace.

She happily changed into new clothes and looked at it with open hands.

The more she sees it, the more she likes it.

However, looking at such a beautiful little dress on her upper body, then looking at her own bare face that didn’t even have any powder on it again, it made her feel a little embarrassed to go out.

She felt that if she went out with a bare face like this, she would be unworthy of such a beautiful dress.

Just as she hesitated, Shen Liuchen knocked on the door of the dressing room.

“Do you need my help”

Song Jinxi: “… No need!” She said so, then opened the door of the dressing room hesitatingly.

She lowered her head to look towards the floor and dared not let Shen Liuchen see her face.

She just thought about the beauty of this dress and her figure happened to hold it well, but she didn’t know how attractive she was when she put on this dress.

After wearing a full white dress, not only did her milky white and tender skin not appear darker, but it made her whiter instead.

White and tender, so tender that people can’t help but want to come forward and pinch it to see if they can leave pink marks.

Or… Kiss marks

Shen Liuchen’s gaze rested on her slender neck for a while, and a trace of heat flashed under his eyes.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

His gaze went down along the neck and the beautiful collarbone made the man’s eyes deeper and deeper.

The just right-sized chest was obscured by clothing, making him unable to see the more beautiful scenery.

There was an impulse in his heart to come forward and tear her clothes to pieces.

Thinking about it this way, his desire unexpectedly keeps rising.

Fortunately, Song Jinxi lowered her head and couldn’t see the difficult expression on his face.

He turned his eyes to one side of the wall and forced himself to calm down.


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