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He cleared his throat so that his voice would not sound too dull, then he asked in a low voice: “Why do you keep your head down”

Song Jinxi poked the carpet with her toes and said in a low voice: “I don’t put on any makeup… The dress is too beautiful but my face doesn’t match the dress…”

It turned out to be for this reason.

A smile flashed across the bottom of Shen Liuchen’s eyes, and he said: “What should we do then”

Song Jinxi muttered while separating and touching her fingers again and again: “Wearing such a beautiful dress without makeup, one will definitely be laughed at if they just run out like this.”

She stood in front of the dressing room door and Shen Liuchen stepped forward, supporting the dressing room door with one hand and trapping her between him and the door.

The other hand lifted her chin and forced her to raise her head.

Song Jinxi felt embarrassed and casted her eyes down, looking at his bow tie.

He gently squeezed her chin and her head was turned around by him.

After looking at her left face, he switched to her right face.

Then, there was a “Tsk” sound.

“The skin on the face is not as delicate as the skin on the body.

Why is that” The man’s voice was low, but when it reaches Song Jinxi’s ears, it felt a little uncomfortable.

Because what he asked touched her weakness point.

Song Jinxi’s voice was stuffy: “Maybe it’s because I write codes in front of the computer every day, and was exposed to relatively large radiation… In fact, if I just maintain it a little, I should still be able to save it.”

This can only be blamed on her for being young and ignorant at that time.

She thought too simply.

Thinking that being a programmer could make a lot of money and support herself, she forgot to consider her face.

Imagine that she works eight hours a day, writing code on the computer all the time and often working overtime.

Sometimes there was a problem with the program that had been put for sale, and she had to get up from her sleep to fix the bug all night.

Although this situation rarely occurs, every time it happens, it was a major blow to her skin.

Disfiguring one self because of staying up late, this saying is really not a joke.

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Especially under the premise that she faces the computer every day.

Just then, her mobile phone rang suddenly.

The mobile phone was put on the bedside table by her.

Song Jinxi hurriedly pushed him away and walked over.

When she saw it was a call from ‘Boss-Hu Jian’, she suddenly had a bad hunch.

She answered the call hesitatingly.

“Are you finally willing to answer the phone!” Hu Jian’s tone on the other side of the phone was a bit aggressive.

Song Jinxi subconsciously took her mobile phone away from her ear.

However, when her ear was nearly ten centimeters away from the mobile phone, she could still clearly hear Hu Jian’s roar in the mobile phone.

“What time is it now It’s three forty-five in the afternoon, almost four o’clock, Su Xiuxiu! I haven’t seen you in the office since the morning until now.

You didn’t even answer the phone when I called and you didn’t even ask for a leave.

I thought you were kidnapped!”

Song Jinxi: “…”

She really praised the system at that time.

She praised it for doing something real this time and arranged her identity so that there were no loopholes.

But she didn’t expect it to be so rigorous!

She just didn’t go to work for half a day and her immediate boss Hu Jian directly called.

When the person on the opposite side stopped talking, Song Jinxi took her mobile phone to her ear again and apologized: “I am sorry, boss, I have something urgent at home today and I was so busy that I forgot to ask for leave.”

“How important is that urgent thing anyway! Are you so busy that you can’t even make a phone call until now” The male voice on the other side of the phone continued to roar.

Song Jinxi was not ready this time and she was blasted again by the sudden explosive volume.

She pulled away the mobile phone to the side, stretched out her hand and rubbed her poor ear.

After Hu Jian finished his roar, she put the mobile phone back to her ear again.

She repeatedly apologized: “It is a very important thing.

I was so busy all morning, running up and down——”


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