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Of course, major events in life are particularly important.

For a whole morning, she went home to settle her cheap[1] parents, finally got the household registry and hurried to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage certificate.

She was really busy.

“Are you so busy that you don’t have time to answer the phone Even if you are busy, it’s only in the morning.

I kept waiting until afternoon and there’s still no news from you, so that’s why I called you again now.

Just look at it yourself, how many times have I called you since 2:30 in the afternoon until now” Hu Jian’s voice is still a little loud, but at least it won’t disturb her ear that much anymore.

Song Jinxi rubbed her temples and said: “I accidentally muted my mobile phone…”

Before she could finish her words, Shen Liuchen suddenly snatched her mobile phone from her hand.

“Hello.” The man’s voice was low.

Song Jinxi obviously heard the voice on the other side of the phone was silent for a long time.


“Su Xiuxiu! What you’re talking about is being busy with a man! The important thing in your life won’t be going on a blind date, right”

“It’s not that the company forbids you going to a blind date, but can’t you ask for a leave first if you want to go to a blind date Can I still hold you back for not allowing you to go”

“Without saying even a word, you just directly absent from work.

You don’t want this job anymore, do you”

With three questions in a row, Song Jinxi couldn’t help but think of her former immediate boss in real life.

He is a man in his thirties.

He looked like he was smiling every day but in fact, his heart was very dark.

One must not play even the tiniest scheme in front of him and still have to prevent the sneak attack from him from time to time.

There was a time when her physical and mental state was not very good due to family reasons, and there was also a problem with the construction of an important bottom framework she was responsible for.

The smiling tiger boss once talked to her and there’s a meaning in his words that he wanted to lower her salary through this mistake.

Full of the disgusting face of the exploiting class.

Usually, she is always conscientious in her work.

In fact, she rarely makes mistakes.

That time, she made a mistake because of her personal mental condition.

She also blamed herself very much.

She didn’t sleep for two consecutive nights and fixed the loophole, but was told by her boss that he wanted to reduce her salary for this reason.

If it is a single deduction in bonus, she can still accept it.

After all, if she makes a mistake, she will be punished.

But she can’t accept that she has to pay for this mistake every month in the future.

It was also from then on, she had the idea of quitting her job.

Later, when the company knew that she was about to quit and work for another company, the boss once mentioned about giving her a raise and hoped that she wouldn’t leave.

After all, she really has the ability to do her work there.

If she leaves, there will be no one in the company who can take over the burden of her part for a while.

It was just that when she saw the face of her immediate boss, she felt her heart suffocated a little and in the end she resolutely handed in her resignation.

This time, she faced the problem of her immediate boss again.

Suddenly, her heart felt a little stuffy.

She always feels that…with this kind of boss who always uses dismissal to threaten people, it’s hard for people to have a sense of belonging towards the company.

But although her heart is suffocated, she still wants this job.

After all, it was a company run by the original male lead.

She also wanted to reduce Shen Liuchen’s influence on her by getting close to the original male lead, so that she could try to connect with the system again.

“Give me the phone.” She said, trying to take the phone from Shen Liuchen’s hand.

Shen Liuchen stretched out his hand to block her, and said to Hu Jian: “She indeed doesn’t want it anymore.

Someone will go through the resignation procedures for her tomorrow.”

There was another moment of silence on the phone.

“Who are you How can you decide for Su Xiuxiu Give back the mobile phone to Su Xiuxiu.” Hu Jian said.

[1] forgot to mention the ‘cheap’ parents means her ‘undeserved benefits’.

TN: Sorry, something urgent came up and I have no spare time to translate at all because of it.

Now it has been resolved and I can continue to translate again.

Will try my best to catch up with the missing days’ post.

Thank you!


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