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Shen Liuchen is in a better state now.

It’s just that there is still a trace of ridicule when he looks at her.

As if ridiculing how she was so reluctant to enter the porridge restaurant just now but the end result is, when the porridge was served, she was the one who ate the most…

Song Jinxi was a little embarrassed and defended herself: “I can’t do anything about it either.

Human beings can’t escape the thing called prejudgement.”

Shen Liuchen unlocked the car door.

Song Jinxi unfastened her seat belt and said: “I am also in a very hopeless situation at that time.

The porridge in that restaurant is really delicious.

I can even eat it for a week without getting tired of it at all.”

After that, she got out of the car and stood in front of the window, waving her hand to him.

“I will park the car first and come to you after that.” Shen Liuchen said.

“Okay.” Song Jinxi gave him an OK gesture, turned around, bent her waist and walked slowly.

She feels like she now looks like a woman who is already pregnant for three months.

The road in the community was quite wide.

Someone went past her on a bicycle.

There are also many people who run in the evening to exercise, and there are also people who are walking together in groups…

Shen Liuchen said that he wanted to take a walk with her.

Song Jinxi always felt that, with an appearance like his, if they really walked downstairs a few times, it is estimated that the entire community would know that a handsome man had moved into this community.

She lowered her head and shook her head.

Suddenly, she felt that it was not a good thing for her husband to be too handsome because it will easily cause others to keep thinking about him.

Although Shen Liuchen is very clean, self-conscious, loves her miserably, and he won’t even go out to mess around behind her back.

But just by thinking about how other women are looking at Shen Liuchen with tempting eyes…

She will be unreasonably jealous, too.

She didn’t know if she was really unlucky or something.

She was only distracted for a while and didn’t pay attention to the road for a few seconds.

Suddenly, the shouts of “Get out of the way, get out of the way! You are done if you are hit!” came from the front side .

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She quickly looked up and subconsciously gave way, but she was hit by an oncoming bicycle from the front side.

She was hit by a little boy who looked about ten years old and he was also the one who had just shouted.

A little boy, probably less than 1.5 meters tall, riding a high bicycle that even ordinary adults can’t control in the community, and riding recklessly too in that.

There seems to be something sharp hanging on the bicycle and when she was knocked down, her calf was scratched by that thing.

Her calf was cut obliquely from top to bottom.

The deepest cut was at the bottom and even her flesh was cut open a little bit.

It was so bloody that Song Jinxi inhaled cold air when she saw it.

She feels so unlucky that she almost couldn’t hold back her swearing.

Then she thinks again if she lets Shen Liuchen see this scene…

She didn’t dare to think about it at all.

At least she had to clean up the blood on her leg before Shen Liuchen came.

But the little boy who made the trouble not only didn’t apologize to her, but pointed to her and said to the woman who appeared behind him: “Mom, she blocked my way and refused to make way.

She is the one who made me fall down.”

Song Jinxi rolled her white eyes, not wanting to pay attention to them and raised her foot to leave.

The child’s mother first looked at the little boy carefully and made sure that he was not injured.

Then she stood up, raised her eyebrows and looked at Song Jinxi: “Hey you, don’t you know how to apologize when you hit my child”


This one is also a parent who lacks public morals.

Song Jinxi pointed to her calf.

“Please open your eyes clearly and see who the victim is before you speak.

Could it be that you still think it is justifiable if you ride a bicycle in the community recklessly I don’t want to hold you accountable either.


After she finished speaking, she was about to turn around and leave.

The little boy rushed up and said: “You caused me to fall, so apologize to me!”

The little boy’s strength was so strong that she was surprised and was pushed to the ground again without any preparation.

Song Jinxi supported her body with her hands and was trying to get up to beat him, but she suddenly heard heavy footsteps behind her.

She had a bad premonition and didn’t dare to look back for a while.

However, Shen Liuchen had already walked over, stretched out his hand to pinch the little boy’s neck, and lifted him up.


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