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“What are you doing You let go of my child!”

The boy’s mother rushed up and wanted to beat Shen Liuchen’s arm, but before she got close to him, she was kicked back by Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen seemed to use a bit of strength.

Song Jinxi saw that after stepping back for several steps, the boy’s mother still couldn’t stabilize her body and fell directly with her back to the ground.

Then she began to shout with a high-pitched voice: “Help.”

“He wants to kill us! Help… Save my child…”

Her cry soon attracted the attention of the people around them, but there were few people here so there’s not many people that approached.

The boy tried to break away from Shen Liuchen’s hand with both of his hands to save himself.

He beat Shen Liuchen’s hand fiercely and even pinched him with his fingernails but Shen Liuchen remained indifferent and even tightened the strength of his hand.

The boy realized that he couldn’t save himself, so he could only flutter his legs in the air and his face soon turned red.

Song Jinxi limped forward quickly, “Shen Liuchen, don’t pinch anymore.”

She said so as she patted his arm and went to break away his fingers but found that she couldn’t break it apart at all.

“You let him go, let go, okay” She was a little anxious now.

But Shen Liuchen never looked at her from beginning to end.

It seemed that he couldn’t hear her voice at all.

Even after she held his cheek and forced him to lower his head, Shen Liuchen still didn’t look at her and kept staring at the boy.

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It looks like he is ready to kill him.

“Put him down, Shen Liuchen…” Song Jinxi was so frightened, “He is about to be strangled to death by you.”

Shen Liuchen still ignored her.

The boy was already coughing and even made a hissing gasp.

Song Jinxi looked back and found that the boy’s eyes had begun to roll up uncontrollably and even his tongue sticks out.

She quickly turned back and pounded Shen Liuchen’s chest vigorously.

She was so anxious her tears were streaming.

“Stop it, Shen Liuchen.

Stop it! Don’t kill him.

You will go to jail if you kill people.

You will even be executed with a shot.” As she said so, she turned her head to look at the boy’s situation and beat him harder on the chest.

Seeing that he was still indifferent, she once again pulled his face with both of her hands, forcing him to lower his head.

Then she touched his eyes and stood on tiptoe to let him look at her.

“I am fine.

I am really fine.

Please stop it.

Please, Shen Liuchen, please.”

“If you are caught and executed, what shall I do Do you want to leave me alone”

Maybe her cry awakened Shen Liuchen’s sanity because he finally looked down at her very slowly and suddenly let go of his hand.

The boy’s whole body was thrown to the ground.

The boy who escaped from death touched his neck and gasped.

His eyes that are watching Shen Liuchen are filled with panic.

He even subconsciously crawled back a few steps to get away from this terrible devil.

He was then held in the arms of his mother who climbed to his front.

The woman sat on the ground crying with her child in her arms, and there were more and more onlookers around.

Just now, Shen Liuchen’s expression was so terrible that they were too scared to approach, but they all took out their mobile phones and recorded the scene.

Someone even called the police.

Song Jinxi wanted to grab Shen Liuchen’s hand to give him a sense of security, but she was forcefully hugged into his arms instead.

He put his hands around her waist and slowly tightened it, and tightened it again.

As if he wanted to press her into his body.

He hugged her so hard that Song Jinxi was almost out of breath, but she just held it back, hoping to calm Shen Liuchen’s emotions.

It’s just that, Shen Liuchen was still slowly tightening his hug and her waist was about to be broken by him.

Finally, she was even a little out of breath.

Her hand was in front of Shen Liuchen’s chest and she was totally imprisoned by this embrace.

She could only grasp Shen Liuchen’s clothes and finally was able to open her mouth after so much effort.

“Shen Liuchen… Your hug hurts me so much.”

After she finished it, she couldn’t help but lightly cough a few times.

Only then did Shen Liuchen slowly let go of her and lowered his head.

He looked at her tearful face very slowly, did not help her wipe away her tears but continued his gaze downward.


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