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Song Jinxi wanted to talk but kept stopping time and again.

Shen Liuchen was silent.

He seemed to be waiting for her to go on, as if he didn’t care what she was going to say at all.

After a long time, seeing that she didn’t say anything anymore, he lowered his eyelids and a mocking smile flashed at the bottom of his eyes.

“She can be resurrected after she dies, but I can’t.”

His voice was bleak, and when he looked at her again, there was a trace of revenge on his face.

“If she really loves me, she will really appear again.

Then this time, let her be the one to feel the pain.”

Song Jinxi frowned and almost couldn’t hold it anymore.

His unlovable appearance in this life is too terrible, she…

“I waited for her for three years, and another ten years again.”

“… I am too tired.”

“I can’t stand this pain anymore…”

“If one day she comes back, will she feel sad because of my death”

His performance now seems like he has had this idea for a long time already, but he hasn’t shown it all this time.

Song Jinxi is really very anxious this time.

She grabbed his hand again, and this time he didn’t break free.

She wanted to speak, but he robbed her of the chance again.

“Heh…” Shen Liuchen smiled softly, with a trace of coldness and a trace of self mockery in it.

“How could she be sad”

“She has no heart at all.”

Song Jinxi couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted: “That’s not so!”

The doorbell rang.

Song Jinxi looked up in a panic in the direction of the door.

Before Shen Liuchen got up, she rushed forward and hugged his neck.

“Don’t go!”

She hugged very tightly for fear that he would accidentally break free from her.

“I will tell you all.

Don’t go.”

Shen Liuchen frowned slightly and went to break her hands, wanting her to loosen it.

Song Jinxi hugged even tighter now.

“Don’t push me away, don’t die together, and don’t kill people.” Song Jinxi hugged him extremely tightly without any compromise at all.

“I am the real Song Jinxi, not a stand-in.

I lied to you before.”

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Shen Liuchen’s movements paused slightly.

“How can you prove it” His voice was a little low.

Song Jinxi seemed to hear that his voice was a little dry, and her eyes couldn’t help but become a little teary.

“When I was five years old, I always wanted to give you candy, so that you can forget some unpleasant memories that you had because of candies.”

“When I was sixteen years old, I said a lot of weird things to you, because I thought you had no memory and at that time I also didn’t know if I could see you again after I left, so I wanted to get a little closer to you…”

“I came from another world and met you by a special method.

I like you very much… I also know that your childhood experiences were not so good, so I want to help you through those difficulties.

Originally, after I left, the memory related to me in your mind should disappear, and you should not remember a person like me…”

“But, you just remembered.”

“Since the success of the first plan, I can’t stop, so I can only bite the bullet and save you for the third time.”

Shen Liuchen slowly wrapped her waist and tightened his strength.

His voice became even more dry: “What about this time then” He asked.

“This time, I gave up everything I once had and came here to be with you.”

Shen Liuchen: “Liar.”

“I am not lying to you, really! I really am Song Jinxi.”

“Since you want to stay this time, then…” Shen Liuchen’s voice paused, “Why do you always have all kinds of accidents”

“I don’t know.

Maybe I was unlucky.

Who knows that an unreasonable kid would rush up and hit me with his bike just because I was not paying attention to the road for a while, and there was still something sharp on the bike…” Song Jinxi also feels a little puzzled.

But this is not something that is more important now.

“Don’t kill people, okay Shen Liuchen, please.”


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