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The doorbell rang only once and didn’t ring again.

After waiting so long, maybe it was because the person who rang the doorbell worried that Shen Liuchen might not hear the doorbell, so the doorbell rang again.

Both of them that are on the bed looked at the door.

Song Jinxi retracted her gaze, held Shen Liuchen’s arm and used the trick to gain an end by enduring bodily suffering.

“Shen Liuchen… My leg hurts.”

She looked at the man in front of her, showing a pitiful expression.

“It seems that the wound has opened again…” After speaking, she even pretended to cry twice.

Shen Liuchen’s complexion changed slightly, and he stubbornly pulled Song Jinxi off him.

Then he saw that the gauze on her leg was indeed stained with a trace of blood.

When she got up this morning, the gauze was still a clean white colour.

Recently, the weather has been hot.

When Doctor Xu treated her, he didn’t use very thick cotton cloth, but only used several layers of gauze to isolate and protect her wound.

She slept all night last night and there was no blood on the gauze, indicating that her wound was still well protected.

Now, because she had used too much strength, the wound that should have been healed has opened again.

Shen Liuchen just wanted to break Song Jinxi’s hand to let her let go and that is in fact an act that he did not for himself to go and open the door, but it’s all his consideration for her wound.

It’s just that Song Jinxi obviously misunderstood it so she used more force, which also caused the wound to split more seriously…

Shen Liuchen slightly pursed his lips and looked at her with a heavy expression on his face: “Since you knew that the wound may get opened again, why did you still use so much force”

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“Isn’t it all because I am afraid that you will go away What if I didn’t hold you tight and it let you run away instead” Song Jinxi said straightforwardly with righteous words.

“I finally came back here with great difficulty, wanting to be with you forever, and wanting to spend a lifetime with you, but you want to die together with me instead… I am scared.”

Shen Liuchen sighed softly.

“I will go open the door and let the assistant tell them to stop.

You wait for me here obediently, okay”

Song Jinxi hesitated a little and carefully measured his expression.

Shen Liuchen supported her, let her sit on the head of the bed, and put her legs in place.

For a moment, he couldn’t hold back anymore, leaned over a little and gently kissed her at the corner of her mouth.

“I will be right back.” He soothed softly.

Suddenly caught off guard and was kissed by the male god so gently, Song Jinxi’s heart felt crisp from the tip of her heart to the tips of her fingers.

His voice is also so gentle that Song Jinxi has already believed more than half of his words.

But her hands still held his big hand, hesitated and refused to let go.

A trace of helplessness flashed across Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

Just now he saw that Song Jinxi seemed to want to let go, so he used a stronger method, but it seemed that the stronger method was too strong and it really scared her…

He could not help wondering if he had really gone too far.

The secret that she had worked hard to hide for so long was said out under this circumstance by herself.

It can be seen that she really didn’t want him to die and she really wanted to be with him.

At the thought of this, he couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of excitement in his heart.

But the lies he had made up to achieve his goal, he must make sure that there’s no loophole at all.

He must first make a confession with his assistant.

Otherwise, if the assistant has a slip of mouth one day, letting Song Jinxi know that all the things he said about killing a whole family was just deceiving her…

It may bring him unnecessary trouble and worry.

“Be good and let go of your hands.” Shen Liuchen raised his hand, gathered the broken hair and put them behind her ear.

His voice was a little low, with soothing power and silk tenderness.

“If I am late, the little boy might not be able to keep his life anymore.”

That’s right!

Song Jinxi quickly let go and urged: “Then quickly go and tell him.”


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