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Shen Liuchen went to the door and opened it.

The assistant was quietly waiting outside the door with two bags of vegetables at his feet.

He greeted Shen Liuchen, then hesitated to take out two bottles of sleeping pills from his bag.


He doesn’t know what his boss and his boss’s wife are playing, let alone know the use of these two bottles of sleeping pills for them.

It can’t be because they couldn’t sleep at night, so they need two bottles of sleeping pills, right

But the dosage shouldn’t be this much either…

The amount needed is large and instead of getting the medicine through a doctor’s prescription, they go directly to the pharmacies under their company.

Yesterday, he obviously still spoiled his wife very much, so why is there a look of dying together today

The assistant couldn’t figure it out even after he thought about it numerous times, but Shen Liuchen’s words could not be disobeyed and it’s not good for him to guess blindly either.

So he had to follow what he said, and when he received the instruction on the way to deliver the vegetables, he turned the car and went to the nearest pharmacy under Jinyu and took two bottles of sleeping pills.

While he keeps thinking that maybe it’s the play between them, husband and wife…

It’s a thing that he, as a single dog, won’t be able to understand.

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Shen Liuchen only glanced at his hand very casually, “Throw it away.”

Assistant: …

Assistant: “Okay.”

“Bring all the vegetables to the kitchen and you can go after that.” After he finished saying so, Shen Liuchen wanted to go to the bedroom again.

He only took two steps before he remembered that he had not briefed his assistant about another matter.

He stood at the door and waited for a while.

After the assistant put the vegetables away, he walked out together with his assistant to the door and briefed him in a low voice.

“If Madam asks about the little boy and his family, just say that I changed my mind and didn’t pursue it any more.” After he said that, he thought for a moment and then added: “Don’t say anything else.”

Assistant: “Okay.”

“In addition, the ban order is only valid in X city.

You let them leave F province and never appear in front of me again.”

The assistant continues to comply with it like before.

When Shen Liuchen walked back to the bedroom door, he saw Song Jinxi sitting on the bed, rummaging the bedside table in a difficult posture.

His walking sound was too light and Song Jinxi didn’t hear the sound at all until he came to the door of the bedroom.

She hurriedly pushed the bedside table back and sat upright again.

Pretend that nothing happened.

Probably guessed what she was looking for, Shen Liuchen narrowed his eyes to cover up the smile in his eyes.

Before he could say anything, he already heard Song Jinxi preemptively ask: “Have you ordered it”

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly: “I have ordered it down and let them withdraw.”

Song Jinxi looked at him and saw that he didn’t seem to be casually coaxing her only.

She couldn’t help showing him a sweet smile.

“Shen Liuchen, you are really very good.”

The corners of Shen Liuchen’s mouth raised slightly.

It’s really easy to satisfy.

He walked to the bedside, and as soon as he looked up, he saw Song Jinxi hold her hand up, “Can you untie the chain now”

Shen Liuchen’s movement paused and sat on the edge of the bed silently with his thin lips pursed.

Keenly seeing a trace of resistance from his expression, Song Jinxi pouted: “Before, you said I was a stand-in and had no right to speak.

Now, you already know that I am the original me.

You can’t lock me like this anymore.

Otherwise, I will be unhappy.”

Shen Liuchen: “…”

Only then did he remember that there is also a bad thing about forcing her to admit her identity, which is, he will no longer be able to use ‘stand-in’ as an excuse to bully her anymore in the future…

“Besides, you can’t keep me at home and prevent me from going out.

I’m a human being and not a bird.

You can’t turn me into a canary in a cage.

I will be unhappy and depressed.”

Song Jinxi began to advance inch by inch, earnestly fighting for various rights for herself.


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