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If so, he may not be able to control his emotional changes.

And if she is persuaded and temporarily puts down this plan, it means that she is not particularly concerned about ‘having a child’, but really just out of the idea of

’wanting a crystallization of love with him’.

Fortunately, the current situation is the second one.

Shen Liuchen quietly breathed a sigh of relief at the bottom of his heart.

He rubbed her little head and comforted her softly: “I was too anxious just now.

Your leg is not healed yet.

We’re not in a hurry for the time being to…”

Halfway through, he pretended to clear his throat and deliberately avoided the word.

“When your leg is healed, we will…”

He didn’t finish his words, but Song Jinxi knew what he didn’t say.

When Shen Liuchen said this, it was as if he was indirectly saying that she was the one with dissatisfaction.

Although it was true that she was the first to pester him, she also used an aggressive method on him…

She was a little embarrassed, and quietly pinched the man’s palm before saying as if unintentionally: “I’m fine, but I’m afraid you will be suffocated.

After all, you are 27 years old already, and you never have a woman…”

A smile flashed across Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

He bowed his head, kissed her smooth forehead and said: “I know you feel bad for me, so hurry up and heal the injury on your leg, okay”

Song Jinxi nodded with her head down.

She was so enthusiastic just now, like a very seductive fairy, but now she has returned to her original shy appearance.

She is like a fairy with a thousand faces, and he loves it so much no matter which side of her that appeared.

“Let’s go out and I’ll play games with you” Shen Liuchen said, “Yesterday’s points have not been spent, so we can still continue the lucky draw.”

Song Jinxi nodded and took the initiative to stretch out her hands to him.

Shen Liuchen took advantage of the situation and hugged her horizontally.

He hugged her back to the living room.

Shen Liuchen took her mobile phone and put it aside, then took out his own mobile phone.

His mobile phone is that kind of pure black style, which looks very advanced, low-key and luxurious.

The mobile phone case is the frosted style.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help but touch it, feeling the ticklish touch.

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But when she wanted to take his mobile phone, she found that Shen Liuchen was holding it a little tight.

“Why Are you reluctant to give it to me to play” She said and grabbed it again.

And found that she still can’t grab it.

Shen Liuchen smiled, grabbed her index finger, and pressed it several times in all directions at the fingerprint recognition function of the mobile phone.

Song Jinxi watched him collect her fingerprint, and then performed the operation again for her other fingers, and couldn’t help being moved.

“If you record my fingerprints, I can see your mobile phone at any time in the future.

Don’t you think there will be no privacy”

“So, for the sake of fairness——” Shen Liuchen said, holding Song Jinxi’s hand and unlocking her mobile phone’s lock screen.

In front of Song Jinxi, he recorded his fingerprints into her mobile phone: “It’s solved then.”

Song Jinxi pursed her lips.

Okay, it’s really fair.


Her husband is too rich and generous, so Song Jinxi doesn’t have to worry about money at all.

There is no job at the moment, and Shen Liuchen needs to open the back door for her in the next job.

She is not the kind of serious-minded person.

Since her husband is the company’s CEO, he can open a back door for her.

After she has a job that can earn her money, it can be regarded as her achieving the goal of not being a full time housewife, so she won’t mind how she gets the job.

There is no need to worry about the future and work.

Just like now, working days are turned into weekends by her and Shen Liuchen.

The two of them sat on the sofa and played games all morning.

This feeling of not having to go to work is really too great.


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