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In particular, their record is very beautiful.

In just more than three hours of play in the morning, they actually achieved a good result of a 20-game winning streak, without a single loss at all.

The main reason is that in more than half of the games, the opponent was completely blown up by Shen Liuchen’s sassy operation.

They usually just directly surrendered in less than six minutes.

At one point, he even got the same opponent in a row.

After the opponent was defeated and made to surrender by Shen Liuchen for the first time, he directly hung up when he met him for the second time.

At first, his teammates scolded him but after being beaten several times by Shen Liuchen, his teammates also succumbed to reality.

Hang up collectively.

Wait until the time to surrender, and click surrender directly.

It felt so good to be a vegetable and then taken to fly away.

Song Jinxi was so happy when she put down the mobile phone and couldn’t help holding Shen Liuchen and rewarded him with several kisses.

In the end, Shen Liuchen pressed her and kissed her deeply.

When she was fascinated by the kiss, she handed over the right to be the chef for this noon muddle headedly…

Sitting on the sofa, Song Jinxi touched her slightly swollen lips and watched Shen Liuchen’s back that walked contentedly towards the kitchen.

She couldn’t help falling into contemplation.

Is it so difficult to grab the rights of a housewife these days

She even suspected that Shen Liuchen just kissed her to seduce her.

Otherwise, how could he just use the opportunity to take her right to be today’s chef when she was fascinated by the kiss

Too much.

Even using seduction for this kind of thing.

It’s just… Why does Shen Liuchen want to be the chef so much

Apart from being afraid that she will cut herself again, could it be…

That he is very good at cooking

But he said that he has been very busy making money all these years, so he should have little time to learn cooking.

Thinking so, she sneaked to the kitchen door and stuck out her small head, wanting to check the enemy’s situation.

But unexpectedly, Shen Liuchen happened to turn around, as if he was going to get something from the refrigerator.

Then the spy was caught head on.

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Song Jinxi scratched her head, cleared her throat and said righteously: “You took the chef’s rights from me in an improper way, and I have the right to monitor whether you will poison the meal and want to die with me or not.”

The corners of Shen Liuchen’s mouth rose slightly.

“It’s not poison.” He said, and took out two boxes of packaged ingredients from the refrigerator.

Song Jinxi watched him skillfully unpack the package and start washing the vegetables.

It’s just that he turned his back to her, blocking her view, and she didn’t know what he was washing.

“No sleeping pills either.” She said.

Shen Liuchen’s movement paused slightly, and he simply turned his head to look at her: “Is aphrodisiac okay”

Song Jinxi: “”

“Take your time.

Call me when you are done.

I will go to play two rounds of games.” She said so and ran away.

While thinking in her heart:

The male god seems to be getting more and more coquettish.

What should she do

Song Jinxi believed that her skills were good, and thought that even without Shen Liuchen’s taking her to fly in the game, she could still abuse others into vegetables.

However, perhaps because the previous 20 winning streak had too much impact, the game matched her with various rubbish teammates and God-like opponents in the next few games.

This time, without Shen Liuchen turning the tide, Song Jinxi naturally lost completely.

She was hung up and beaten by all kinds of opponents, and she was always sold by her teammates.

Obviously playing well in the team, but all the teammates ran away afterwards.

Those who plays jungling that just went to jungle, those who clears the line just went to clear the line, and the kind of tank that chased the residual blood and ran half the map, and was finally killed by the opponent’s tank…

She keeps playing and somehow just becomes a buddha-like player.

Anyway, today’s gold coins have been earned to the end.

It’s no fun to fight any more and it’s not even a battle for ranking.

There’s no rank promotion for her at all.


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