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The tone of his voice is different from that of usual.

His low voice sounds a little soft and very magnetic.

If Song Jinxi hadn’t been mentally prepared and had a very firm attitude, she would have agreed to his request unconditionally when she heard him speak in such a voice.

No matter what he says, she would agree to it.

Even if he wants her life.

What’s more, he is still looking at her with a slightly weak and pitiful look at this moment.

This gaze made her…

Made her heart become a mess of softness.

She even wishes she could pick the stars from the sky and give them to him.

She also didn’t know when Shen Liuchen began to trick her with his handsomeness but it seems that it can be traced back to the day she admitted her identity.

Before, when he tried to force her to do anything, he would use ‘stand-in’ to achieve it.

After she admitted her identity, the excuse of ‘stand-in’ couldn’t be used anymore.

It seemed that he had begun to try to confuse her with seduction tricks since then.

She didn’t notice his little movements at first, and it was not until later when…

Every time he wanted to make out with her, he would bewitch her with this trick.

She couldn’t stand the double attack of his voice and sex appeal at all, and could always easily take his bait.

Help him do something shameful that he would never have thought of before.

Thinking back to the last week in the apartment, they obviously didn’t make it to the last step, but their unabashed life could be described as eroding…

Song Jinxi hurriedly tilted her head away, so as not to look at his face.

The recalcitrant and uncooperative attitudes are very obvious.

“We work in the same building.

We go to work together in the morning, go out to eat together at noon and go home together in the evening.

In fact, we are inseparable.” She said.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen was still not happy, she continued to persuade: “Let me tell you something.

Two people can’t always stick together all the time because one day they will get tired of it.

If they want the relationship to last for a long time, how can it only be about being together day and night Every day, we have to spend a few hours away from each other so that the distance can create beauty in it instead.”

“Also, you know that ‘reunion after a brief parting is as sweet as a honeymoon’, right”

She spoke righteously.

Before Shen Liuchen was persuaded, she was already persuaded by herself first.

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She thinks that these words are really reasonable.

It’s not that she hasn’t seen that kind of tragedy.

Couples who used to be in a very good relationship are inseparable when they are in love, and they have to be together every day in everything they do.

In the end, they got tired of each other because they were too tight, so they started to quarrel, have a cold war, and finally ended up breaking up.

Thinking about it, she even feels a little worried now.

She has such a good relationship with Shen Liuchen now, but will Shen Liuchen suddenly get tired of her one day

Even if Shen Liuchen is not tired, what about herself

Although she doesn’t want to admit it, she has to admit that she is actually a bit of a person who is fond of the new and tired of the old.

Many times, when something is not yet worn out and can still be used for some time, she can’t help but want to buy a new style.

If it wasn’t because she is poor, if it wasn’t because she wants to save money to buy a house, she would probably become a moonlight clan too.

It is also because she has no sense of security in her heart that she desperately wants to have a small house that belongs to her, which can shelter her from the wind and rain at any time.

It is the urgent need for a sense of security that enables a person with moonlight clan attributes like her to save money.

She sighed, grabbed Shen Liuchen’s hand and looked at it in front of her eyes.

Her way of thought went back to the assumption at the beginning again.

The male god is so handsome and she finally got to be with him.

The key point is, he still dotes on her so much.

She should not get tired of it.

A handsome, smart and very gentle male god, a good man in the new era who loves his wife that is hard to find even with lanterns lit on her head, has money and loves to cook the dishes that suit her taste so much…

If she can get tired of this, then she is simply not human.


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