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As the team leader, he is responsible for directly managing the members of the group and dealing with the members of the group every day.

It’s understandable if an employee doesn’t have a close relationship with other colleagues because of a withdrawn personality.

However, it is impossible for the team leader not to know the employee because of this.

First of all, they will definitely have a lot of intersections at work.

Secondly, the usual work of the team leader is not only to coordinate and manage the work of all team members, but also to pay attention to their work status and communication with colleagues.

Therefore, it was enough only with deepening the team leader’s impression of ‘Su Xiuxiu’ to make the team leader more familiar with ‘Su Xiuxiu’.

From the System’s point of view, Shen Liuchen would not be so bored that in order to confirm her identity, he would go to Node to do various unannounced investigations.

Taking a step back, even if he did investigate, Song Jinxi could tell a lie by herself.

For example, excuses such as being unsociable could explain why those colleagues were not impressed with her.

It would be even more embarrassing if the System added various memories related to Song Jinxi to each colleague’s memory, and then Shen Liuchen asked, but Song Jinxi herself didn’t remember these small details at all.

“Thank you for telling me this,” Song Jinxi said very seriously.

“It’s not that I want to secretly speak ill of my old boss, but that’s the truth anyway——”

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“I have always been unhappy with my work at Node.

I usually prefer to work alone and rarely communicate with others.

Relatively speaking, it can even be described as ‘isolated’.

I don’t have any colleagues that I am in a good relationship with there, let alone friends.”

“But my working ability is there, so the company has never told me to leave.”

“After I left that company, I basically had no contact anymore with those former colleagues, so you can rest assured.”

“That’s good.” Guo Dawei nodded and his eyes that were looking at Song Jinxi became more and more satisfied.

Seeing that their conversation had come to an end, the HR lady quickly interrupted: “Miss Song, do you have your ID card and bank card with you I need to keep two copies here, which will be used when signing the contract.

In the future, the salary will be paid directly to your bank card, and the company will not issue a separate salary card for you.”

ID card…

ID… card…

Song Jinxi: “…” Suddenly want to swear.

She has been ‘Song Jinxi’ in front of Shen Liuchen this week, completely forgetting that her current identity is actually ‘Su Xiuxiu’…

She is having really mixed feelings now.

Her ID card is also written in three big characters of ‘Su Xiu Xiu’.

But just now, she just said naturally that her name was ‘Song Jinxi’, and Guo Dawei also said that she had a predestined relationship with Jinyu Group…

It’s too late to change her words now.

What’s more, when Guo Dawei first saw her downstairs just now, he called her ‘Miss Song’.

… She shouldn’t have remembered it wrong, right

The first time he saw her, he indeed called her ‘Miss Song’.

In other words, when the ‘top’ told him to go downstairs to lead her, the person should have also used the title ‘Miss Song’.

As for who asked him to come down and lead her, the first order must be from Shen Liuchen.

If what Shen Liuchen said was ‘Miss Su’, she would definitely react after hearing it and would remember to introduce herself to Guo Dawei as ‘Su Xiuxiu’.

As a result, when Shen Liuchen gave the order, he used the title of ‘Miss Song’.

That’s why she didn’t react at all and introduced herself as ‘Song Jinxi’ too.

It means that the culprit is actually Shen Liuchen!


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