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As the first preparation bell rang, several class representatives began to urge their classmates’ homework on the podium.

Shen Liuchen sorted out the homework in an orderly manner and handed it to the students in the front row.

Song Jinxi saw the words he wrote on the cover of the exercise book with sharp eyes.

Grade: Class One, Second Grade.

Name: Shen Liuchen.

Teacher: Teacher Shi.

The Dragon flies and the Phoenix dances, vigorous and powerful.

The writing is just like the person.

Song Jinxi likes him more.

Since she was a child, she had liked boys with good handwriting.

She thought that if a person’s handwriting was good-looking, then the personality won’t be too bad.

She took a few more glances at his language book.

The letters that were written in the blank space of the textbook were also very neat, which made her admire them from the bottom of her heart.

The depression that had been stuck in her chest because of being frustrated, gradually disappeared.

Song Jinxi felt that she should not get discouraged that easily again.

She moved her head closer again, but still carefully kept a certain distance, so that Shen Liuchen would not feel that his territory was violated.

This is the experience she accumulated when she approached him before, but she doesn’t know if it’s still useful now.

“Your handwriting is so beautiful.

I like people who write well the most.” She blinked with stars in her eyes and praised him.

Shen Liuchen ignored her.

Her voice is actually quite small, but it seems that she was heard by the two girls in front of her.

Song Jinxi heard one of them make a ‘tsk’ sound.

The one by the window seemed to turn around and rolled her eyes at her.

Song Jinxi also sneered in her heart.

What’s wrong with her hooking up with the male god

If you like someone, you should be bold, as long as you make sure that the other person is still single.

The pursuit of true love is everyone’s right.

If you dare not go up, don’t ridicule other people who dare to boldly pursue their true love.

What’s more, she’s not just purely flirting with men, okay

She’s saving him!

Originally, Shen Liuchen’s worst childhood experience was avoided because of her.

His leg was not broken and he was in good health.

Logically speaking, if he has no physical and mental defects, he should not blackened anymore.

But the system detected that he still blackened.

Without Song Jinxi, this external bug that changed the plot of the story, the system can only roughly infer the development of the plot according to the structure of the novel world.

Song Jinxi only transmigrated back to the real world for an hour before the system sent her a message again.

According to its calculation, when Shen Liuchen reaches adulthood, there is a 99.99% chance that he will be blackening.

The result of the calculation indicated that Shen Liuchen’s blackening this time has nothing to do with his experience at the age of seven and before.

That is to say, Song Jinxi’s first crossing over was not a futile effort only, but it really prevented his blackening.

This time, the reason for his blackening was the couple who adopted him.

As far as the plot shown to her by the system is concerned, Zhang Meigui, the wife of the couple, is the biggest factor that caused Shen Liuchen’s blackening.

According to the plot development, after Shen Liuchen was rescued, he was arranged by the police Fang Yuming to enter the orphanage in X city.

When the director of the orphanage was taking care of his admission to the school, a young couple came to the orphanage.

After some understanding, they decided to adopt Shen Liuchen, who had started to understand things, as an ‘uncle and aunt’.

As for the young couple, the man was infertile.

They had no money to do a test tube baby and can only adopt a child to take care of them in their old age.

Shen Liuchen then became the one who was going to provide for them in their elderly years.

Cai Xiaohao, the man, is a brick porter.

He often goes around the province with his team.

Zhang Meigui took Shen Liuchen to live in X city.

Zhang Meigui behaved very virtuously in front of Cai Xiaohao but she is actually a woman of loose morals.


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