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Chapter 41.9

Song Jinxi sat in her seat and looked around curiously.

The office is so big and bright.

It’s the kind of a big open-plan office.

But it is very different from Song Jinxi’s previous working environment.

In the big office where Song Jinxi used to be, there were rows of workstations when they walked through the door.

It looks a bit like a large Internet cafe with poor configuration.

It has no decoration and it always gives people a boring feeling.

So for some time, Song Jinxi began to feel tired as soon as she walked through the door of the company.

But this office is different.

First of all, the ceiling is beautifully decorated.

The color of the ceiling is very bright and fresh.

All kinds of light colors collide together, giving people a bright feeling.

All the office equipment looks very new and there are even faint lights reflected on them.

The color of each desk is different but it gives off a warm and youthful atmosphere.

Everyone’s chairs are gaming chairs.

Especially the computers on the desk, which look very expensive.

As a half-tech nerd, Song Jinxi also has a certain understanding of keyboards and mouses.

Everyone here is equipped with a gorgeous-colored keyboard and mouse on their desk.

It even makes Song Jinxi couldn’t help moving her fingers.

She wants to get the computer immediately and type a piece of code to try the feel of the keyboard and the mouse.

This company is too tyrant.

This is the working environment that programmers seek throughout their lives.

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If this kind of environment is put into reality, these office environments alone can attract the attention of many programmers.

Not to mention the salary is actually very good here.

Two booklets have been placed on the table.

One is what employees need to know and the rules for employees, and the other is an introduction to the company’s culture.

Song Jinxi flipped through it a little and found that Ximei would organize two team trips every year, and each time the designated place was not close, and they would even go all over the country.

If it is put into the real world, Song Jinxi, who has never traveled out of the province, will certainly like this company’s welfare very much.

It’s just that she is rich now (her husband is rich).

Shen Liuchen said he will take her to any city she wants to travel to in the future.

Therefore, now she is not so interested in the free travel activities organized by the company.

After roughly flipping through the entire booklet, Song Jinxi waited for a long time but the person who was supposed to take her to get the computer hadn’t arrived.

Instead, the one who arrived is Guo Dawei.

Guo Dawei silently led Song Jinxi to the small office at the end of the big office, with a serious expression on his face.

When Song Jinxi closed the door, he turned around and looked at Song Jinxi with probing eyes.

“Miss Song, are you sure the information you just told us is true”

Song Jinxi’s back stiffened.

She has a bad hunch in her heart.

“Let me get this straight.

Just now, the HR Department made a routine call to the Node company to find out about you, but the other party said that there was no one named ‘Song Jinxi’ in their company.”

Song Jinxi:… What should come always has to come.

It’s just that she didn’t expect it to come so soon!

When Guo Dawei saw that she didn’t say a word, his face became more and more solemn.

Then he said,:”Because your situation is special this time, and you were directly recommended by the Chief Inspector of the group, so I just reported the situation to the Chief Inspector of the group.

Unexpectedly, this incident directly alerted the President!”

Song Jinxi is silent.

What a joke.

She suspected that Shen Liuchen had secretly contributed to this incident.

Now that ‘the conspiracy was unmasked’, can he not pay attention to it


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