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When Cai Xiaohao was not at home, she often took wild men home and deceived Shen Liuchen, who was only seven years old at that time, that she was ‘doing business’.

It doesn’t matter if she is unfaithful to Cai Xiaohao but the problem is that she even wants to extend her claws to Shen Liuchen later.

Shen Liuchen entered primary school at the age of seven.

Originally, it was considered a normal age.

But in the second semester of his first year, he jumped directly to become a second year student.

In the first semester of his Third Grade, he jumped to the Fourth Grade.

On the contrary, he was two years earlier than others.

He started to enter the Sixth Grade at the age of ten.

His development is no different from that of his peers.

He started smoking when he was 13 years old.

At the age of fifteen, he went to Senior High School, and his height was already 1.78 meters.

Since the year when he entered the first year of Senior High, Zhang Meigui began to act differently toward him.

It’s just that Shen Liuchen has always been focused on learning.

He matured a bit late, and his age is already too young for his grade.

In addition to that, he has always respected Zhang Meigui, and Zhang Meigui’s initial actions were not too obvious…

With all sorts of reasons combined, he didn’t find anything wrong at all in the first two years.

Until the year when he entered the Third Grade of Senior High, Zhang Meigui would scream loudly every time she took a wild man home, which made him, who initially was not sure whether or not Zhang Meigui was doing a dirty job, become certain of one thing…

And Zhang Meigui’s actions toward him have become more and more obvious.

He began to alienate Zhang Meigui, and suffered from severe mysophobia.

He wanted to keep a distance from Zhang Meigui, but he never expected that Zhang Meigui would drugged him.

Fortunately, Cai Xiaohao happened to came back.

Cai Xiaohao would beat Zhang Meigui when he got fierce.

Zhang Meigui doesn’t dare to tell him the truth at all.

Instead, she turned her back in front of Cai Xiaohao and says that Shen Liuchen wanted to be unruly to her, which makes Cai Xiaohao beat Shen Liuchen who was still on the drug.

In the cold weather of January, he threw Shen Liuchen into a bathtub full of cold water and soaked him for a whole day.

Let him fight the effect of the drug by himself.

Since then, Shen Liuchen left this so-called ‘home’ and began to live alone.

Started, to slowly blackened.

Thinking of this, Song Jinxi takes a very careful glance at Shen Liuchen quietly…

In her heart, she secretly thought that the male god didn’t look for a woman afterwards, except for his mental problem and mysopobia, could it be that, because he was soaked in the cold water that time, so that ‘thing’ was dysfunctional.

That ‘thing’ is dysfunctional, so, how can he find a woman

If after he finds a woman and he cannot wake it up… Not only he cannot feel satisfied, but will also be ridiculed…

Thinking of this, Song Jinxi is ashamed of her own capability to blindly speculate about the male god.

But anyway, this time with her here, she will definitely find a way to let Shen Liuchen understand that Zhang Meigui’s behavior is wrong, and let him have a sense of defense earlier.

It would be best to help him out of that disgusting family.

To help the male god avoid the burden of the second ordeal in his growing up period, she absolutely has to shoulder it up nicely!

Strive to complete the task successfully.

Her battle plan is simple.

First, she wants to get acquainted with him.

Then, began to take the opportunity to give him popular science knowledge, so that he could understand that even boys should learn to protect themselves.

There are not only male perverts in society, but also many hidden female perverts.

Just now she praised him for his good handwriting.

Although he didn’t give any response, she won’t shrink back.

Song Jinxi was full of ambition and said, “I also want to practice calligraphy well.

Can you recommend your calligraphy book to me”

Shen Liuchen ignored her, and it happened that the second preparation bell rang.

The morning reading class officially begins.

Along the sound of the bell, Shi Yahui, the head teacher, walked into the class and signaled everyone to be quiet.

“I’d like to tell you one thing before the morning reading class begins.

I believe some students have seen it just now.

There’s a new female student in our class.”

The author has something to say:

Song Jinxi: Male god, your… your ‘thing’… is it okay

Shen Liuchen: what

Song Jinxi (shy): That… that thing…

Chen Liuchen:

Song Jinxi: Is it… broken because of the cold

Shen Liuchen loosened his bow tie and began to untie his belt.

·Three days later·

Song Jinxi: … Male god, I don’t love you anymore.

Let the doctor rescue my waist so that we can still have an amicable parting.

Shen Liuchen: Hmm (start to #%% @ # ¥! #¥!)

Song Jinxi: I really love you very much, wuwuwuwuwuwu, you are not broken because of the cold!!! Just let me go, wuwuwu…


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