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ABTC Chapter 43.9

Then slowly, it turns into a stomachache and a sore waist.

She can even easily lose appetite when her period comes.

Later, she became a programmer.

Because of her long-time and high-load work, she suffered from a common disease that contemporary white-collar workers are prone to get.

When her body reached a sub-health state, the problem of the cold womb became more and more serious.

She didn’t pay special attention to this, because every time she got her period, it would be a little painful only for the first two days.

So she never went to see a doctor.

When it hurts, she just tolerates the pain and it will pass too.

But she will also pay attention to it and she usually seldom eats ice cream too.

Especially in the days before and after her menstrual period, she won’t eat raw and cold things at all.

Even if the days are hot, she also drinks hot water.

Only today, she was careless and ate two bowls of ice cream.

Then her ‘Great Aunt’ began to rise to work again.

She endured the pain and forced herself to return to her seat normally.

Her face was already somewhat pale, and her back was so sore that she couldn’t straighten up.

She had to lie on the table to keep her spirit up and to alleviate the pain.

In order not to worry the two male colleagues around her, she deliberately turned her head to them.

But Chen Zhiwei and Cai Huiyang still saw her pale face just now.

Seeing that she was fine just now and then she suddenly became like this, Chen Zhiwei asked her in a low voice whether there was something wrong.

She gently shook her head and only said that she didn’t sleep at noon so now she is a little tired and doesn’t want to talk.

Not sleeping at noon won’t make her face look pale, but when she said that, it was obviously because she didn’t want them to know.

The two men had no choice but to worry instead.

She only lay down for a while and dared not lie down any longer.

She got up and did something else to distract herself.

Just then, Chen Zhiwei brought a cup of hot water over.

The paper disposable cup was gently placed on her desk, and the water is still steaming hot.

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Song Jinxi was moved for a while, smiled at Chen Zhiwei, then picked up the cup and took a sip carefully.

It’s a little hot, but it’s very comfortable.

She drank a few more sips, and the hot feeling went from the esophagus to the stomach.

Even the nearby uterus seemed to be warmed.

Song Jinxi’s face was finally not so pale anymore.

She smiled and said to Chen Zhiwei: “Thank you.”

Chen Zhiwei is actually only rushing to seek any treatment available.

The most favorite thing for men to say when a woman is sick is ‘drink more hot water’.

When they saw Song Jinxi’s pale face just now, they couldn’t figure it out, but Cai Huiyang pushed him and asked him if he wanted to pour her a cup of hot water.

Chen Zhiwei suddenly remembered this, and went to pour a glass of water over.

Anyway, water must be drunk.

Even if she doesn’t drink it now, she can drink it later.

Unexpectedly, that just hit it right.

“I may have had a bad stomach from my meal this noon, so now my stomach hurts a little.” Song Jinxi took another sip of water, “I am sorry, did I scare you two just now”

Chen Zhiwei breathed a sigh of relief: “We were indeed a little bit scared.”

However, he did not say much, but suggested to Song Jinxi instead:

“Within two days at the latest, the life assistant will deliver some of the daily necessities you need in the company to your desk, such as water cups, pillows and blankets for sleeping at noon.

You don’t have to prepare them yourself.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Song Jinxi’s reply, he said again: “We won’t bother you anymore.

You can just lie down for a while.”

Song Jinxi nodded gratefully.

The whole afternoon passed like a year.

Fortunately, there is no work this afternoon, and several leaders seem to be busy reorganizing the team, so she has been lazing all afternoon and no one has come to talk to her too.


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