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ABTC Chapter 43.10

 pinnochies  ABTC  July 24, 2022 3 Minutes

After finally getting off work, she was about to leave with her bag in hand

When Chen Zhiwei asked if he should take her home or take her to the hospital, Song Jinxi struggled to pull out a smile and shook her head.

She just hopes they won’t pester her anymore.

She wants to find Shen Liuchen as quickly as possible.

She wants to go home.

Maybe because that person is by her side now, she seems to have become very squeamish too.

In the past, at times like this, she was also eager to get off work, but she just wanted to go home after work, straighten out her body in bed, play games and read novels to distract her attention.

Sometimes she didn’t even want to eat dinner.

But now, she wants to go to Shen Liuchen’s side.

She wants to see him right away.

She wants to throw herself into his arms, be held by him, and act like a spoiled child in his arms.

If she is in his warm embrace, she might not feel so painful.

Chen Zhiwei is still worried and insists on taking her home, or at least taking her into a taxi.

Song Jinxi sighed in her heart.

The concern of colleagues is sometimes a burden instead.

She refused several times to no avail, but helplessly saw the wedding ring on her left hand.

She raised her hand and showed it to them.

While saying: “My husband will come to pick me up and he is a very jealous man…”

Although the words after that were not spoken, everyone knows it.

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Chen Zhiwei didn’t insist anymore.

Song Jinxi walked slowly for a few steps, feeling more uncomfortable and a little dizzy.

She looked at the elevator and then at the safety passage next to it.

She originally wanted to run to the stairway of a safe passage nearby and ask Shen Liuchen to pick her up.

Shen Liuchen will never refuse, but if he really comes, he will certainly attract the attention of others…

In the end, she silently walked into the elevator.

And keep going down to the lower second floor.

With one hand, she pressed her lower abdomen slightly to relieve the pain, and called Shen Liuchen.

The call is answered quickly by the other side and she hears his low, pleasant and gentle voice coming from the phone.


After being tortured by her ‘Great Aunt’ all afternoon, Song Jinxi’s emotions can be said to be a little fragile now.

The first time she heard his gentle voice, she almost shed tears on the spot.

She quickly raised her head to look at the ceiling and turned her eyes to alleviate the sourness in her eyes.

Also reluctantly diverted her attention to alleviate the slightest grievance in her heart too, and at the same time did not let her voice be stained with crying.

“Shen Liuchen.” She tried to keep her voice steady, “I am on the lower second floor, waiting for you next to your parking space.”

“Come down quickly.

I want to go home.”

Song Jinxi is uncomfortable now.

Even if the pain’s level is normal now, her voice is a little weak, as if the qi of the spleen and stomach is weak.

She is even a little bit reluctant to talk.

After opening her mouth and acting coquettish with him, she closed her mouth and silently wanted to hear what he had to say.

If she can hear his gentle voice during this painful time, it seems that it can alleviate the degree of her pain.

If only he could call her ‘baby’ twice more.

And she just wants to hear him take the initiative in calling her that.

It’s a bit boring to ask it herself.

However, she immediately thought that Shen Liuchen had always been very worried about her body, and he would be too nervous if there was even a slight disturbance.

With his level of care, he can definitely hear that her voice is very weak now.

If she doesn’t speak clearly, he will definitely worry about it.

The author has something to say:

Do you know what the boyfriend’s behavior that broke through the sky when his girlfriend is tortured by her ‘Great Aunt’

Brother Chen will have another coquettish drill operation again next.

Guess what

_: з」 ∠_

Really, a woman will cry after she sees this operation.

I already cry with envy.


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