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Shen Liuchen let her hold his hand and asked: “Since you know it hurts, why do you still eat so much ice cream”

Settling accounts with her afterwards…

These words suddenly flashed in Song Jinxi’s mind.

She pretended not to hear the question and said: “Your hand is hot.

Help me cover it.” Then she lifted her clothes and placed his hand on her lower abdomen.

It’s so warm.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help but let out a satisfied sigh.

“Men’s temper is indeed bigger.

If men have a menstrual period too, maybe they wouldn’t feel pain.” She seemed to mutter to herself, and felt so comfortable that she couldn’t help closing her eyes and rested her mind.

From Shen Liuchen’s point of view, her voice became smaller and smaller, and finally she closed her eyes, as if she didn’t even have the strength to speak anymore.

His thin lips were pursed tightly, and his eyes were full of distress.

She was lying on the bed in unbearable pain, but he could only sit on the side and watch.

There was absolutely nothing he could do to help her.

This realization made him feel very frustrated, and even a little irritable.

It’s just that Song Jinxi is very uncomfortable now.

He can’t show his emotions and let her be influenced.

He lowered his eyes, restraining the anger in his heart.

Song Jinxi rested for a while and felt the constant temperature coming from the center of his palm.

She didn’t know whether it was because of her own psychological effect or whether his hand was really so useful.

She always feels that she was a lot more comfortable after being covered by his hand like this.

It doesn’t hurt that much anymore.

She raised her eyes to look at Shen Liuchen, and found that Shen Liuchen lowered his head and stood beside her so quietly, like a patron saint.

Her exclusive patron saint.

After looking at him for quite some time, she recalled her tragic experience of countering the painful menstrual period alone and her eyes suddenly became a little sour.

Women at this time, have many emotions that tend to be infinitely amplified.

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When there is something that doesn’t suit their mind, it’s easy to be unable to restrain the irritability, and when moved, the moved emotion will be magnified several times.

It was completely different from the feeling of being annoyed by Shen Liuchen in the underground garage just now.

She only feels that the feeling of being held in the palms of his hands and pampered is really nice.

So nice that she couldn’t help but want to cry.

As if he noticed her gaze, Shen Liuchen raised his eyes to look at her.

Seeing that her eyes were a little wet, he thought she was crying because of the pain.

With his other hand, he picked up the broken hair scattered on her face, and said softly, “Be good, just bear with it a little bit more.”

Song Jinxi looked at him eagerly.

The dependence in her eyes made his heart immediately become soft.

He likes that she looks at him with a dependent eye, because it will make him feel great satisfaction.

It makes him happier than his subsidiary company successfully developed in another new field.

But this kind of dependence on the premise of her pain, he would rather not have it.

“Do you want to drink some more hot water” He asked in a low voice.

Song Jinxi suddenly thought of the cooling method that man uses when the woman is ill and for a moment, she couldn’t hold back, make a ‘pfft’ sound and laughed.

It is evident how easily changeable women’s emotions are.

She looked at Shen Liuchen and asked: “Do you know what women don’t want to hear the most——when they are ill”

As she said so, she saw Shen Liuchen really showed a puzzled look.

“Drink more hot water.” She answered.

Shen Liuchen’s eyes were slightly stagnant.

He seemed to have said that just now.

“When having a cold, ‘drink more hot water’.

When feeling pain during the menstrual period, ‘drink more hot water’.

No matter what, it was always ‘drink more hot water’.

They can only say this forever.” Song Jinxi said.


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