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She was just about to speak when a basketball flew over and hit the corner of her desk.

Shao Feipeng quickly ran over, holding the ball and said: “Sorry, sorry.

I was careless.

Didn’t hit you, right”

“No.” Song Jinxi said, shaking her head while smiling.

“But it’s better not to play basketball in the classroom.”

Shao Feipeng chuckled twice and as if suddenly remembering something, while holding a basketball in one hand and touching the back of his head with the other hand, he said: “You were so good just now.

You can even solve all the after-class competition questions.”

If he just apologized and left, Song Jinxi might believe that he was really careless just now.

But his act of taking the opportunity to strike up a conversation now…

She couldn’t help suspecting that he had smashed the ball here on purpose.

The young man who tried to attract the attention of the opposite sex was extremely naive.

She even wanted to thank him for not hitting her on the head.

“I’m better at math.” She replied with a smile.

After she said this, she turned her head, wanting to continue talking to Shen Liuchen.

Unexpectedly, a shout came from the back door of the classroom, which made her turn her head rigidly.

The person called out, “Brother Chenchen.”

Song Jinxi: “……”

Where is this little demoness who dared to snatch her exclusive title came from

She turned her head and looked at the back door of the classroom.

Her ears keenly heard the small noise behind her.

Shen Liuchen walked to the door, and led the girl to disappear from her sight.

Song Jinxi touched the top of her head.

She felt like she was cheated.

Looking at the reaction of most people in the class, it seems that they are used to the relationship between Shen Liuchen and that girl.

The most handsome guy in class, who happened to be the most handsome guy in the entire school too, was called away by a girl with such a familiar name, but no one made a fuss

Fortunately, Shao Feipeng hasn’t left yet.

Song Jinxi pointed to the back door.

“That, girl… is Shen Liuchen’s younger sister”

The newly arrived goddess seems to have only the school’s most handsome man in her eyes, and Shao Feipeng’s eyes flashed a trace of loneliness.

The young man tried to bear the loss, and answered calmly: “I heard that she was a younger sister in his neighborhood that grew up together with him.”

Song Jinxi was constantly punching the ground in her inner world.

The male god even has a little childhood sweetheart.

Neighboring younger sister who grew up together from childhood!!”

That person also called him ‘Brother Chenchen’! Clearly, ‘Brother Chenchen’ this address is what she called him with first!

Ahhhhhh, she can’t do this task anymore!

Secretly indignant for a while, Song Jinxi wiped her face.

“Are you… all right” The hesitant and caring voice interrupted her anger.

Song Jinxi raised her eyes to look over and found that Shao Feipeng had not left yet.

She smiled, “It’s okay, just feeling a little unhappy.”

Shao Feipeng was even more disappointed.

He hesitated and asked, “Is it because of Shen Liuchen”

“Yes, I like him.” Song Jinxi said without hesitation.

So, don’t like me, little boy.

Let me go and find the next spring!

Shao Feipeng just let out an ‘Oh’, and said, “He is good-looking and has good grades.

There are a lot of girls who like him.” Then left.

His back is very lonely.

Seeing him walking away a few steps, Song Jinxi takes back her eyes and lies on the table.

She has a bold idea.

She wants to hook up with Shen Liuchen.

Hook him up to death.

How she wants to hook him is how she will tease him.

Let him like her.

Have a vigorous puppy love with him.

After she finishes the task and leaves, his memory will be erased anyway.

Later, when she returns to the real world, she can’t control who he wants to be with.

So, why doesn’t she seek some welfare for herself while she is still here

The system didn’t say she couldn’t hook him up and fall in love with him.

The author has something to say :

Song Jinxi: Ah, my head is so green (got cheated).

Song Jinxi: I have a bold idea.

Shen Liuchen: Come on, I had striped all off.

Song Jinxi:


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