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Shen Liuchen had a headache.

After thinking about it, he said, “The head hurts more.”

Song Jinxi smiled with a tricky face: “Wrong! My heart hurts more.”

After she finished saying that, Shen Liuchen looked at her coldly.

She thought he didn’t understand her, so she explained in a rippling tone: “Because my heart ache for you~”

Shen Liuchen turned his head indifferently and began to take the textbooks and exercise books from the desk.

Song Jinxi: “Let me ask you another question.”

Shen Liuchen: “I don’t know.

I don’t want to answer.

Stay away from me.”

Song Jinxi won’t be so easily repelled, and she just moved a little closer to him: “Don’t be so indifferent! This question helps us both to get to know each other.

That is—what do you belong to “

Shen Liuchen turned his head and looked at her with a look of inquisition.

He hesitated when he saw that she was serious.

“… Sheep.” (TN: He thought she was asking his chinese zodiac)

“Wrong again!” Song Jinxi blinked at him, “You belong to me.”

Shen Liuchen looked at her for a while.

“Song Jinxi.”

“Mm-hmm” Song Jinxi blinked at him and giggled inwardly.

She secretly thought to herself that she has got him now.

“Is it because you hear me say that I don’t do puppy love,” The young man raised his eyebrows slightly, his voice was cold, his eyes were a little imperceptible: “So, you feel that you do not have to take any responsibility after saying these things”

Song Jinxi looked at him and saw that he looked so serious.

The smile on her face gradually disappeared.

She laughed and repeatedly denied: “No, no.

I’m only joking.”

After that, she added again: “The class almost started.

Let’s go to class.”

But she inwardly thought, the look in the eyes of the male god seems a little dangerous, what happened

Does he really want to have a little bit of something with her

But it’s impossible for a person’s attitude to change so quickly, right

He still disliked her very much in the morning, and now suddenly just because she said these two words of love, he wants to be in a relationship with her


Song Jinxi denied this unrealistic speculation in her heart.

It should be just for scaring her, she thought.

Scaring her, maybe because he thought that she is simple and will easily believe other people’s words.

Thinking about it like that, she actually quietly breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

When she saw Zheng Yanyu approach Shen Liuchen this morning, she was really jealous, and thinking about having a vigorous puppy love with Shen Liuchen.

Unfortunately, she had the heart to be a thief but not the courage to be a thief.

She only dared to think about it.

If Shen Liuchen really wanted to have something with her, she might still be at a loss.


Song Jinxi’s silence lasted until the class started.

She didn’t whisper to him during class too.

She listened to the lesson quietly.

Shen Liuchen thought that she had given up and would not say those strange words again.

But unexpectedly, after class, she relapsed.

Shen Liuchen watched helplessly as she took out her mobile phone from the drawer, took a quick look at the text on the screen, then put down her mobile phone and said to him:

“I want to see the rain in the thatched cottage, see the ants by the rockery, see the butterflies in love, see the spider spin the web, see the water, see the boat, see the clouds, see… see the waterfall… see you doing your homework handsomely.” ①

Shen Liuchen’s forehead faintly jumped.

“You haven’t even memorized it, and still need to peek at it” The young man accused her on the spot for not being mindful and his tone was very contemptuous.

Song Jinxi didn’t expect that her little action would be caught on the spot.

She gave a dry smile and said, “I can’t help it.

It’s the first time anyway, so I’m not very skilled.

If I say more later, I will be able to remember it.”

Shen Liuchen gave a “tsk” and turned his head.

The author has something to say:

①: From the collection of Zhu Shenghao’s love letters.


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