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Song Jinxi came back to her senses at this time and began to listen to the class seriously.

In the twinkling of an eye, the time for school has ended.

Song Jinxi slowly stuffed the homework she is going to do today into her school bag, and piled up the exercise books one by one, which were not too thick, inside too.

The weight of the schoolbag gradually accumulated.

Shen Liuchen is not the same.

He has basically finished all his homework today.

There is only one exercise book and one math improvement exercise book in his school bag.

His school bag is very light.

Song Jinxi looked at him with envy, and suddenly recalled that she used to like finishing her homework at school first when she was studying.

In this way, she will have more time to accompany her grandma when she goes home, watch TV and chat with her grandma.

After her grandma passed away, she still kept the habit of finishing her homework at school, and would do some extracurricular things when she returned home to relax.

Today, just returning to high school life, she just patronizes the male god and forgot to do her homework.

Later, seeing that after every class, Shen Liuchen would finish the homework assigned in the previous class in time, she felt that instead of wasting time in school doing homework, she might as well tease the male god more.

Homework can be written at home, but male god can’t be teased at home.

So the recess time between those six classes was wasted.

There are six classes today.

The homework for the three main subjects of Chinese, Mathematics, and English is inevitable.

There is also homework for Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

So, she had a lot of books to take back, and almost filled up her school bag.

It’s quite heavy when she lifts it with her hand.

Song Jinxi resignedly carried her school bag, while Shen Liuchen had already walked to the door of the classroom.

She was still hesitating whether to pester the male god to go out of the school together or not.

At this time, Chen Wenwen and another girl came over again.

“Song Jinxi, do you want to go home together” Chen Wenwen asked.

Song Jinxi took a look at Shen Liuchen’s back and watched him disappear at the door of the classroom.

She turned back and said with a smile, “Okay.”

The three girls go downstairs side by side.

“My family lives in the community outside Jinjiting.

After leaving here, just turn left and I will have arrived.

I don’t know if we are on the same road.” Song Jinxi said.

“We are going to take the bus,” Chen Wenwen said, “But we can walk to the gate of the community together.”

Song Jinxi nodded, “Okay.”

After the three of them left for a while, Chen Wenwen couldn’t bear it anymore, and asked her: “Song Jinxi, are you in love with Shen Liuchen”

Song Jinxi immediately denied: “No! How is that possible Shen Liuchen said that he does not want a puppy love when he is still studying.

“Oh…” Chen Wenwen nodded thoughtfully and asked again, “Then, are you chasing him”

Song Jinxi continued to shake her head, “We are just ordinary friends.

We are not in a romantic relationship.”

Seeing Chen Wenwen’s disbelief, she explained, “We just want to study hard now, and we will try to be admitted to the same university in the future.

We will consider these issues when we go to university.”

Seeing that she was so serious and not deceiving at all, Chen Wenwen couldn’t help showing her admiration and said, “You are so amazing.

I envy people like you.

You are so good-looking, your grades are so good, and you can think so far ahead too.

Unlike me.

Now my whole family is having a headache about whether I can pass the college entrance examination or not.

If I can’t even get into a third class university, I guess I can only get into a junior college.

Song Jinxi smiles and says: “Everyone has their own strengths.

When one gets good grades, they can take the road of studying.

If their grades are a little bad, that is to say, they are not good at studying, they can also go to their own field of expertise.

It does not mean that good grades are always good too.

Some nerds can’t do anything but study.

To tell you the truth, sometimes they can’t even compare with ordinary people who have skills.


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