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While she was talking, she carefully observed Shen Liuchen’s reaction.

Seeing that he really showed a thoughtful look, she felt happy and continued to work hard in talking nonsense: “She is now in a foreign country.

She is not taller than me, but also not very short.”

“Moreover, the two of us are half-sisters.

She looks like her mother and I look like my mother.

Therefore, the two of us don’t look alike.

No one will think that we are sisters when we go out.

After she finished speaking, she saw Shen Liuchen’s eyelids drooping and his lips slightly pressed.

She added another strong dose of medicine.

“Well, the deceased is gone, so don’t be too…”

Before she finished her words, she was suddenly interrupted by Shen Liuchen.

“Who said she was dead” He spoke with a slight frown, as if very dissatisfied with the four words of ‘the deceased is gone’.

Song Jinxi: “…Ah” stagnated.

She blinked and began to look for reasons: “Didn’t you say that she was bitten by a poisonous snake”

Shen Liuchen: “It can be rescued.”

Song Jinxi was speechless for a long time before she said: “…If she is not dead, why are you treasuring this candy which has expired for so many years “

“She’s just missing.” Shen Liuchen took a look at her and carefully put the wrapped candy into the layer of pocket inside his schoolbag.

“At that time, we rolled down the cliff together, and soon after she helped me block the attack of the poisonous snake, the police came.

I want the police to find us as soon as possible so that we can send her to the hospital for rescue.

So I put her beside a rock and went out to meet the police.

Song Jinxi was absorbed in thought.

She knew this story because the system destroyed her ‘corpse’ when he went to meet the police.

She was floating in the air watching the whole process.

“But when I returned to the place with the police, she disappeared.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi hesitated and asked: “Do you suspect that she was rescued by someone else”

Shen Liuchen nodded.

Song Jinxi picked up the retractable ballpoint pen on the table and kept pressing the button back and forth boredly, making a ‘click click’ sound.

The two fell silent at the same time.

Finally, the class bell rang again, and Song Jinxi said: “If this is the case, then just believe that she is still alive… If you two are really destined, maybe both of you will meet again someday.”

Shen Liuchen glanced at her: “…I hope so.”

After this ‘talk’, the relationship between the two finally recovered.

Shen Liuchen no longer held a cold face.

Song Jinxi also did not run to Chen Wenwen and the others again after class like before, but sat obediently in her seat and did the homework together with Shen Liuchen.

She thought that since she wanted to avoid being too familiar with the male god and not alienating him too much that it seems so obvious too, the best way was to keep doing homework during break between classes.

Pretend to devote herself to her study.

In this way, even if he has doubts about her change of attitude, she can also say that it is in order to get a good result in the mid-term exam and be eligible to continue to be at the same table with him.

There was no error in this statement, so she couldn’t help giving herself a thumbs-up from the bottom of her heart, thinking that she was a planning expert.

In the passing, also selectively made him forget the mistakes she had made in her last transmigration.

Anyway, even if Shen Liuchen suspected that the ‘little girl’ is of unknown origin and was full of lies, it was also a matter of ‘the little girl’ and has nothing to do with her.

From now on, she is just a kind-hearted girl, his deskmate, who wants to save him from misery.


After the class bell rang, it took nearly five minutes for the teacher, who was late, to arrive.

Song Jinxi took a look at the class schedule that the class leader had printed and gave her.

Looking at the word ‘psychology’ written on it, she immediately had a good idea.

She finally found a breakthrough!

The breakthrough of instilling a sense of self-defense into the male god!

The author has something to say:

I’m a fan of 1v1.

The hero and heroine are the only one for each other.

There will be no third person to intervene.


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