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She followed Shen Liuchen and walked to a tin box on the edge of the playground, watching Shen Liuchen easily open the tin box, and took out a broom for cleaning the playground and the half-a-person’s tall trash can from inside.

“Yeah.” Shen Liuchen answered and handed her the trash can.

The trash can is very clean.

Song Jinxi grabbed the ears on both sides of it’s opening and lifted it.

It’s not heavy.

Shen Liuchen took out another trash bag and handed it to her.

Song Jinxi consciously put the trash bag into the trash can.

The sky got darker much later in the summer, and school is already over in the afternoon.

It’s more than half past five now and the sunset is still hanging on the horizon.

The rosy clouds were dyed red.

The sunlight hit the playground and it seems to coat all the people with a layer of pale golden light.

The sweaty boys on the court burst out various cheers and shouts from time to time, and many girls also shouted for cheer.

The sound of sneakers rubbing against the plastic court sounded a little harsh to the ears.

Shen Liuchen felt that he seemed a little bewitched because he actually thought the girl’s action of putting on the trash bag was a little cute.

Small hands, but very flexible, busy like a hardworking little bee.

His eyes fell on Song Jinxi’s swarthy little head and looked at it for a while.

He turned away when Song Jinxi twisted the trash bag and tied a knot.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen consciously took the broom and began to walk to the place where there were many fallen leaves, Song Jinxi followed him with the trash can and asked: “Then, doing two people’s job alone by yourself, won’t you feel tired”

Shen Liuchen: “Not tired.”

“Lone ranger.” Song Jinxi sighed.

Shen Liuchen did not speak.

“In fact, I’m pretty much the same.

Most of the time, I’m on my own too.” Her tone is quite lonely, “Because I told myself to be strong since I was a child, and then I also had an elderly grandma to take care of.

I learned a lot of things that boys would do.

Everyone in the class said I was great because of everything that I could do.

I sometimes felt like I was a pure man, a real man with iron blood.”

“But sometimes, I see that other people are in pairs.

If there are good things, the joy will be doubled.

If there are difficulties, it can be carried together.

I will become a little bit envious of it and wish that if I had a companion too, it would be great…” She sighed, ending the memory.

“Do you really think it’s not tiring doing things by yourself alone” She asked.

Shen Liuchen: “Not tiring.”

Song Jinxi wrinkled her nose, “You are called habitually loner.”

“If you go on like this, you will become more and more withdrawn, and you will have no friends in the future.” She accusedly said.

Shen Liuchen: “I do not need friends.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

She suddenly regretted that she didn’t study in education major at that time, and now facing such a male god with autism tendency, she doesn’t know how to educate him to open up and make friends.

The problem of children’s education is always the parents’ heart disease.

Song Jinxi feels like she is a parent with heart disease.


On the court not far away, two boys, who had played basketball for a small half-round, stood under the basketball hoop and looked at them while taking a break.

One of them is Shao Feipeng.

Another boy is in the same class with them.

He sat at the front desk of Shao Feipeng’s, and he is called Hong Siyuan.

Hong Siyuan put his elbow on Shao Feipeng’s shoulder, watching Song Jinxi carrying a trash can and following behind Shen Liuchen, stepping on his footstep one by one, feeling quite a bit uncomfortable in their heart.

How come the school flower that had just transferred in, was already abducted by Shen Liuchen, the straight A student, before they even began to know her

Isn’t the straight A student won’t fall in love

“Does this mean that there’s something happening with Shen Liuchen” Hong Siyuan said.

A frustration flashed across Shao Feipeng’s eyes as he said, “Song Jinxi personally told me that she likes Shen Liuchen.

It seems that she is the one who is more active and takes the initiative in the class.

Even Shen Liuchen sometimes ignored her.”

Hong Siyuan sneered and looked at Shao Feipeng with the eyes of looking at a fool, “You are too naive.

Did Shen Liuchen ignore her as he did to other girls before I often see them talking with each other.”

Shao Feipeng was silent.

Hong Siyuan held the ball in his hand and weighed it.

“Do you like the school flower” He asked.


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